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How University at Buffalo’s forward-thinking faculty and students are breaking boundaries.


University at Buffalo [Mark Shepard, media artist and architect] Here at UB, we are asking the big questions How do we engage in the process of shaping the world to create the spaces and the environments we want to inhabit? [Paul Vanouse, bio-media artist] We're looking at the forces that surround us, we're questioning them and responding

[Irus Braverman, law and geography scholar, ethnographer] What we think of as just natural and just existing, actually you have ideologies behind them [Ogechi Ogoke PhD student, bioengineering researcher] We're researching the intersection of engineering and medicine This has the potential to completely change the paradigms of biological engineering [Jean Kopperud, clarinetist and performance artist] We are personalizing music education The feeling behind the music, the communication with the audience

[David Milling, physician and teacher] Our next generation of physicians will improve care in a way that we have not seen [Bina Ramamurthy, computer scientist and blockchain expert] This technology can transform lives cross the boundaries of trust [Kristin Poinar, glaciologist] We're working to understand the future of ice on earth The research has implications for everyone on the planet It only takes a few inspiring minds to make magic happen

There's no limit to what you can discover University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, buffaloedu/how | #UBuffalo

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