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How To Succeed In Life By Taking Your Mask Off | Breaking Through Your Limiting Beliefs


So, many people come to me and they want real estate They want success

They want achievement They want more And I've helped thousands of people produce over a hundred million dollars in profits in just the course of the last decade And I'm sitting here with the gentleman in particular who had a chance to be at my event, (that's why I've lost my voice a little bit) had a chance to really release some of his baggage Some of the things that have been holding him back so he's really freed up to cruise and move forward in a powerful way

Caesar, how you doing, my friend? -I'm doing great -Dude, I got to tell you Now, that we have those 4 days behind us, how do you feel? -Like a new man Transformed, healed Healing process has begun

-Yeah I mean, did it surprise you on day one, before we jumped into real estate talk and how to make money in real estate and all that There's a kind of surprising that we started with this whole, this success psychology of our emotional state and what's holding us back Was that kind of surprising to you? -A little bit, yes Definitely

You know, like the multi-millionaires and billionaires of the world for a fact you know like, they they think differently -Yes -And that's something that many people don't know -Yeah And all of a sudden, here you are on stage, day one and we were all experienced this is insane, beautiful breakthrough because you were brave enough to raise your hand and say, "Hey, you know what? I've been holding on to something for a really long time

And it totally makes me sad It shuts me down It keeps me from fully expressing" And what was that about? -I was born in Peru, 1982 And then I was born out-of-wedlock

My father, every year, he lived in America and every year we'll go to Peru during the summer to work on a retirement home for him and his wife During those summers, on one summer he met my mother And I came out He was honest with my mother so I never felt any resentment towards my father And then at the age of 6, I was talking to my mother

It's like, "Hey, let me let me bring him to America You know, better opportunity for him is going to be something" And initially, my mother didn't want to but she told me that there was an old lady at the park, "Don't clip your son's wings Let him go" So, she spoke to my dad and

You know, but it was a tremendous sacrifice for her -Yeah -Because growing up without a mom, that relationship that you have with your parent as a years goes by, you know

Like, you need that physical connection -So, you were with her the first 6 years And then you moved to America to be with your dad in your stepmom

-Correct -Is that right? -Yes -And that's when we actually cut to this Close your eyes I want you to go back to the most painful part of your interaction with your stepmom

After 2 years, she gave up She started saying and doing things and there's one memory above all that really stands out in this moment There might be many but there's one right now that you can identify as being painful Nod your head if you can find that How old are you? -7

-7 years old And what's happening? -She used to be a seamstress and I was just hanging out with her just keeping myself busy drawing Just hanging out with her And she she told me that it will never be nothing more than a living reminder of my father's betrayal -And in that moment that she told you that you will be forever her reminder of your father's betrayal, what did you decide about, Caesar? -That I was worthless

That I didn't mean anything, And just that constant the only interaction, I could consider just letting go of the pain -Yeah So, go ahead and open your eyes By the way, he dug deep and he found the real limiting belief which is he believes that he is what? Worthless And for 31 years, he blames who? His stepmom

But the pain he feels every day is a belief that he is what? And by the way, this isn't about forgiving his mother Who has been the bigger perpetrator in his life? His mother or himself? Because he wanted desperately his (first) stepmother to believe in him But he committed the greater error He chose to not believe in who? Now, by the way, children are impressionable So, he just took stepmoms lead

At least his perception of her And now, there's this idea: "I am worthless" I want to ask this idea He decided that the only way he can make sense of stepmom is to decide, "I must be worthless" And at the moment we get to the limiting belief, I always want to know, "Is it true or is it false?" So, I just gotta ask, is it true? Is it true that this man is a worthless human being? -No

-Now, I know you're all saying that But I want to ask this question: What is the worth of a soul? Like we don't have modern-day slavery here in this country where we're buying and selling people We know the price of somebody He's priceless He cannot be bought

He is the opposite of worthless The pain is so great in its 31 years Why? Because this isn't a small limiting belief The lie is so big that it is an absolute lie He went from "I am precious and priceless", to "I have no worth

" And by the way, the deeper the lie, the deeper the pain So, the pain How many of you are seeing and feeling his pain? This pain that you're witnessing right now

this by the way, he's a beautiful man He's a precious beautiful man, a beautiful soul that thinks this is about step-mom when the reality is she's not in his life everyday Not physically Right now, he's his worst enemy And she's still the thing he can hang on to you for why he feels this way

But I want to ask, is it working? Do you like being this way? Do you like feeling this way? -No, of course not -No So, my question for you: What do you want to create instead if today were the rebirth that the start of a new life? What would you want to believe instead of "I'm worthless"? -I'm happy -Happy is a good start What is the value of your soul, Caesar? -It's priceless

-Is it true? -Yes -I'm just asking Is it true? -I believe so, yes -Yeah -Does your life have less worth than theirs? -No, of course

-Does it have more value than theirs? -No -So, every human being, every one in this room, everyone on this planet, what is the value of their soul? How many of you see that that is the truth? That we're all precious and we're all priceless and that when we lose sight of that? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and I want you to go back to being a little boy with stepmom Seamstress Often hanging around her, playing with her, being around her and then on that fateful day, she said something to you that you will never forget She turned to you and she said, "The mere sight of you will always remind me of your father's betrayal

" And in this moment, you're making the decision "I'm worthless I have no worth I can't be happy I'll never be enough

" And just be right there with those feelings Caesar, in this moment, if you could invite somebody to show up for you that you could put trust in to have your best interests at heart and help you understand the truth who would you call upon? -My mother -What's her name? -Angelica -As mother comes in, she sees you, crying, sad And then it's like your soul has become hopeless

And what's the first thing that she does? -Holds me -Yes -Comfort -So, she's holding you She's comforting you

And what does she say? -"That's not true, son" -And just feel that for a moment It's not true It's not true And what else does she want you to know? -That even though I had to move away, she loves me

-Feel her love Feel it in your heart Put your hand on your heart Feel that And she wants you to know something about your stepmom

What does she want you to know about her? -That she's a human being And that she's dealing with it in the way of how she knows But that it should not affect me -And how does it? And how does she, your stepmother feel about her self-worth? -She was angry with her life -Yes

-Can you see her pain? -Yes -And for just a moment, when did her pain begin? -When she found out about me -Is that true or did it start even further back? I want to invite you to see her pain, her feeling that she was not enough In fact, see her stepmothers a little child Can you see her abuse? Her disappointments? And her sadness? That she questioned her self-worth

-Yes -She's just a hurt person hurting others because she's hurting Is what she said true? -No -Can you forgive her? -Yes -I want to invite you as this little child to go up to your stepmother as a little child

You're hurting, she's hurting You've been hurting for 31 years She's been hurting for more years than that What do you want to tell her? -I forgive you -Now,l breathe that in

Is there anything else you want to say to her? -At the end of the day, we're all family -There you go And I want you to share something with her that you're sharing with yourself "I am enough" -I am enough

Now, say it with conviction and fire, Caesar -"I am enough" -There you go There he shifts There he is

Say it again -I am enough -I am precious -I am precious -More

-I am precious -More -I am precious -I am priceless -I am priceless

-More -I am priceless -Open your eyes and tell them Own it, claim it Come on, now! [Crowd Cheering] -I am priceless

-Tell them -I am priceless I am priceless I am worth it I'm a good person

-And I am happy -I am happy So, Cesar Let me ask you What's it actually been like since then? Have you had a chance to actually connect with your stepmom? -Yes

Oh, my gosh Like, the Lord works in such mysterious ways I've never believed in coincidence I'm a firm believer things and life happened for a reason Who would have known that my first Unleash Your Financial Freedom event would be during this time period

Who would have known that I would have been up on stage and experienced a breakthrough with you for the first time on my stepmoms birthday -Geez! -It's not like I was keeping track because after the breakthrough, during the evening, my wife and I got out for a quick dinner And while we were waiting for food, talk to the kids a little bit and then I was just checking Facebook, it said on there like, oh, it's my stepmoms birthday And I'm just like, "What are the odds?" -Wow -I called her and I had a genuine conversation with her

I was genuinely interested in how her day was And I think she can tell in my tone and how I was speaking to her that it was different How we previously spoke on the phone before -Wow Would you say that you felt more authentic? -More authentic, more genuine

Definitely because throughout the years, I know holding that grudge for a long time is I know it's bad for me I know it's a poison For years, I tried to to let go of that And I remember day one, like it's all or nothing You got to be a 100% in the moment

And honestly evaluating myself in regards to that internal challenge that I was trying to overcome and deal with Since the age of 7 You know, I was I can honestly say it was like around like 92% or so To be able to 100% let go was I just felt lighter on my feet

I felt a sense of peace, blissfulness And the healing began -Well, my friend, I am so excited for you That is so amazing You know, the reality is the wealth that you came here to build, the partnering, the doing of real estate, all that is so much easier when we're not hanging on to that

So, I for one, I'm really grateful Right before you came in studio, you said, "Kris, I got to tell you, I feel like I've been wearing this mask" -Yes -And what did you mean by that? -Because of how I grow up based on what I went through in my life I grow up with a low self-esteem And a complexity of just no matter what I did just never being good enough

-Yeah -My father, bless his heart, he was always working He worked at Hhe was like a welder on those big heavy machines Things like 21, 22 thousand salary a year, gross My stepmother, she went to New York She was the seamstress He would work a lot

So he wasn't really there Going to school, I remember having Like before I joined the military, I had like longer hair

Like down to here It would like You know, like cover my eyes at times

Because you know, like how you can see into a person's soul by looking into their eyes So, for a long time, I always was very conscious of just covering my face I didn't want to let him in

I didn't want them to see inside my soul So, I was wearing a mask like, hey, everything's okay on the outside even though like internally, it wasn't -Yeah I hear you So, that mask has come off

And what do you think it's going to change like from this point for you moving forward? -As far as like in my life because I'm no longer wearing that mask, I see the world in a new perspective -Yeah -Which is going to allow me to see new possibilities Possibilities of even more happiness with my children, with my wife because I'm no longer wearing that mask and seeing anything in a negative way Or like feeling guarded within myself

-Yeah Absolutely makes sense You know, a lot of what you experience on stage is based on this book that I wrote It's called LIMITLESS I give it to everyone for free

I actually have this copy I'm going to give you for free It actually shares what you experience on stage How I did that, how I learned it And I'm getting it as a gift to you because I hope that this marks the beginning for you of owning your transformation the way I hope it does for everyone

Ultimately, I think if someone were to say, "Kris, what do you think the biggest key to success is?" It's realizing that we have to master the real estate between our ears and it's up to us to learn how to do that And I believe this book can do that for you So, this is a gift from me to you -Thank you -And I love you, my friend

And for those of you, this book is also available to you for free as well Kind of cover the shipping I'll put it in the mail for you The book is yours Go ahead and click the link below and LIMITLESS: How To Command Your Own Breakthrough will be in your hands as well

Thank you so much Cesar, absolutely wishing you the best on your incredible journey And of course, we've got a lot to do from here So, I'm really pumped for you And for the rest of you, we will join you on tomorrow's video

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