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How to sing – "When I was Your man" By Bruno Mars. Breaking it down with technical tips.


Hi, My name is Robin from Vocalcenternl This was Bruno Mars and man, that is high key voice that Bruno Mars produces

Some people might wonder, how do you sing this song and how can you help me with producing notes like Bruno Mars does Well I can tell you a little bit about the technique and I can tell you a little bit about how to produce the sound that Bruno Mars does So let's go into the song As you just heard I sang the first verse of When I was your man of Bruno Mars And it feels high right from the beginning but if you look at the note it's not that high at all It's actually an E1 (Or US: E3), which is not that high But because Bruno Mars places everything really light and adds a little bit of head voice into his sound

It feels like it's high right you can sing (SINGS) which is without the mixture of a head voice but you can also make it a little bit more light (SINGS) And then for you it feels that the song is much higher but it's actually the same note and the trick is that what Bruno Mars does is he always mixes head voice with his sound So you can say he's never full never full on his vocal chords He's always mixing with head voice What we call the +1 in Vocal Essence

Which I'm gonna tell you later more about Now, let's get into the difficult parts of this song All right so I just switched my computer to "because my heart breaks a little when I hear your name it all that just sounds like oeoeoe" You know that part That's pretty high but the OE part, which some guys are facing and find it hard to sing is actually nothing more or less than a normal head voice in our technique Vocal Essence that's character number one And the OE is actually one of the best sounds you can have if you want to sing in a one-character of Vocal Essence so (SINGS) Character one (SINGS) Its sort of like held back, restrained

Sang like there's a lid on the sound you can't be much louder than volume seven in a scale from 1 to 10 cm too dumb to (SINGS) And i mix with head voice Don't forget, i make the sound lighter then it could be It could be much louder and more thick vocal cord closing (SINGS) Is also an option But for the style and for the way Bruno Mars is singing it that's not the best option

It's more lightly placed (SINGS) which makes it lighter Right? And then you go into the high part but that says that I should have bought you flowers And that that is still a character 2 but the 'eye; is gonna be character number 3 So I go "that" which is hold back " AA" I go to a vowel AA with a little bit of distortion I sort of like throw it out there I just give it away

(SINGS) Then I and then I go back into 2 (SINGS) And then I hold back again So it's a switch between two and three so we have Resume (SINGS) Character number one Character number two (SINGS) A switch between 2-3-2 (SINGS) So you switch into 2 and to 3 And then we go into another hard part on this song So we have this t(SINGS) Then you get into the word 'Hand: right? And this is actually not that high as a note But the character of the voice that Bruno Mars is producing is restrained, holding back and he's not going into the word 'hand' but he's actually singing more 'hind' (SINGS 'and hold your HIND') So going to the i vowel of let's say the word 'sit'

What is it again (SINGS) So you get into this HIIIND which is actually a pretty nice sound for a song like this when I would go to the open EE it would sound like this

(SINGS) Which is a completely different character It's also a choice but if you look at the style and the way Bruno Mars is singing it he's going into the vowel i, which makes it character number two I'm gonna sing this part for you from the note of "Too young too dumb to realize" Here we go (SINGS) That's a pretty hard part in this song so you go to: "take you to every party but all you wanted to do was dance" Right? I take almost everything into the character number 2 and to the i vowel So 'take you to every party" that's like "tik Yuh to Ivri parti

(SINGS) and he would go into the word dance again From A to I DAAAIINS So I go DAAAIIINS So changing the vowel is changing the character DAAAIIINS

You can try that If you sing the A it will open up If you sing the I, it will close DAAAIIINS It's a choice

I go from character number 3 into character number 2 by changing the vowel in a single word DAAAIIINS So you can say that the whole song for 90% is sung in character 2+1 (Mix) So it's mixed with head voice Placed, light And the vowels that you use in character number 2 are to be shown on the screen right now Allright but then you get through the song you sing all the lyrics of the first and the second verse and the pre-choruses and the chorus which is actually a pretty hard job to do and then the final blow It's always Bruno Mars taking the final blow into the bridge and the bridge is something different

Because it's going to take us up to the high C(5) and I'm gonna take you there as well I'm gonna sing it for you one time here we go: SINGS Something like that right? So this bridge is pretty hard and as you might have heard I'm changing vowels in the really high notes I was wrong I go from uh into ah (SINGING: I was wruhuhuhAAAAng) And if you listen to the live version of Bruno Mars where he's in the blue and I'm gonna show you here where that is

You can see him changing the vowel as well I was wrong So he's changing the vowel and that's changing the character which makes it pretty interesting to listen to But before we are at that high note we also have to sing (SINGING: "Although it hurts I'll be the first to say that") And I'm thinking character number 2 I'm using the vowel UH and vowel i So if you go to the word hurts, (SINGING: "Although it hurts") I sing UH right? And I'll be the first (SINGING: "I'll be the first to say that") And to say that it's not 'say' that but 'siy' that (SINGING: to siy that to say that) So I'm trying to sort of like stay in this character 2 by manipulating actually the vowel a little bit into i and UH

And then we go into this 'wrong' section So let me show you We're going to the bridge Now remember the vowel changement! (SINGING: although it huhrts I'll be the fuhrst to siy thit I was WRUHUHUHAAANG

oh I know I'm probably much too late) And so on and so on So maybe if you listen to it once again Try to listen to the placement of my vowels I change the words into vowels that are close to UH and i And because I'm changing the vowels it keeps me in this character 2 sound Which is pretty important for a song like this

All right, so this was a little bit about the song "When i was your man" of Bruno Mars I hope I helped you out a little bit and remember The first priority in Vocal Essence is: Think about vowel changement Think about the character that you want to sing and add the suitable vowel into the word Be able, and let it in, to change the word

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