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How to mount a MEGA OLED TV!… (without breaking it?)


So one thing that helps pass the time when you're at home or quarantined is watching a good movie or playing a video game LG has decided today to make a lot of kids happy by donating 23 TV's to a local children's hospital

Initially we were planning on just donating one or two of these super massive TV's, the 77 inch LG GX, but Shriner's Hospital has little cubbies built into each of the rooms So we turned that one or two TV donation into a 23 TV donation, and I think they are going to be pretty happy with it Huge thanks to LG for sponsoring this video and for letting me be a part of it Let's get started [Intro] So you might be thinking that super huge TV's like this 77 inch LG GX are difficult to set up, but that's not the case

They are actually just as easy to set up as these smaller TV's We can just put it on an entertainment center in just a couple minutes Of course you can get them professionally wall-mounted, but with everything going on in the world, just plopping them on an entertainment center is easy enough Unboxing a super massive TV is also probably easier than you think After I've cut open the top I can grab the instruction and pop out the black plastic pieces on the side, which let both halves of the box open up and fold away

There's a lot of styrofoam inside protecting the TV The trickiest part of the whole operation is getting the TV out of the bottom layer of styrofoam But by picking it up from the bottom and being very gentle laying it on a soft blanket, then I can start attaching the feet So the instructions say that if you're going to put legs on it you need to set the TV face down on a large table Now this TV is the size of a large table and I don't have a table down here

So what I'm going to do is reassemble the box, putting all the styrofoam back inside, and make my own tableyou know, jerry-rig everything LG has a few large TV's

This TV is a LG GX It's a gallery TV which means it has a little more of a glamorous design The LG CX is more of a standard design Both can be wall mounted and both can be tabletop mounted These things are pretty big

Now I'm not saying that bigger is always better, but sometimes bigger is better If you go with the LG GX, it does come with a wall-mount bracket But since we are just going to mount it on this entertainment center, this desktop stand is a separate purchase But it does come with both feet and the plastic that we need to put in the back of the TV What do you think, Cambry? -It's really crisp

Like super sharp Real nice! -It's not even on yet! -I know, but it's just got like good angles and stuff It looks good -Yeah, the GX is the more glamorous version of the LG TV's that have launched in 2020 This plastic

So some of the things that stood out to me as I was putting this upobviously mounting it on top of an entertainment center is way easier than putting it on the wall It is super thin, but it is also very very large So one option that we have is back here in that center square that we covered up, are two mounting bolts Those two anchor points can be used to attach the TV to the wall with like a little cord or something So if there's like little kids running around, the TV's never going to accidentally fall over

What do you think now that it's turned on? -I think it's superI don't knowI was kind of expecting for the darker scenes to not do as well, but it's showing like some serious quality with the dark backgrounds and a lot of detail And I love the time lapse Just some really interesting shots Very visually appealing

-OLEDs are better at displaying black colors than any other TV or any other screen that I've seen And I do really like that the wiring is super cleanjust hiding right there in the little foot and staying out of the way of everything else

The thing that always gets me about OLED TV's like this LG GX is that each itty bitty pixel is self-lighting, meaning that the TV has incredible control over the color, contrast, brightness, and even how black each pixel can get In one of my previous videos I compare a star field side by side with an LCD TV and an OLED TV, and the difference is pretty crazy Plus OLEDs are unmatched when it comes to how thin they are constructed Alright Cambry, are you ready to go donate some TV's? -Let's go [Music] [Cambry] Shiner's has been around for about 100 years now, and they treat children regardless of whether they're able to pay

[Zack] Which is pretty awesome and definitely worthy of receiving a bunch of free TV's Normally I would also help, you know, set up the TV's inside, but considering the current situation we're just going to drop them off at the front door This particular hospital doesn't treat Covid, but we're just going to still take precautions and wear our masks anyway [Music] [Zack] The TV's have been delivered Huge thanks to LG for sponsoring this video

I'll leave a link for that massive 77 LG GX down in the description [Cambry] They made a lot of kids happy today [Zack] Thanks a ton for watching We'll see you around

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