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How to Give Your Home's Value a Boost WITHOUT Breaking the Budget!


Looking to give your home’s value a boost? We’ll tell you how on today’s episode on this episode of Real Convos in Real Estate! Welcome back to Real Convos in Real Estate, my name is Mark McGuire, and today we’re going to share with you 4 easy DIY projects to boost your home’s value One of the first ones we’re going to talk about today is updating your bathroom vanity and your faucet

Super simple, they sell kits at Home Depot, Lowe’s, whatever your supply store is You can get these from 150-200 dollars for the whole kit That’s the vanity, the top, and even a new faucet Super simple to do, super easy to put together, one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom a facelift Number two, what you can do is paint the faces of your cabinets in your kitchen a new color

Whether white, whether it be gray, whether it be dark brown, whatever you feel fits best with your color scheme, that’s one of the easiest ways where you can put in a little sweat equity, add a new color, add a little bit of flavor, and then put on some new knobs and boom, there’s a big pop in terms of perception in value Number three, one of the hottest things to install right now in flooring is laminate vinyl plank flooring It’s also known as LVP Super easy to install, you’ve seen it in all sorts of applications already You’ve walked on it and you didn’t even know it, and now they have patterns that are so realistic they even look like actual wood

Fourth, and finally, updating your lighting & your plumbing fixtures is an easy, simple way to give your home’s appearance a big boost without hitting hard in the wallet You can swap out those builder grade lighting fixtures with new lighting fixtures, from Home Depot or Lowe’s, flush mount, pendant stylethere’s all sorts of ways and it will give your home a big face lift, you’ll see a ton of value from it, and people will really appreciate it

Thanks for watching, and I hope it helps Tune in next time on Real Convos in Real Estate!

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