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How to Break Demonic Cycles & Strongholds | Kynan Bridges | Life More Abundantly


KB: Do you or a loved one ever feel trapped in a cycle of defeat? Have you ever come out of bondage just to feel like you're in the same place all over again? Today we're going to talk about how to break demonic cycles and tear down the strongholds of the enemy Don't go anywhere

We'll be right back on "Life More Abundantly" [Music] [Music] KB: Welcome to "Life More Abundantly," beloved I'm so glad to be with you today, and I'm talking about something today that is very, very, very important Millions of people all over the world are bound by addictions, compulsions, bound by things that they can't seem to break free of Maybe you're one of them, or maybe you know someone in this particular situation

Have you ever told God, "I'll never do it again," just to go right back to something that you promised you would never do again? Have you ever felt like you were trapped in a cycle going around and around year after year, the same old same old Today I want to share with you some keys that I believe will help liberate you from this demonic cycle in your life and help release you into the plan and purpose of God for you life, and particularly address the issue of addictions You see, the Bible says over there, in John chapter eight verse 32, it says, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free" Notice the writer of the text did not say, "It will set you free" I know people split hairs about this and interpretations and etc

, but I believe it's important to understand that there is a very specific difference between being set free and being made free You see, I can let a person out of jail Person serves 30 years in prison, I can let them out of jail I can release him, but more than likely, if he doesn't change on the inside he'll be back in jail And this is the truth

We see this all the time People are reincarcerated time and time and time again because you can get a person out of jail, but you've got to get the jail out of the person And until you do that, that person is not made free Jesus said, "You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free" In other words, when you are made free, the Devil can't bring you back into bondage

You know, I believe that we need a revelation of the truth Contrary to popular belief, the truth is not a concept People think that the truth is mental ascent Oh, I know the truth I know that

Have you ever heard anybody say that? Yeah, I know that, man You quote a scripture to them I know that scripture already I know that I know that

Do you? There's a difference between mentally ascending and knowing The word know comes from the Greek word ginosko, which means to have experiential knowledge It is a Jewish idiom for intimacy And Adam knew Eve, and she conceived You see, the truth is a person, not just a concept

And until you know the person of Jesus Christ and know that he loves you and has an awesome plan for your life, you don't yet know the truth I believe that so many people are frustrated because they feel like God, why is that I know I love you I mean, let's be honest, have you ever said that? God, I know I love you, so why am I still struggling with this? I know I love you

I know I want to serve you, but why is this an issue in my life? And it continues to perpetuate itself time and time and time again I said earlier, and I've said many times before, Hosea 4:6 tells us that people are destroyed for lack of knowledge What you don't know can hurt you The first thing we have to understand when it comes to cycles of defeat, addictive cycles, is that the underlying issue to any area of bondage is sin Sin is the underlying force behind every demonic cycle in a person's life

Whether it be generational sin, whether it be willful sin, or sometimes people sin unwillfully or unknowingly In their ignorance they sin against God They don't know any better For example, maybe there is something in a person's bloodline that they don't know is even there Maybe their parents opened the door to the enemy, and they're unaware of it, and now they're dealing with the proclivity of something from the bloodline

No matter what it is, we know without the shadow of doubt that sin is the underlying culprit behind every compulsion and addiction in a person's life I have good news for you Jesus conquered sin Now why is this so good news? Because you understand the Bible says, in Romans chapter eight, that the Spirit of Him that raised Jesus from the dead dwells on the inside of us What does that mean? It means that the Bible says and means that you are more than a conqueror

Why are you more than a conqueror? Because you faced something that's already been defeated You faced a defeated foe Jesus Christ conquered sin and death on the cross He was raised from the dead, which means that the power of the Holy Spirit that we have received is not just so that we can speak in tongues It's not just so that we can go to church on Sundays, but you have the same power dwelling in you so that you can overcome sin

You could because Jesus overcame sin Jesus conquered sin so that you wouldn't have to be conquered by sin

I like to say this Listen to this Jesus paid a price so that you would be set free from sin, not so that you could sin freely You see, there's a difference Jesus conquered sin, which means that I am no longer bound to the confines of the dictates of sin

We are no longer slaves of sin anymore Now you may say, well, I know that Do you really know it? You see, the truth is when you know something it becomes a manifest reality in your life I was driving down the street one day, and the Holy Spirit asked me a question And he asked me this

because this is how the Holy Spirit deals with me He said, "Kynan, what is revelation?" I said, oh, I know that, God I'm a theologian

I know what revelation means It's from the Greek word apocalyopsis, it means an unveiling And the Holy Spirit entertained me, and he said, "That's right" He said, "But let me ask you this, how do you know you have revelation?" And I couldn't answer that question So I paused, and he answered the question for me

And he said, "You know you have revelation when everything changes" You see, when you have a revelation of the truth, it changes you When you have a revelation of the truth, it liberates you from the power of darkness, from the power of every lie of the enemy You see, there's somebody watching me right now and, you're bound Maybe you're addicted to pornography

Maybe you're addicted to the lust of the flesh Maybe you're addicted to depression or fear or phobias, and you're trying to figure out, God, how do I break out of this? The first thing you need to understand is that Jesus conquered what you're wrestling with Jesus overcame that thing on the cross, and he set you free of it on the cross from an ontological standpoint, and what you and I need to do is to walk in the revelation of that freedom You need to realize what Jesus has already done on the cross for you, and it is the power of that revelation that will thrust you into a greater reality Understand something, no matter how strong the addiction, God's word has already broken through

No matter how strong the addiction, God's word has already broken through You know, the Bible says of it, in second Corinthians chapter 5:21, that he was made to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we would be made the righteousness of God in Him You are the righteousness of Christ Before you let the Devil lie to you and tell you that you're worthless and that you're nothing and that you'll never overcome, tell yourself Look in the mirror and say, "I am the righteousness of God in Christ, and Jesus overcame my struggle" I want somebody to say that right now I am the righteousness of God in Christ, and Jesus overcame my struggle Whatever you're struggling with has already been overcome by the Risen One

Whatever you're struggling with has been overcome by the Risen One You don't have to struggle anymore You don't have to be oppressed by the enemy anymore I'm telling you, this simple truth, once applied by faith, will transform your life, but you have to apply it You have to believe it

You have to begin to walk in the reality of what I'm sharing with you today I'm telling you, beloved, God wants to set you free You're never going to be the same again Your life will never be the same again the moment you realize that Jesus conquered it all Oh, I have much to share with you, but I want to go to you out there and ask you this question, what does it mean to break a cycle? What does it mean to break a cycle? Don't go anywhere

We'll be right back on "Life More Abundantly" Man: To me, breaking a cycle means changing your routine, changing what you do and really going into something different Women: To be aware of what you are doing that's not healthy and to fix it Girl: I guess to change your routine, to do things you might normally not to, to do the unexpected Women2: Well, like, what I'm trying to do is be better to my kids than I could have been

Yeah Than my mom was to me, so Man2: To me, that is doing things differently, getting out of your routine, your pattern, trying to make a difference in your life and other people's lives by being different, being more involved, helpful, assistive, etc Man3: When you stop doing one thing, and you start doing something else That's simple

KB: Those are some very interesting answers I'm sure your answers are interesting as well Earlier we were talking about breaking cycles And I want to share a little bit about that, but before I do that, I want to just cut to some of the questions that I receive on social media all the time Janice said, "Dr

Kynan, my husband is struggling with an addiction Can you please pray for him?" Yes, I can, Janice You know, many people all over the world are struggling with all kinds of addictions Not only that, but I have another person here that says that God set them free They were bound, and they were set free when they got a revelation of the truth

You know, I believe that millions of people all over the world need to hear this truth, that Jesus and his sacrifice is greater than your sin Jesus and his sacrifice is greater than your sin You don't have to be a slave to sin Paul posed a question in the Book of Romans, he says, "Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid!" May it never be, in some translations In other words, when you get liberated from something, when you come into the reality of a new life, you never want to go back to the old

You never want go back to the past You never want to go back to the thing that had you bound Can you imagine a man on death row for 50 years, and on the last day of his sentence when he's about to be put into the gas chamber, somebody comes to him and says, "You know what, we're going to set you free because one of your relatives agreed to die in your place" Can you imagine the emotion that a man would feel after being in sin, being in slavery for so long, and yet somebody takes their place That's what Jesus did for us

He took your place He received upon him the full penalty of your sin The Bible says, in first John chapter two, that he is the propitiation for your sins That means he is the one whose substitutionary sacrifice, watch this, received the wrath of God on your behalf When you look at your struggle, when you look at the things that you're dealing with, I want you to change your perspective and realize that Jesus gave his very life to go to war on what is going to war against you

Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice Hallelujah So we understand there are a couple things that we need to do Number one, we need to make a decision to be free Now, you may say that's just really simple

I mean, I've already made a decision No, no, no Have you? Because there is nothing more powerful than a made up mind When you make a decision that no matter what I'm going to be free, things begin to move into motion You know, it's amazing

When were in the world Now, some of you were born saved You were like John the Baptist

You were full of the Holy Ghost from your mother's womb That wasn't my testimony, but some of you have that testimony You were laying hands on other children in the nursery, in the hospital, and getting them born again and full of That wasn't my testimony That may be yours But for most of us who weren't born saved, we know that when we were in the world when we made up in our mind to do something we did it You know, I want to go drink I want to go smoke

I want to go fornicate, and you just did it because that's what was in your heart to do, and everything in your life begins to conform with the desire of your heart In the Lord, it's no different In fact, it's even more powerful in the Lord because you have the Spirit of God inside of you empowering your decision to do what is right The Holy Spirit is in you empowering you to make right decisions So when you make a decision, you know what, God, today is the last day that I'm going to struggle with this

Today is the last day that I'm going to deal with this issue Today is the last day that I'm going to continue to be bound Guess what? You set spiritual forces in motion All of heaven leverages its power to move towards your freedom Oh, this is good, man

I'll tell you, this is — this is a truth that set me free Number two, take the initiative to contend for what God has promised you Contrary to popular belief, things done just fall on our lap, beloved And too many Christians are sitting on their blessed assurance waiting on God to do something when sometimes you have to be like the woman with the issue of blood who took the initiative and said, you know what, I hear that the Messiah is coming by I hear that Jesus, the son of David, is coming by

This is my moment I must touch the hem of his garment, and if I touch his garment, even though I've been in this condition for years, today I will be made whole And the Bible says that Jesus turned around and looked and said, "Who touched me?" Not because people touched him physically, but because virtue flowed out of him When you make an initiative that today is your day, something begins to happen You have to contend for the promises of God in your life

You remember over there in Genesis chapter 15 verse 11, where Abraham is told Abraham at the time is told to go make a sacrifice, and the Bible says that fowls begin to eat up his sacrifices And the scripture tells us that Abraham drove them away

In other words, Abraham was willing to fight so that he would be able to receive what God had for him Sometimes you have to fight, beloved You have to fight The Bible says, "Fight the good fight of faith" It says in Ephesians, chapter six verse 12, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood

" Some people stop there All they hear is we wrestle not, but you have to contend You have to take authority You have to be willing to press into the promises of God for your life Write this down

Write this down You need persistence, perseverance and diligence It's not what you do one day, it's what you do every day Can you imagine I go to the gym, and I say I want to lose 40 pounds, and I do three reps Oh, that was great

And I'm just I'm waiting for the weight to just fall off of me from then on For the next 6 months, all the weight should fall off

It doesn't work like that I believe in supernatural weight loss, but I don't believe in being crazy I believe that you have to put a persistent, consistent and diligent effort forth You might say, where is that in the Bible? I'm glad you asked me Hebrews chapter 11 says that He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him

Christianity is not for the lazy or the lethargic It's for those who are diligent in their passionate pursuit And I want to — I want you to catch this part The next point, true repentance You see, repentance is something you don't hear about often today, but it is absolutely necessary

Jesus preached repentance for the kingdom of God is at hand John the Baptist preached repentance for the kingdom of God is at hand Peter, in Acts chapter two when they said, what must we do to be saved? He said, repent Repent What is repentance? It's not what we think it is

A lot of times when people preach repentance they preach groveling They preach begging on an alter, and I believe that we should be contrite I believe that we should be broken before God, but that's not the Biblical That's not along with the Biblical definition of repentance means It's from the Greek word metanoia And meta, the prefix, means to change To change In other words, you have to have a change of mind, a change of mind

You see, it is a supernatural transformation in your thinking that produces a transformation in your life The Bible says, in Romans chapter 12 verse one, "I beseech you, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service and be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" Transformation is the word Meta more followed, to have a metamorphosis by the anacoenosis or the the renovating or the changing of the mind You see, repentance means a change in mind

You have to have a change in mind You have to make up in your mind supernaturally that I'm going to think differently I'm going to see things differently I'm going to begin to walk differently It is the change in mind that produces the change in life

Beloved, today is your day, but you have to repent You have to say, Lord, forgive me, but also change the way I think about this thing Change the way I see myself Change the way I see others You see, the change in mind will evoke a change in action and your life will never be the same again

There have been things in my life, and I said, God, take it from me And I cried out to God, and I repented, and the Lord took it from me I had no desire for it anymore The blood still works, and the word is still powerful Don't go anywhere, beloved

We're going to talk a little bit more on "Life More Abundantly" Don't touch that dial We'll see you in a moment [Music] VO: We'll be back with more of "Life More Abundantly," in just one moment [Music] VO: And now, back to "Life More Abundantly

" KB: Beloved, I believe it's your time to be restored You know, the word restored means to bring something back to its original condition Maybe you have fallen astray Maybe you have experienced something traumatic in your life Maybe sin has crept in, and you need to be restored

Let me tell you something, when you embrace the miracle of repentance, you will experience the miracle of restoration This is your moment right now, and I want to pray for you There's somebody watching me right now, you say, Pastor, I used to serve God I used to love God, but I feel like I'm trapped I keep going around and around and around in the same cycle of defeat

There's another young man watching me, you're called to ministry, but you have an addiction in your life that's brought shame and embarrassment, and you believe the lie of the enemy that God can't use you anymore The Devil is a liar I want to pray with you right now, and I want you to stretch your hands Anybody watching that wants to be free of anything, today you're going to be free of it I don't care what it is, alcoholism, drugs, lust, pride, self-hatred

I don't care what it is, right now you're going to be free Release your faith as I pray for you Father, in Jesus' name, I pray for the person watching me right now, and I declare that the blood of Jesus liberates them from the cycle of bondage I thank you, Lord, for a supernatural transformation of their mind set that causes them to see themselves the way you see them That from this day forward they will no longer embrace the lie that it'll always be this way

Know Jesus still does jail breaks Jesus still liberates the captives He came and set the captives free, and if you're captive today, I declare your freedom in the mighty name of Jesus I declare that the anointing of the Holy Spirit destroys the yolk of bondage in your life so that you can experience all that God has for you Beloved, if you prayed that, it's your day

We'll see you next time on "Life More Abundantly"

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