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How the MVP Machine is Breaking Baseball


There is still such resistance to this player development revolution There are of course the old school people as there are in any movement that think, well we didn't use this in the past

We didn't need this when I was a player When I came up as a coach, so what do we need it for now And those people tend to be left behind because it's just hard to keep up I think that one concern is that while this is improving players on an individual basis and it's also improving a lot of teams It's not necessarily good for the game on a league-wide level, because in a way these players are getting so good and perfected themselves to such an extent that it's almost breaking baseball in a way We're seeing strike out rates rise year after year after year, which is partly because players have added velocity

They've added new great breaking balls that are just so difficult to hit They've figured out how to camouflage the difference between their pitches so that you can't even tell if it's a fast ball or a breaking ball until it's too late You're seeing hitters embrace this fly-ball-first, power-first philosophy that also leads to less contact So it's more of an all or nothing game where you're seeing lots of strike outs, lots of homers not everyone likes that because people like hitters that put the ball in play and run around, and action, so we're seeing now Major League Baseball start to talk about okay do we have to step in, do we have to change the rules, do we have to do something to bring back this balance between hitters and pitchers because this is really helping players, it's helping teams, it's not always producing a more spectator-friendly game So I think that's something that we'll have to sort out

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