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How Tana & Jake’s Break Up Really Went Down Ep. 3 | MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau (Season 2)


– [Tana] Previously on MTV No Filter (coughing) – Can you sing to there

– I can't this year My lungs are just failing me right now – Why don't you stop smoking weed? – I'm a (beep) addict What about one day a week? I want you to get out there – [Man In Green] What about you? – I'm married, question mark

Hi – Hi You have to be ready in five minutes, they said – All I want is 10 minutes of alone time The only thing we really get to talk about is business that day

It's just getting harder and harder to balance Jake and I I would always want to be best friends If anything were to happen– – What? She kept talking as if her relationship was about to end – I don't know (troubling music) (upbeat hip hop music) (Tana coughing) 100% we signed up for all of this and it's awesome how much it's helped our careers, but there's just so much drama surrounding Jake's life that is so draining after a long time

– You guys are both very young stars, right? And you guys have crazy lives and this is what happens with two famous people who date each other or are married to each other – I guess you're right – Tana and Jake are very, very busy Jake is starting a career in boxing and there is a lot of training that he has to do in Big Bear where he's staying, and Tana is working on 100,000 things, as well – I guess you're right

I don't know – Just so you know, in terms of the continuing on with this, though, it's all working – I know it's very weird to be like, "This is the most successful "I've ever been in my career," but that doesn't mean it's equivalent to happiness My relationship is my business life, which sucks My friendships are my business life, my relationship with you is my business life

– There are no boundaries on anything ever – Yeah, and it's hard, and the pressure of not letting down so many people while you're exhausted and miserable It sucks – It is a lot It's a lot a lot

– Yeah – I think Tana's stress over working with Jake and the blurred lines between their personal relationship and their business relationship is part of a much larger problem of Tana's life being completely out of balance – I do this a lot I feel like I never talk to you like this Hey

– You mean laying on the counter? – Yeah, it's my favorite way to talk to someone in the kitchen Just me – Yeah? (Tana coughing and groaning) You know, I want a lighter Do you know what a lighter is? – Why would you need a lighter? – Because I shot a show with Jake Paul all day – That's what you've been doing every night? What, smoking weed? – Anything to numb the pain

– Honestly, yeah – Tana's been smoking since I knew her, and while I'm not a doctor, that's probably not great for her lungs – Wow Nothing like a good coffee and a few bong rips – You're going to burn out

You need to start prioritizing health number one before everything We're also going to get you a doctor appointment very soon for your– – Lungs It's really, really, really bad I feel so physically unwell I can't breathe at all

In the last year, my life has just been so go, go, go, go, go, go, work, work, work, work, work, work You don't always have the adequate amount of time to take care of your health and I don't know, it's getting to me (coughing) Sorry – I think it's easy to say, "I struggle, I struggle, I struggle, "I have this, I have this, I have this, "I talk about it, I talk about it, I talk about it" That's great, but how are you getting better? – I hate that

– No, it's the mentality of putting health first and understanding that– – But if health comes first, business comes second You say sleep and health first, but you just want to be right, but you know– – But I am right – Okay, and that's awesome that you feel right I'm super happy for you – I don't think that's how it works

– You say you want me to prioritize my health first until it's work suffers in the 1% and I'm a piece of shit – [Jordan] Yes, I want you to be perfect – I know – So, be perfect – Okay, I'll get to work on that, man

– I push Tana hard, for sure, and I'll continue to do that Knowing how hard she can work, this is not a product of me driving the train past the rails Tana has the ability to give herself much more time and energy Thanks for the coffee You've had enough

You won't sleep with this – You're right, I won't (chill music) – [Trevor] That smells foul – Well, it tastes delightful My favorite thing about these hot-ass peppers is that they clear out my sinuses

The pepperoncinis, you know? – Oh, (beep) I love those – They clear my sinuses and I can breathe again, but I'm excited because next month, I'm going to get the septoplasty – Is Imari's nose job going to go well? (magic eight ball shaking) I'm nervous (cymbal crashing) Signs point to yes – (beep) yeah

(Imari coughing) – You sound like Tana (laughing) Is anyone else worried about her (beep) cough? – [Imari] I mean, yeah – There hasn't been a day where she hasn't coughed She's coughing every (beep) day, like every (beep) second of every day – I saw her the other day right here on this couch

She was having a full-on attack The bitch could not breathe for two minutes I had to give her my inhaler She was like tears streaming down her face She was like (gasping) – Oh, I did see that, yeah

– [Trevor] Oh, my god – She's definitely told me, like, "Oh, my god "I just spat up blood" I'm like, "I think you should get that checked out" – Even after when we went to the studio with Maude and we were talking about it, I told her, I was like, "You need to stop smoking

" – Whoa, I didn't even think about that – I bet if she stopped smoking, the cough would go away – [Trevor] Yes, absolutely – Tana's lungs are failing, yet she thinks it's okay to spark a blunt every three hours One plus one does not equal two here

– What else should I ask? – Ask it if Tana has tuber-ca-tork – Tuberculosis Tuber-ca-twerk-twerk (Ashley laughing) – Does Tana Mongeau have tuber-ca-twerk? Hard yes again – Really? – Holy (beep) – Swear to God

– Wow – Oh – That's (beep) – Tana's been in and out of so many urgent cares in the past year, the most recent time that she went to urgent care, after looking at her x-ray, the doctor literally told her that she needs to get tested for tuberculosis – I don't understand why she won't physically, fully do something about it I get you're busy, but do you want your fans to think you have tuberculosis and just aren't doing anything about it? 'Cause then they're going to get tuberculosis and not do anything about it because Tana Mongeau got tuberculosis and didn't do anything about it and she's alive

– I can just see one of those drama channels posting, "Tana Mongeau meet and greet "started the next pandemic" (Imari laughing) (Ashley laughing) I wonder if we all have TB Let me Google it Tuberculosis is caused by bacteria that spreads from person to person through microscopic droplets released into the air I think the reason she's not going to the doctor is because she's scared of actually finding out that she has something

I thin she would rather not know than to know She's just going to cover it up by saying, "I'm busy, I'm busy" – That's how people die – [Imari] Maybe we can get Jordan to do something about it – Maybe

– Even though Tana's literally married, I still feel like the only man that's going to get Tana into the doctor's office is Jordan because Jordan's like family, and Jake isn't, even if they are married (laughing) – Does Tana need an intervention? (magic eight ball shaking) – My reply is no – Okay, (beep) you, eight ball (slow electronic music) (upbeat electronic hip hop music) – Love a good (beep) market I've grocery shopped one time in the past five months

Fun fact – Tana and I don't go grocery shopping a lot because we have very different tastes Sorry, I'm really into gluten free (beep) – This all might as well be in a foreign language – It's like the devil and the angel on your shoulder

She just only listens to the devil that says, "Grab the Hot Cheetos," and mine's like, "Get the celery "You're going to love it," and I have to listen to it, you know (teeth crunching) Immunity boost we could always use – Cheers – Oh, (beep)

I love these beers – Yeah Wellness shot, but then also a beer – I'm just hoping some day my healthy habits can rub off onto Tana (chill music) – I'm pretending to grocery shop, but I'm really just looking for wine

Always and forever Should I get Jake this? – No – Dude, I talked on the phone to him for two hours When I'm mad, I pace, and so I was just pacing on the phone with him for literally two hours, scream crying, sobbing, and I look at my health app and I walked two miles Jake and I have been married for the last six months, but he has spent five of them two hours away in Big Bear training for a boxing match

Jake's in a very different place of life than he was when I fell for him, and I feel like he just doesn't have time for me anymore I feel like Jake has just been slowly, from the moment I met him, transforming into a different person, but now I'm sitting here eight months in or whatever I don't even (beep) know you anymore – Whoa I don't know, man

(beep) been weird ever since right after the wedding, which is like how many months ago? Six, almost? – I know I recently decided to make and post a YouTube video about my really true mental health, and it was probably the hardest video I had to make in 2019, but I felt like I owed my fans the authenticity that I hadn't been giving them The second that Jake and I got married I just feel like everything changed The wedding night was just hell for me I built up so much anger over things, like the livestream, and then my dad almost died that night of the wedding

He had a stroke This giant part of me wanted Jake so badly to stay and take care of me, and when he didn't, I was so heartbroken, but with the open relationship (beep), it's my fault, too I wanted to be the cool girlfriend that he never had for him because I cared about him so much, but I let that destroy me Obviously, a video like this doesn't make my relationship look too good, and I didn't expect to be fighting with Jake over it, but it's clear that we just don't see eye to eye on it – This sounds kind of (beep) difficult for you at the moment

– I know Yeah, honestly It is difficult for both of is I constantly feel like (beep) being thrown in my way, but how passive can I be? I just look so stupid All my comments are like, "You look like a (beep) idiot

"You're going to be a role model for girls everywhere?" I just look dumb I just look so dumb and I don't ever want to be someone's bitch or doormat Tomato sounds fire, right? – So, are you thinking about ending thing with Jake possibly? (cymbal crashing) (troubling music) – Obviously, when thousands of people are commenting, "What are you doing, sis? "You look so dumb "Oh, my god" There is validity to that

You begin to look in the mirror and be like, "Damn, do I look dumb" – Are you still head over heels for him? (troubling music) – I don't know Obviously, of all people, you're like, "End it" So, you get that sinister smile (Ashley babbling) (Tana sighing) – I've been saying, "I love single Tana

" Tana Mongeau is thinking about dumping Jake Paul? I've been waiting to hear this for my entire life Well, the past six months, but like my whole life They don't do anything that a couple, even a newly dating couple does I don't see them go out to each together, I don't see them hang out, I don't see them on FaceTime I don't even think they have slept with each other yet at this point, honestly

I don't want to sound stupid and be like, "I don't want to see him treat you like that," but no one (beep) deserves that (beep) – Pop off I feel like I need to go up to Big Bear and figure out what we're going to do – I wouldn't say I support you either way (laughing) 'Cause clearly I (beep) don't

– I appreciate your honesty I feel like you are the only person being honest for a long time (chill music) (dramatic music) (electronic sizzling) – Did Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau break up? You never know what to expect Tana and Jake announced they were taking a break on Instagram last week Tana wrote that in 2020 they would be working on themselves and that all of it was coming from a place of love

(dramatic music) (troubling music) – I'm so excited for wine It's been such a long day (Tana sighing) A couple days ago, I decided that it was finally time for me to go up to Big Bear and face all of this head on, trying to work through all of this drama over the phone with Jake is just not working for us right now, and I feel like we came to a conclusion that I am not Mrs Tana Paul Didn't you expect for it to be kind of more? – Messy? Oh, I thought it was going to be bad

– I went up there expecting to– – Have problems – Just pop off, yeah I thought we were going to fight – It honestly went way better than expected – The average person would go up there, have a breakup, cry, but we also now have to be like, "Okay, what are we going to do in the public eye?" We felt like the best decision right now for the both of us is to not film and put online

It's hard, though Jake and I did everything else publicly I hope if we don't ever try again, that we always stay friends, but it made me way more sad It's weird trying not to think about him every second, not wanting to text him every second, trying to detach our lives, all the friends that we both now have that are each other's friends, all the people that are now in my life because of Jake The whole car ride home I was like, "Do I just (beep) turn around?" – You're like, "Do I go back and get with him

" – Dude, but then, I literally woke up today to my entire Twitter tab just being like, "Just letting you know "Jake just walked out of an interview "where he said he fell out of love with you "and in love with boxing" (troubling music) – What? Damn – It's hard, 'cause I know him I know he doesn't mean, at least I feel like Jake doesn't mean harm – Yeah, definitely not

I don't think so – I feel like the things that he says that end up hurting me like that, it's not like he– – I feel like that's what he's eluding to He found his passion – I know, it's just (beep) to hear, I guess Oh, still love you

Hi You know what I mean? I just like That's what's hard

People are like why don't you just (beep) hate him? The whole world's commenting on how they knew we wouldn't last, you know? It's just feels never ending You incorporate your life so much with someone, then just try and undo it is the hardest, saddest thing (troubling music) (upbeat hip hop music) (door hinges squeaking) – Okay Okay – Wow

(chill music) – I feel like we should decide what angle we're going for I've enlisted the help of Trevor and Ashley to help me find some sort of gift that will take Tana's mind off things and show her I do care Celebratory or funny? Or funny or, "Hey, cheer up?" Something light, sweet, something that doesn't say divorce – We could get her a pound cake because she's probably going to get pounded a lot now that she's single Have you ever seen those penis-shaped cakes? We could write (beep) bitches get money on it

Congrats – I love that you're so excited about this divorce You're like the only one that's just like (giggling) When I saw that Tana and Jake broke up, was I shocked? No Were they ever really together? (laughing) Hi – [Jane] Hi

– [Trevor] How are you? – Good, how are you? – How are you guys at– – Shapes? – Shapes – Oh, great We can do any shape – Could you do two shapes together? – Sure, yeah – Yeah, like two circles, a half circle, and a rectangle? – Basically, we want a penis-shaped cake

– Oh, we don't do that – [Trevor] You don't – Eggplant emoji? – Honestly, I feel like the only reason we got Tana a cake was so we could draw some sort of sexual thing on it – So, you wanted an eggplant emoji? Water droplets on the eggplant? – Yes, water droplets on the eggplant – (beep) bitches get money with a money sign

Okay, yeah ♪ That baker was definitely picking up ♪ ♪ What we were putting down ♪ (laughing) – So, you went to Big Bear, right? With Tana? – [Jordan] Yeah – [Ashley] Why did Tana ask you to go to Big Bear? – Tana and Jake were talking on the phone and it got really heated – [Ashley] Really? – She was at my house and she felt like she had to go right then, and she was like, "Will you go with me?" And I was like– – Jesus – Yeah

– If my boyfriend and I ever broke up, I cannot imagine Jordan being there to watch it go down That seems absolutely (beep) bizarre, but I guess it does make sense that her business manager is there, considering a lot of their relationship had to do with business – It was kind of intense once we got there because first thing we did was watch him in the boxing ring – Of course – He was in the zone

He was ready His entire team was there, too, so we all literally sat in the boxing ring and we just all had a conversation there together I should not have been there for their personal conversation about their relationship – Oh, but you were – Yeah

The conversation at first was what's working in our relationship right now? What's not working in our relationship right now? What do you want to focus on? What do I want to focus on? And it was really awkward I think I faked a phone call at one point – To leave? – No, just to not be part of the conversation – They shot that show for MTV – Yeah

– How do you think that's going to affect the show? – Honestly, I don't think it affects it at all I'm beyond positive that both of them can handle that I think it's a smart move for them not to be together right now, as a manager and a friend I think that's it's just a right call in general for her life right now – Thank God they didn't actually do any paperwork stuff

– [Trevor] I know! – 'Cause having to go to a court – And find out who gets this split, who gets that split? – Oh, my god I'm super happy for her Let's just say that I feel like the best thing that could come from this breakup is probably Tana actually being able to focus on herself for once

I feel like the past year has been so her and Jake, her and Jake, her and Jake, but I feel like this is going to be really good for Tana, herself and her health Thank you so much! – Thank you, Jane – Thank you – Thank you – You guys are so quick and awesome

– Thanks, Jane – Thank you (chill hip hop music) (Tana laughing) – You could use it – Can we never talk about this again? – Let's bury it Let's beat it with a shovel

Let's (beep) ra-ta-ta-ta (laughing) – Hi – What's up? – Are you drinking? – What do you mean, "What's up?" – Yeah (shocked trumpet blasting) – I feel like Imari is stealing the spotlight with the wine I'm supposed to be coming in here like Superman with a gift, and you're doing my job

– I got you two gifts One of them is in the box and one of them is in my heart (awkward chuckling) This is one from Ashley, Trevor, and me The design is very particular and it was very, very thought out – Oh, my god

It says (beep) bitches get money – [Jordan] Yeah – Wow, I'm celibate though (Imari laughing) – We wanted to get you something that made you feel kind of happy and a little bit celebratory for the next– – You should have got me a blunt – I think you have enough of those

(Tana laughing) I think that her reaction to the cake is quite frankly beyond lackluster I was expecting laughs for at least three or four minutes consecutively – Thanks for the cake – It wasn't nearly what I wanted – Do you think if I put a tiny hole in the cake, I could fill the hole with wine? Would we get a wine cake, or is that weird? – [Jordan] You should not do that

Don't, don't, don't, don't, no, no, no, no (laughing) – We should at least try the cake before we ruin it – [Jordan] It's confetti cake – Should we take a bite out of the side at the same time? (Tana giggling) (upbeat hip hop music) – [Imari] It's really good I love sweet (beep)

(Tana laughing) – Your blue ass teeth I need to look at my teeth – Anyway, the second gift Are you ready? I need eye contact – One moment

Let me get real pretty – We have a doctor appointment for your lungs with a specialist – Super excited to get diagnosed (Tana snorting) – It's not a manager's job to get their client a doctor's appointment, but over the past couple of months, it's become such a dire situation that no one else is doing anything and it is now on me, I feel I want you to know that I do care

From now on, health is priority number one, literally the rest of the year, health is wealth, and I think that's it – Honestly – [Jordan] Honestly – I feel like you don't really care about me going to the doctor I'm kind of a dick to say that

Thank you for booking the appointment Thank you for going with me That is a first step, but at the end of the day, saying health is first is a lie – [Jordan] No, that's not – Okay, so when I choose sleep over a brand deal

– You need to be selective (Imari laughing) – There you go – It's not about– No, no, no It's about getting into a healthy lifestyle, but you make no effort at all to live a healthy lifestyle at all – Even if I made the effort, I'd still get not a lot of sleep

I would still constantly be on a plane, I would still have to party all the time – There can be excuses for miles and it would be the same thing – No, that's just my life, (beep) you You and this world has bred me to literally be like, "I'll sleep when I'm dead "I'll be healthy in another (beep) life

" You know? – Yeah, no That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life – This is getting a little serious I actually have to be somewhere in an hour, so I'm going to go clean myself up Hasta luego

– I can tell that this issue with her health and talking about going to doctors appointments just has a lot of weight underneath it She does have immense fear about what could be happening, and this is an iceberg This is just the tip – Can I hit that? – When I was growing up, I'm serious, if I wasn't taking care of myself, my parents would do it – So, what? – My point is I don't think anyone was ever like, "Yo, this is how you take care of yourself

" – Well, yeah 100% I really appreciate that importance of taking are of yourself, I just feel like you only want me to take care of myself until it actually interferes with work – That's not true That's a blatant like

Honestly, that's a (beep) thing to say Why do you think I would actually go out of my way to find a specialist– – Work is a priority – For your lungs, so that I could go with you– – 'Cause it's so bad Just stop coughing It's really bad for your brand

I know I'm going to go to this appointment and then Jordan's no longer going to care about my health again The doctor's going to tell me I need to take medicine and get rest and change my life, but then when it actually comes down to taking the medicine and getting the rest and making the changes, Jordan is going to off-camera be super unhappy with me if I'm slacking in any way I don't even want to talk about this anymore This conversation is literally so annoying Why are we still having this? – Well, I'm going to go home, I'm going to do two hours of emails, I'm going to watch an hour of TV, and then I'm going to go to sleep listening to meditation

– You're going to do four hours of emails and then go to sleep angry at yourself for not working hard enough – No – Jordan is definitely not making my breakup and failing physical health any better It is laughable how we're just not going to see eye to eye on this It's a weird place when two of the biggest relationships in your life are having so many issues

I don't really expect anyone to fully understand everything that's going on with me right now, 'cause I know it's a lot, but I don't know Cut me a break It sucks because everything in me is like, "Don't obnoxiously throw the cake" (Tana laughing) And all I want to do is obnoxiously throw the cake – The cake was a gift and it's coming home with me

– I don't want it if I can't play with it (both laughing) (cymbal crashing) On the next episode of MTV's No Filter (Tana coughing) I have no idea what's wrong with me This could be real – So, I have results for you

(dramatic music) – I would be devastated if something were to happen to Tana (dramatic music)

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