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How Should I Eat on Day 1 of Breaking a Water Fast? ?‍♂️


– If you go online and you type in how to break a fast and this is one of the most important things you can do because this is when your body actually dumps all that stuff, all those disease cells in your digestive track So, many people out there, I mean, I've watched YouTube videos where guys were on a 36 day water fast and then they gorge out on pizza and they go to a party and eat a bunch of cake and everything

That is like the worst thing you can do You're going to throw your body into so much turmoil It is just as important, if not more important on how you break a fast than it is during the fast because you want your body to slowly transition back into a healthy diet and you want your digestive system to slowly transition back into a working digestive system again as well So that's why it's extremely important to make sure that you break the fast the right way There's a lot of different methods out there online

That's why it's so confusing That's why I get hundreds of questions all the time How do I actually break a water fast? So, I've been studying all that and kind of coming up with what I think is going to be the best method I took the best of this and the best of this and the best of this and I'm actually going to add probiotics and enzymes to my schedule As soon as you get that food in your mouth, you might have a lot of hunger because your body just wants to eat and wants to eat and wants to eat

We have to slowly transition I mean, most people, when they get done with a long fast, they're just so ravenous and they just start eating and eating and eating and eating But if you've had the mental ability to work yourself through those hunger pains and drink water, then you should easily be able to work yourself through those cravings as well So, the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to empty two capsules of Floratrex And the reason why is because I want to get some probiotics into my system

And the reason why I'm emptying them into a glass of water is because I don't want those capsules to sit and tie inside my stomach and have to digest It could take awhile for those to the capsules to dissolve So there's two Floratrex I'm going to do one cap of Latero-flora, which is another probiotic strain into about eight ounces of distilled water This is distilled water

I'm also going to empty a capsule of veganzyme, which is a systemic and digestive enzyme So that's going to help my body break down the food And it's also going to help stimulate my digestion because of the enzymes So I'm going to stir this up Bon apetite! All right, that's step one

Step two is I'm going to eat a little bit of watermelon, about six to nine small cubes I'm going to eat this slowly and I'm going to drink water to help kind of digest the juices or basically dilute the juices and the sugars of the watermelon a little bit Now, after that, what I'm going to do is I'm going to mix a half an ounce of Intramax, which is a multivitamin mineral supplement in a large thing of water This is not Voss water I just carry this around and fill it with destilled and I'm going to drink this slowly over the next hour

And just to replenish all my essential minerals and nutrients that I have in my body At seven o'clock, an hour from now, I'm going to eat another small amount of watermelon Just a little bit and eat slowly, chew it really good and then swallow it Okay, so here it goes Here's my first bite of food in 18 days Wow

It's almost like this burst of flavor and I don't want to eat a lot, so I'm going to eat maybe a few more pieces That was a good one That was a big chunk

Amazing And that was incredible So now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the Intramax one ounce is a cap full, but I'm going to do about a half

I don't want to like completely load my system down About half an ounce and I'm gonna pour it in Self control when you break a fast from what they say, might even be harder than the first three days of the fast itself About an hour from now, I'm going to just take my time and slowly drink this I'm also going to make sure that I'm still drinking a lot of water between my meals because I want to make sure that I stay hydrated and I want to make sure that I have a lot of water to digest

Unless you have diabetes, I haven't had any reports Some people were asking about, well, isn't that going to raise your glucose? Yeah, it probably will raise my glucose a little bit There's only one case I could find where a guy drank, I think it was orange juice or something, a lot of it and he was a diabetic And then he had hyperglycemia An hour later at 8:00 PM tonight, I'm going to mix six ounces of raw green juice with six ounces of water and drink

And so, I'm diluting the green juice 50/50 And then around nine o'clock tonight, I'm going to go to bed and I am going to take four Oxy-Powder tonight (lighthearted music)

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