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How Nintendo Keeps Switch Momentum in 2020 After a Record Breaking 2019!


What's good everyone OJ here welcome back to the video and today we're talking about the Nintendo switch can keep momentum in 2020 we've got big shiny new systems coming out from Microsoft and Sony we've got Google stadia still sucking but it got the achievements we've got other platforms that are rising up when it comes to PC epic game stores gonna be doing this thing there's all sorts of places for people to buy games and for people to experience entertainment and how's the Nintendo switch technically being the weakest of all of them going to keep up with these other services going to keep up with these new systems well I think that the momentum starts with the hype right the hype and the games I think those are the two things I really kind of keep things going what can you do to present to your audience to present to potential customers that this is a system to pick up and of course what are the games that you're going to showcase to create set a hype now we already have a few titles heading into 2020 we've got stuff like xenoblade chronicles definitive edition Animal Crossing new horizons is going to be absolutely huge got Tokyo Mirage sessions coming as well and it's just up like No More Heroes 3 but what else can in 10 don't bring to have more momentum well I think that it really starts with some of their classic franchises everyone's been looking for f-zero everyone's been looking for Golden Sun everyone's been looking for Kid Icarus everyone's been looking for these type of games and I think that in 2020 while those might not be like the biggest sellers it will create the hype and the splash that maybe that taps like kind of like the fan base that Nintendo hasn't yet reached yet right those three franchises classic old school maybe there's somebody out there or there's probably plenty people out there that are hardcore into those franchises and if Nintendo released maybe one or two of them in terms of like a reveal trailer so if those games are being worked on and we see it that can prompt them to go out there and get the Nintendo switch on top of everybody else who's already buying the system so I think that tapping the classic fan base and the classic games that haven't yet been revealed yet it's going to be huge in 2020 even seeing like Square Enix do stuff like that right bravely default that's not super classic but one of those hardcore RPG franchises that's coming over to Nintendo switch and even stuff like trials of mana the remake right that is looking absolutely amazing and yeah it's not gonna sell like crazy numbers but I guarantee you it's gonna get a lot of people who maybe didn't get a ps4 who maybe didn't get a Nintendo switch to pick up the system and say alright I'm gonna try things out so I think that having those classic games and kind of tapping that nostalgia and that old-school fan base to get a Nintendo switch is gonna be very important next up Nintendo directs I think that Nintendo directs like I talked about with the hype house intono going to space things out and we're talking about the big directs until usually has about maybe three to four of them a year we get an early direct we usually get a direct at e3 and then we get a fall direct and then sometimes we'll get video game based arrays so we'll have like a pokemon direct or a Super Smash Brothers direct or something like that so making sure that they have great Nintendo directs that are spaced evenly and bring the games is also going to be another thing that really helps out with momentum really helps out and keeps the Nintendo switch in the news because 2020 is going to be different right you've got multiple new systems launching and that is going to take some of the Thunder away from the Nintendo switch because even if you look at it at this point Austin Tennis which has been selling absolutely amazing but you didn't see as many articles in as many videos but the Nintendo switch dominating sales wise as you would have seen before the Xbox series X and Playstation 5 talked that's one thing that I did notice a lot of stuff got buried when the game Awards came out and the Xbox Series X and Nintendo switch put up one of its best months ever in November one of the best months ever when it comes to the gaming generation this gentleman ever the case is and not as many people are talking about that so obviously bringing the games bringing big announcements when there is other exciting systems launching that's going to help out now you're not gonna stop that at all right obviously everyone's going to be excited for new systems I'm terribly excited for the Xbox series X I love what they're doing with the system in terms of carrying over all of your library and everything making stuff backwards-compatible that is just amazing so you're not gonna take away the height from that and systems are going to do well at the PS 5 whenever they fully reveal that that's gonna be awesome but what can you do to keep the intrinsic momentum going so we're going over some of those ideas I think that there needs to be at least at least maybe five or six huge games on the scale of a animal crossing so each year pretty much since 2017 we get games at least for huge scale games or talked to blockbuster you know eight seven eight million plus million unit sales games we get that almost every single year about four to five of them maybe a bit more in 2017 obviously there was like Mario and the Rosetta and there was – there was just so many big games in 2018 there wasn't quite as many of those but we still had Super Smash Brothers which pretty much you know that takes the cake for everything when it comes down to it but in 2019 there was multiple big unit sellers Luigi's Mansion is even becoming one of those so what doesn't they're not gonna have in 2020 that's going to be that well we do know that Animal Crossing New Horizons that's gonna be one of those huge games I think Legend is all a breath of the wild needs to be one of those games if they can get it in 2020 it needs to happen that is a huge big seller that's really going to push things but I think they need a couple more of those to continue to keep momentum but what games in the well do they go – well there's always Mario Kart I mean who knows how far along the next Mario Kart is in development a lot of people have speculated that will since Mario Kart 8 deluxe is doing so well maybe they're not w orking on the new Mario Kart game or another Mario Kart game or maybe they're focusing on the mobile game as well which is not necessarily a Nintendo like out they're putting all their resources into that game because it's a mobile game but I do feel that the next Mario Kart game is in development and it's been in development and they're kind of waiting for maybe the right time to release it polish it up and really make it different from what we've got before because there's a lot of great ideas in the mile kart tour game on the mobile not the gotcha not the microtransactions but in terms of like the cards and the customisation and the experience and all the cool stuff that's in in terms of like the costumes and all that a lot of that stuff could make its way over to the next main line Mario Kart game so I'd like to see them kind of explore that more and maybe we get the first revealed trailer for that game Metroid Prime is not a game that's probably gonna be coming in 2020 maybe we get our first look at what retro studios has so that could be a big splash as well it's been a long time since we've gotten a big Metroid Prime game so I think that that's gonna be something that Nintendo can really look at and I think that even if they take a franchise like a Kid Icarus so they take one of these other franchises like f-zero if they can modify it enough they can make that super popular as well I mean splatoon was not a franchise that you would think that would be a 10 million unit seller and it actually became that so law school tune was new at the same time like I still think that Nintendo can take one of these older franchises and make it big as well but there's definitely games that Nintendo has that can be that big huge blockbuster that can help push a lot more systems and keep that momentum going and I think the last thing that we need to see from Nintendo when it comes down to it is just some more support from like the bigger Japanese companies right I mean we're seeing stuff like bravely default – I think that Nintendo needs to work out some more deals to get some of these bigger Japanese games to come over or even brand new games a brand new third-party exclusives that you see only on the Nintendo switch maybe collaboration titles out there I mean we're seeing stuff like ninjalah right but that's not going to be a huge seller but maybe they get Capcom or maybe they get squirt and X to do something else outside of what they're already doing or maybe even something like Bandai Namco you see a brand-new exclusive type of title but I also think that something like Bayonetta 3 for example I think that can be a lot more successful than what people are expecting now I'm not expecting it to be like Animal Crossing or anything like that but I do feel that that game is going to be 2020 and that game is going to do extremely well because people have been anticipating it I think that it's on the Nintendo's switch bigger install base there's just something about that game to me that I think it's going to show people like wow this is like an amazing action game that's going to do really well once again don't think it's gonna sell like 10 million units or like 8 million or anything but I think it's gonna do a lot better than the previous games in terms bayonetta on nintendo platforms just because of the hype that's kind of hanging into it and it's just so mysterious we just haven't really seen much on the game or really anything at all so I'm interested to see that but I also think like the third-party announcements right like we always get like some poured so we always get some of the major games like The Witcher like something crazy right getting announced I think that announcements like that are also gonna help with momentum because it's one thing to play them obviously the some of these games are old and everything but to be able to play them anywhere maybe it's the first time that's just something that's special and I think that's what help keeps the momentum and magic with the Nintendo switch the fact that you can take this big console game and say okay well I'm just gonna play a wall I'm watching football I'm just gonna play long outside or I'm just gonna play I want him at the DMV or somewhere boring or whatever the case is Pharmacy waiting for prescription it's just something magical that's just different that some people don't understand but when you finally get the switch and you try it out or if you travel a lot like I've been traveling myself it is just something that you really can't compare it to anything else there really hasn't been anything like this when it comes down to it even link with the Vita and all that those still felt like portable games at times they didn't feel like real full-fledged console experiences for a lot of this stuff and that's what we're getting with the Nintendo switch so keep the momentum by having some of those games it's not gonna have everything obviously Japanese support it's probably gonna be slighted more towards it than Western support we're not gonna see a ton of that because they're all getting ready for the PS 5 in the next Xbox but I do feel that there's going to be a few cool announcements here and there I mean we do have in 2020 that's coming the outer worlds as well so we're gonna see how that game does – so what are you guys as thoughts on the Nintendo switch keeping momentum in 2020 what does it need to do what games are you expecting I'd love to hear you guys have thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for this one here go to scuttle into description below we got Facebook and Twitter gonna give us a like enough all on our social media hit that like button if you did like this video let's you know you guys want more confidence going for in the future and subscribe the players's for this RPG japanese and endo gaming news thank you so much for watching I'll catch you guys for the next one peace

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