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hey guys back with another video but before I start make sure you smash that like button also if you're not subscribed to the channel you do so make it sure that the notification Bell is on so when I upload my next video you are the first one to watch also make sure to leave a comment on this video so I want to bring something to your attention guys a couple of days before natureboy set her up for that he wants to go back and be with the multiple wives he misses his wives let's throw that in there because yes he said that to her which to me would have been enough to go run packing but she didn't um but a couple of days I want you to look at this video love is understanding the most honorable chief is Ileana go watch that video it was a couple of days before he did that live that he had her get up here like she usually does and it was almost like she was trying to apologize to the public for her her behavior her anger issues um you know basically you know her lying things that she did to the people of Babylon when she people pay for the jewelry and she never arm gave them their money or the jewelry she didn't say that in this video but it was almost like he was trying to have her do a confession now what would a confession look like on one side of the relationship right the woman is doing a confession that we already know that Nature Boy has her do when she was over in combination before every time they get into something it always turns out to be her fault and she's apologizing to the public for her behavior why was someone that's not hasn't done anything wrong why do they need to publicly apologize to anyone to begin with then a couple days later he goes on alive and even when they was on that live trust and believe she did not know into the end of that video if you guys watch the whole life she didn't even have a clue then he was setting her up this was all in the making it's been him setting her up from the time they had got on the phone because the father had said when he was on live the other day they planned all of this two weeks before Velva came there they had started talking like two weeks before and it was it got to the point where velvet wasn't answering like Sam her father called she wouldn't answer his phone calls and if she did she would answer his texts or his message like three days later should we get back to him so the father kind of sort of knew that velvet was off to the races that she was gonna go back to our Nature Boy then before she left so the father in fact did know that hurt his daughter was going back to Nature Boy even though he said and alive with uh what's the name uh my diva that he won't believe it until he sees it he knew that his daughter was going back to Nature Boy cuz he said it in that life he did the other day but velvet was being courted from two weeks prior Nature Boy was giving her the Spill that he was a changed man she puts some ultimatums that we all seen him break em in um alive which was the other day but prior to him breaking the news he literally had a whole life with serenity velvet in himself and everybody was happy and they're talking about stuff that means nothing in the world um and that's when he let her know that he was going back to be with his wives he said he missed he missed them even though let you know velvet tell the story you don't you don't love these other women like you love me but if Nature Boy loved her to begin with through all of which she had to endure and she's still going to endure she ever goes back to the States no one's gonna trust her the only buddy only one that's gonna be there for her unconditionally and it's been made clear it's her family I've talked to velvet behind the scenes a day before she went to Nature Boy and she was already having issues with the public just straight disrespecting her and it was bothering her so I think there was a lot of triggers that helped you know like slow walk her back into the dungeon but ultimately we can't blame outside forces for her behavior she went back to him ultimately she went back to him she believed in all of the false promises because everything he said was a false promise but if you look back on everything before this played out and he publicly a milli ated her again he had her get up here by herself in the name of the video again his love is understanding the most honorable that video which was done on the 17th he had her do that video before he you know publicly humiliated her and broke the news didn't even tell her she was getting on the live for this to happen he surprised her right with the public and that goes to show how a nature boy really feels about velvet you know and that goes to show how Nature Boy is a master manipulator and he does it to velvet he does it to all the other carbonation members over there because I was listening to something joy was talking about yesterday and she was telling me basic we the only thing that messed up Nubians and her relationship was that he was highly controlled by nature boy he is got a lot of influence on Nubians mind Nubian could sit with joy and be saying one thing but soon as he gets in front of nature boy he switches up and that's how the other carbonation members are a lot of those grown people including velvet are still there because they don't want to go no one's holding them hostage those people want to be there he has reprogrammed their minds to thinking that there's no other place for them that they can fit in and people understand them for that carbonation so whether or not they believe in the message these people for some reason do not want to leave carbonation and that's why he's able to couple them up with people that they don't want to be coupled up with in carbonation because there's been times when he told couples that were coupled up if you guys don't want to be together you have to leave so they don't have a choice in the matter if a person is stuck and they feel as though who's gonna hire me you know I'm not good enough to work this job or I don't think that I can fit in society because you know my life was so different here in combination and no one's gonna understand me my family doesn't love me my family doesn't understand me people who start to think that mindset they get stuck physically stuck like they know that they want to leave a situation but they still feel like they'll be out of place if they leave so they stay in that situation and they subject themselves to whatever nature boy you know wants to do to them because they want to be there in combination because they feel like no other place is for them no one else is going to understand what they're going through everyone's gonna think that they're strange or different or they're gonna they're gonna stick out like a sore thumb it's almost like having an anxiety and they have to get over that but if there'd be a reprogram to to think a certain way natureboy is not gonna campaign for them to leave carbonation and life's gonna be better if they leave he's not campaigning that he's letting them know that if you leave you you just you show dishonor to me and everything that I've done to help you grow because to them they think that in their mind they have grown to a level that is higher than even Babylon and people over in Babylon um they look at us as the crazy ones they look at us as the ones that are not living a normal life they think that how they're living is normal even though we all know that they're reprogram they think that life over the in combination is where it's at

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