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    How I Get My Penny Stock Breaking News


    – What's up, Tim Sykes here Wanted to do a quick video

    This is gonna be an abbreviated video cause I got get to a Challenge webinar that I got a give to my Challenge students live training So I'll do a longer video on this, cause this is a tool that I'm using every single day now, but this is a Breaking News tool/chat room I also use the social media tool on stockstotrade, both of these tools are so important But today, specifically, GNUS is responsible for my biggest profit, you know I made nearly two grand on it, and nearly three grand on the date

    I'm now 40 grand halfway through the month, and is because of this tool And you can see here on the GNUS chart, it wasn't doing much, it's been pumped, but they also did an offering right into the pumping, which is very suspicious Always questions your pumpers, ask for their real names, show all their trades, they will not do either Maybe they'll show their real name, but they're not gonna show you all their trades But I don't really care about what happens before the news comes out

    Because for me, this was the key right here They issued their shareholder letter, they hyped themselves up, the offering has already been done, so I bought, I alerted, it was fantastic The beginning of the run-up in, I missed the beginning, you know, like I'm still, your know, not real time, because unlike the pumpers, I don't work with insiders or companies I just react to news, I react to patterns And on this one, I reacted pretty well in the 70s, it got all the way to 107

    So even though the Dow is down, 500 plus today, rumors of GE bankruptcy (alert beeps) Sorry There's alerts too going on

    But even though we're way off the lows, it's an ugly overall market There are still hot stocks, GNUS is up 26%, it was up, basically, a 50% winner, from my alert, also CREX, I alerted in the threes, in my chat room And this is a supernova alert right at four, it got all the way up to 560, it's kind of hanging in here, they just had an SCC filling, right in here where they basically said, "Look, we're on this podcast where we talked about partnering with Samsung" There's still no press release, I think that is gonna be a press release that's needed to really spike this stock But, long story short, I'm in this chat every single day I'm using this tool, and frankly, that is why I made nearly 3 grand today

    And that's a big part of the reason why I made nearly 40, or a little over 40 grand so far this month I'm gonna post a link to this just below this video, if you want to add the Breaking News to your subscription, you have to be a stockstotrade subscriber, and then you just add this But it's so important because it's, again not just like a feed of all the news, it's two ex Hedge Fund Traders who are giving the best news for low-price stocks Again, this is what stockstotrade is all about, where it's specifically designed for low-price stock traders And no other platform really cares about this niche

    And I'm so proud of so many students, I wanna give props to Rafael made nearly 2 bucks a share with CREX Good job Kiril made nearly a dollar a share on CREX Gordon made 11% on GNUS Ismael made, like what, 15% on GNUS

    Tom made some money, 15, 20% Michael made some money, you know, like 200 dollars in a day Again, it's nothing on Wall Street, but as I said, this is solid, this is very good This is pretty sweet in an ugly overall market Also, Kelechi made 6 thousand

    Reagan, I love this, small, small position, but 580 dollars in the morning on CREX, and Reagan used the stockstotrade Breaking News chat which is pretty sweet Lionel also didn't play CREX perfectly, but still made some money and there again, and also made a dollar a share in CREX Also in the chat, KennyB made some money (alarm beeps) Aaron says, "Don't feel there is anything worth playing right now, I take my 15% single" Gerber made 10% on GNUS

    ArtofWar, WTRH was a great short, for ArtofWar making $2600, and Roy also made $2600 shorting MARK But Jackaroo profits to him $8000 on his shorting in NMHLY WTRH He, look at this, he is so out of if, he put WTRH twice and he meant, you know, on of them was NMRK But this is what's happening Like, wait for your patterns, wait for your place, and it's a little overwhelming

    I wanted to trade WTRH and NMRK into some big morning panics, but they dropped, but there wasn't really enough panic So yesterday I did, like etrades, which, you know, was just too much of it I was a little overwhelmed, made 6 thousand, today, making less than half of that, but making only two trades, and, frankly, the first trade that I was in, What was it? ADMZ, ADMP, ADMX? I don't even know I was trying to piggyback one of the pumpers You know, there's all these pumpers right now and again, I'll do a longer video lesson on the stockstotrade social media search tool another time

    It's worth seeing, you'll be shocked, you'll be shocked at what is happening across social media, and if you have the right tools to see it All the pumpers, and again, I'm grateful for the pumpers, but, all of them, just line up, and I don't know if they're talking to each other in like a Zoom or a Skype, or coordinating, but they all picking the same stocks and newbies are like, "Oh, your research is fantastic" And they're linking to like, you know, with NMRK they were linking to supposed emails I don't trust any of them, okay? They say the emails are real, I don't know I trust press releases more, and I trust SCC filings the most

    So NMRK maybe they have this contract, maybe they don't Maybe they're just giving, you know, free samples to these companies I have no idea, all I know is that most of this small companies are gonna screw up in one way or another So when you have all this coordinated pumping at the same time, I don't know what's legal, what's not, I'm not a lawyer, I don't want to expose them, I don't want them to stop, I just wanna a trade off these predictable patterns that are created Long and short, NMRK, you know, if you look through my recent trades, I don't know if you looked through my recent trades, but I am not shorting it

    You know what? I made some money dip buying, and this was a good dip buy, yesterday This was actually a fantastic dip buy, I sold too soon, as it turned out I mean, this was 160 to 170 and it bounced all the way back to the twos So I was on the right tracking I didn't really wanna trade again, because I knew I was overtrading yesterday, but at the same time, when there's plays that fit your patterns, like, you gotta come out of retirement

    So I can't help it, if there's a play And for me, I like these patterns A few people were like, "Tim, you're so overtrading, you're flogging a dead horse Close your laptop" But I was trying to, I didn't wanna trade, trust me, like I know how many students message me, "Stop emailing me so much, stop texting me so much

    " But when there's good patterns, I can't help it So I traded in very conservatively, but, you know, when nearly a thousand dollars is basically lying on the ground there for me I'm gonna take it And that's how I look at a lot of these trades I don't go into the day saying, "Hey, I wanna make 3 grand or 6 grand or whatever" I'm just trading, you know, different patterns, whatever is hot

    And WTRH was a good dip buy yesterday, today, you know, WTRH and NMRK both dropped a little gradually So props to short sellers like Jackaroo and Roy, and ArtofWar Aaroon made some small money on CREX, CTRenary made some money, a dollar a share on CREX Bschopps made over a dollar a share Finfree made $1200

    Bharris made a dollar forty on CREX, 560 bucks two weeks in this, pretty awesome And Humbly made some money on a small position too So I wanna show you these students because I want you to understand that whether you sell too soon, whether you have a 500-share position or a 1000-share position, whether you made $500 or $2000 or $3000, this is the process, okay? These are the kinds of trades that you should make So don't worry if you sell too soon I mean, with freaking GNUS, I mean, I was buying in the 70s and selling in the 80s and it went all the way to $1

    07 Even now, a few hours later, it's still up 33%, at 97 cents So even though I made nearly three grand on the day, I left some on the table, and that's okay Okay? That's what I need you to understand, You're just trying to take the mead of the move So congrats to everybody who's recognizing this on GNUS CREX

    Even in an ugly market, if you focus on the hot stocks, and if you have the right tools, this Breaking News tools is so, so, so important And now RMBL is spiking up too, CREX is still up It's actually pretty cool, it's a Breaking News tool and a chat too And again, I'm gonna post a link if you want this, right now, add to your subscription And I would join now because I don't know if you know, but we don't make any money our of stockstotrade

    This is a tool specifically designed to help you be a better trader I make money from basically creating more millionaire students It's in my own best interest to make you as successful as possible So this tool will really help you and this price is gonna go up a little bit because we've actually been losing money on just programming this stuff So join now

    Use the Breaking News I gotta go give a Challenge webinar Thank you again, congrats to so many people I'm sorry if you weren't in the list, I know that there's many more people, I just wanted to give a summary Keep tweeting me, keep sending me your trades, it doesn't matter if you have a big position or a small position, it's all about the process

    Leave a comment below this video saying, "I understand it's a process" Because that is the key to really becoming my next millionaire student Like I said, that's what I'm all about People ask me, "Why do you work so hard? Why do you do this?" I'm obsessed And you need to be obsessed as a student because that will increase your odds of success

    Remember, 90% of traders lose, so it doesn't matter what people are saying in random chat rooms and stuff like that Show your real trades, show your real names, be honorable, be honest, be transparent This a shady industry that does not have to be this shady Use the right tools, I'm gonna post a link to the Breaking News Again, I got go give a webinar

    Thank you again, see you

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