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How I Break My Fast | My FAVORITE Intermittent Fasting "Breakfast" Meals


Hey guys what's up welcome back to my channel if you guys are new here welcome my name is Caitlyn and in today's video i'm going to be showing you guys some different meal ideas that you can have while breaking your fast i know that there's not a lot of information out there on what to eat while breaking your fast so i'm going to show you guys some of my favorite meals that i love to have while intermittent fasting and they've helped me to lose 50 pounds so that's what we're going to be doing in today's video but before we enter the video if you guys are not already subscribed and you guys like to see more videos like this go ahead and hit that subscribe button and don't forget to turn on that bell while you're down there so you can get notified every time that i post a new video and with all that being said let's get into the video all right you guys so let's get started so the first thing that we're going to make is a greens smoothie and this is really good for those days when you're just not feeling that hungry but you need to get those nutrients in so that's we're gonna be making so let's get started all right so the first thing that you're going to need is half a cup of mangoes you're also going to need half of a frozen banana this one was going bad so i put it in the freezer that's why it's brown but the brown ones are the sweetest so it works out great and just a whole handful of spinach that's a lot of sp inach also some agave i kind of just drizzle it on there and about half a cup of milk it's a little less than half and also i'm just gonna put a scoop of this athletic greens in there these greens are good for um they have 75 different vitamins in them so they're good for getting like your daily vitamins if you're really bad at getting all your vitamins in this is a really good alternative now that you have all your ingredients together it's time to blend this is what it looks like i wish i would have added ice i forgot to add ice i don't know what i was thinking but this is super good it's super nutritious super easy way to get some vitamins in when you first start your day so this is a really good option for that and it tastes really good so now we're gonna make one of my most favorite meals on the entire planet you guessed it avocado toast so you're gonna need an avocado a lemon some crushed red chili pepper flakes some everything but the bagel seasoning and some pepper and some salt so let's get started so now you're just going to take your avocado and cut that in half and now i'm just taking my lemon and cutting that in half as well so now you're just going to take a squeeze of lemon some everything but the bagel seasoning i don't really measure this out that looks good some crushed red pepper if you don't like it spicy you can skip this part some black pepper as well as some salt that's what it's looking like take fork and mash now for my bread i'm going to use this dave's killer bread i really like this bread because it's going to help to keep you full so that's what we're doing now i'm just trying an egg to put on top of my avocado toast and these are the eggs that i like to use in case you guys are wondering all right you guys so this is what it looks like you're getting your good healthy fats you're getting protein you're getting carbs you're getting everything that you need to fill you up and give you the nutrients for the day and this really does keep you full for a very long time i'm actually going to go ahead and eat this really good oh my gosh you guys that tasted so good but and now i'm going to show you guys another meal that you guys can have this one is super quick super easy and it's very filling so let's get started so for this you're gonna need a cantaloupe make sure that you wash these these are dirty they come from the ground so make sure you give them a nice good wash i like to use the fruit and vegetable wash from trader joe's and just clean it off a little bit you're also going to need some sliced almonds as well as some low-fat cottage cheese this is a good culture cottage cheese i got this from i think like whole foods or something like that and some ground cinnamon so i'm just going to start by cutting the melon in half and then for all the seeds that are in here you just want to get a spoon and take them all out now this is what the melon is looking like i'm just going to take my cottage cheese put it inside now i'm just gonna take a couple of these almonds these are honey roasted almonds from trader joe's now i'm just gonna add some cinnamon on top and you can even add some agave or some honey to make it even sweeter this is what it's looking like it's really yummy super quick super easy to make you get lots of protein from the cottage cheese you're also getting fiber from the cantaloupe you're getting yummy good sweetness goodness from the agave and the cinnamon and it just tastes like heaven in your mouth so i literally cannot stop eating this it's super good now we're going to make an acai bowl and for this you're going to need strawberries blueberries a banana some shredded coconut some chia seeds an acai packet some frozen bananas and some frozen mangoes so for the base you're going to need a whole acai packet half of a frozen banana half a cup of mangoes half a cup of almond milk and about a handful of now i'm just going to blend this all together now just to make it a little bit sweeter because it is pretty tart i'm just going to add some agave for the toppings i'm just going to cut up my banana and cut up my strawberries all right you guys so this is what it's looking like i got some shredded coconut some strawberries some bananas some blueberries and some chia seeds sprinkles all over this is a lot you don't have to finish this all in one sitting you can have this be a lunch and breakfast kind of situation this can hold you over for probably like three hours four hours so it's really filling and you definitely don't have to finish you can absolutely save it for another time mine came out kind of watery i wish i would have added less milk but it still tastes really good it's really good getting a bite that has everything on it that bowl is super yummy and super filling but don't feel pressured if you can't finish the whole thing you can always put it in the freezer and save some for later but that comes the end of my video if you guys have any questions let me know down in the comments below or you guys can always message me over on instagram at caitlin lindsey excel i love connecting with you guys and talking with you guys and i had so much fun making this video so if you guys like this video be sure to give this video a like down below and if you guys made it this far in the video and you're not already subscribed what are you doing go ahead and subscribe i would love to see you guys here next week and with all that being said i love you guys so much and i'll see you guys next week bye

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