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How does Cosmos: Possible Worlds bridge science and entertainment?


– [Narrator] Despite our limitations and foul abilities, we humans are capable of greatness – [Marah] The show is so impressive and it goes so many different places, and especially this season, it's sort of like, ties the past to the future

What was the writing and research process like for the show? – The idea was we wanted to create a life-changing experience, where, you know, where are facing tremendously daunting challenges in terms of where we are as a civilization and the danger to our children and grandchildren, and we didn't want to just, you know, grab you by the lapels and scream, we're all gonna die, you know? We wanted to create a vision of the future that was worth working for Not the dystopian kind of future that we're so used to seeing, but also we wanted to demonstrate by telling the stories of these heroic searchers who've added to our understanding of nature We wanted to tell the stories so that you would come out owning them, owning those ideas, being more powerful, and perhaps more persuaded that it matters what's true and that we can, we can do this, we can get to that future of the 2039 New York Worldsphere or the time when our species is arrayed throughout the galaxy, on different, on those possible worlds We wanted to tell those stories so that people will come out inspired, awakened, and ready to act in defense of the future We are not investing in the future

We're investing in the energy supplies of the past We're looking backward and we have to shift gears because what's called for is for all of us to start thinking in the timescales that the scientists are giving us, not to the next election, not to the next balance sheet, but to the longest possible future And so, for me, this is a public undertaking The widest possible undertaking You know, when I was a kid, and we went to the moon, no matter how much I disagreed with the government about other things, and I did, I felt a sense of pride that we were engaged in a mythic undertaking, and I think we're missing that

And I don't think this should be, it seems to me like we're going back to the 19th century to depend on the kindness of billionaires to get us to the stars I think we all have to be part of that great undertaking – [Narrator] How far will our nomadic species have wandered by the end of the next century? And the next millennium? – [Marah] The show is so heavily graphically based How did you guys work to make sure that those are accurate representations? – This is a documentary show that can't take cameras into outer space, back in time, in the future or to the microscopic scale so they're all these places that we have to go and we gotta figure out how we're going to do it and we have a lot of visual mediums at our disposal The visual effects, animation, and other things to do all of those things

In terms of accuracy, it's the research and it's our scientific advisors Andre Bor Madison, you said, how many other? – A dozen other very distinguished scientists that we rung our ideas by and asked for a criticism in order to, winnow out, we all make mistakes, just to winnow out, you know, the areas of scientific fact which we certainly don't want in cosmos We wanna keep to the facts We have a brilliant, the effects supervisor, Jeff Okun, and throughout, it was important to get the physics right because that's the effects you believe because you know how things fall and move – We worked together every day, all day long

Like we were, it was a– – Sometimes seven days a week – It was, and thousands of visual effects shots going through dozens of iterations a piece Sometimes it felt like that's all they were doing, but it was worth it – Yeah, each shot could have 50, 60 iterations, but it wasn't final until we were both completely happy – [Marah] Last question is would you guys go to space and I have to imagine the answer is yes, and under what circumstances? Like, do you wanna go, you know, does your whole family have to go with you– – Yes (laughs)

– [Interviewer] Or do you wanna go and come back in a week or you wanna be on Earth still or– – Yeah You know, I wanna go in my imagination, but I'm very happy on this planet I am, you know for me, especially because I am a mother and a grandmother, I feel just like, I'll just stay right here, thank you very much, but, and also, I'm not very crazy about very confined or relatively confined spaces, so I think I'm gonna stay here But Brannon, what about you? – I've got panic issues so I think, you know, I would go given the chance, who wouldn't? I mean, for a short trip – I might not, I might not (laughs)

– I don't know, it depends on the safety, I don't know – If it was like the multi-generational intergalactic superliner that we depict in the show, like I could, all right, I'll get on that because I know that there's a sauna, you know, there's a lot of stuff to do, but not in the immediate future ♪ We're inspired ♪ ♪ We're inspired ♪ (cinematic music) – [Announcer] Who will we become in the far future? (light music)

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