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How Break the glass in MOHO cartoon tutorial


Hello my friends Today we will learn to use a broken glass script in MOHO We design a rectangle and color it as we want Here we color it blue Make it another layer without coloring fill or stroke We draw parts inside the shape that we drew These parts are glass cut We try to make the drawing well and for the corners to be sharp and not leave a void With some drawing, we go to the script menu, then from the drop-down menu we choose an layer effect Then we choose the last list- Break Apart shapes The script will put each part in a layer within one group After finishing, we press the group with Double click We enter the group settings and from there to the physical effects We activate the physical Note that the shape that we drew when we click on Run will fall down We draw a floor in the group and put it in the last layers and enter the settings and we choose the physical and we choose Non-moving object When you press Play, we notice that the shape will fall to the ground and break We draw a ball and put it in the set with the first layers We also adjust the physical settings and choose start asleep Now after the run we will see that the ball is moving and hitting the glass and breaking That's it Try to try the method with yourself I wish you good luck Don't forget to subscribe and wait for your comments thanks for watching

Source: Youtube

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