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Hook Go Down /w Nabil (Freemindz/Arabiq Flavour) | BREAK ADVICE


Hello My name is Nabil

I represent the French Break, Freemindz Crew and Arabiq Flavor Today in the lesson I will show you one go down and a variation with 'CC' (kickout) The first movement begins with the toprock The basic approach to the 'Hook' looks like this Let's complicate the variation with the help of rotation – choose the side convenient for yourself Once again – from the toprock

You can also do it like this I will repeat again, from simple to complex Now let's not do a 'hook' Instead of 'Hook', make a slide with 'CC' (kickout) After 'CC' we’ll do another slide – I put my right foot on the floor, and with the left I knock it out from behind Now the other way

That's how it all looks together Try not to do it abruptly – move smoothly And one last tip – use space – I often see this error when the dancer does not use it I often notice how Bboys dance only against an opponent But you need to impress the audience, judges, DJ

Use all the space and all directions Try to occupy the entire dance floor Nabil was with you I hope my lesson inspired you Thank you Break Advice

Source: Youtube

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