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Hong Kong police arrest hundreds breaking new nat'l security law


just one day after china's new security law came into effect Hong Kong police got straight down to business arresting at least 370 protesters concerned about the situation US Secretary of State's mark Pompeo is denouncing China saying the law is an affront to all nations Chung taken reports Hong Kong police fire water cannons into a crowd of people protesting against a new national security law some can't even open their eyes because of that here gas arrest can be made for illegal assembly obstruction possession of weapons and even chanting or waving independence flags on Wednesday over 370 people were arrested 10 under the new national security law including a 15 year old girl probably in the future we may never see a million people on the street again not because we satisfy if the government but just because we are now living according to the South China Morning Post the law targets crimes of secession subversion terrorism foreign interference and carries a maximum sentence of life in prison police officers have the power to search people's premises vehicles and electronic devices and can order suspects to surrender their passports to prevent them from fleeing the country police officers can also ask offenders to delete any information that contravenes the law US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday called Hong Kong just another communist-run city has to condemn China's new security law free Hong Kong was one of the world's most stable prosperous and dynamic cities now now will be just another communist-run city where its people we subject to the party elites wins it said at a news briefing he said the United States is deeply worried about the safety of everyone living in Hong Kong and learned that Washington will continue to implement president Trump's directive to seize the city's special status qianqian arirang news

Source: Youtube

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