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let's start with the music industry and what does that term mean when someone sells their soul to the devil, sells their soul everyone's got a soul, the soul is the most precious thing somebody's got, soul belongs to God belongs to the person, it was given to the person, belongs to God, it's more precious than the body because the body can destruct the soul can't destruct, the soul is eternal so the soul has extremely high value and all the potentiality capabilities of someone is in their soul, so the soul comprises of someone's mental and emotional realm for someone's intellectual, someone's gifting area so sometimes the words soul and spirit are interchangeable so soul and spirit which is the eternal part, the part of man that cannot be destroyed because it's like matter, quantum matter, can never be destroyed a lot of the music as well – cos a lot of those people have sold their soul to Satan when you see like Madonna doing the Super Bowl basically she's doing like satanic rituals for people to see and evoking and declaring their power and initiating with the other artists into her, because she's a mother goddess within their system she's quite high ranking within the systems of darkness you know so people got to really wake up to all these things where there's light and there's dark dark will always try and play out like light capitalize on people's ignorance in terms of how the spiritual world really works, they will dress it up nice so when people like Rihanna, it's highly symbolic music because they sold their souls to be in that position to make that music, but when they sold their souls they've got deliver the messages from the dark realm to enslave people's mind especially young people would you say that people that are you know unbelievably famous that we know of most have sold their soul so would you say it's hard to achieve fame through just yeah it's nearly impossible, nearly impossible within certain systems because the occult forces the dark forces, they own those systems, they set them up like Hollywood for instance, you don't go far in Hollywood unless you've sold your soul to gain leverage and traction within that system right so for instance a lot of the actors, i'll give you an example look at um 'method acting' made famous by was it Marlon Brando okay so method actingbasically they're not acting, channelling, they're channelling yes an entity will come in possessed the person and play that role so that role will look so incredibly fantastic however but it's not the person so Hollywood has had to put the world in a spell and then teach the world or the methodologies, thinking processes and strategies of the kingdom, the dark kingdoms everything that's like like anti-family anti-God, anti-nature, anti-natural must be promoted through movies they have to destroy generations and manipulate people's minds to what is right and what is wrong through moviesthat's why this guy's trying to break out from his programming Jim Carrey he's trying to break out and tell people the entertainment industry as a whole is largely run by the occult yeah dark forces, 90% of it so a lot of people's thinking is determined by the media especially a lot of young people quite sensitive and vulnerable so the media will give people an agenda, thought process and belief systems but also it dumb's people down into unreality so I mean what growing person what grown man in their right mind will go and watch Lion King, who would go and watch that, what for? spend 3 hours watching Lion King but a lot of people watching will be going

well what's wrong with The Lion King? it's a it's a very beautiful story no yes people like beautiful stories but in an age where we're living in severe problems – how many thousands of kids go missing every day mmm you got like unelected leaders running the show they need the entertainment to slip madness past the people right almost like a distraction, yeah distraction most people are not spiritually awake this realm is probably 5% or 10% of reality of our life, what you see is just like 5% of reality it's not even it's not even the full reality, if you're only going by what you can see what you can hear you can't see or hear anything in science they tell you that a cat, what a cat can see, cats can see things animals can see what we can't see, animals can hear what we can't hear we're humans – we're the boss on the planet but animals have got a higher spectrum of seeing what's in the world then we have that should give us an insight – there is a lot more than we don't actually know, beyond there's a physical world and then there's a non-physical world

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