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He’s Dating TWINS ?… Fantasy Becomes Reality | May the Best Twin Win | MTV


(exhales) – Oh my god (exhales) It smells like a highschool date

(twins laughing) – [Host] Welcome to the very first episode of Might the Finest Twin Win Let's meet our contestant – My identify is Miguel, I'm 22, and I’m in search of love – [Host] Our boy Miguel has been single for 5 entire weeks Aw

At the moment we're setting him up on a blind date with two folks – I simply hope that they don't choose me for being a weirdo Oh, hello – Hello, how are you? – Good, how are you? – I'm good – [Host] However there's a catch

(guffawing) – Hello, whoa! (laughing) So, they're twins? – [Host] Yeah, Miguel, you gotta choose based mostly on persona – Have you ever ever dated twins earlier than – I’ve not but (twins laughing) – I'm Alyssa, that is Janae We're each 20 years previous and we're from South Philadelphia

We get alongside – Yeah, we get alongside – Typically, if she's not making an attempt to put on my stuff – More often than not (twins laughing) You’ve the giggles

I do, you're giving me the giggles – Put your hair proper right here – Inform her to cease making me giggle (twins laughing) – So I'm Miguel I don't know if I stated that, you caught me off guard I'm a little bit nervous now, wow

That is cool, that is cool God, I'm so nervous I can't even converse – So the place are you from? – Oh, I’m from New Haven, Connecticut – [Twins] Oh – Yeah, I used to be born in Colombia however I grew up in New Haven

– Miguel is certainly nervous, overwhelmed I don't suppose he is aware of what to do – So right here's this cute little golden ticket Let's see what's inside You're going to be enjoying "fact or strip

" Reply any query actually or take off an merchandise of clothes to keep away from the query Is all people okay with that? – Are you okay with that? – I haven't eaten in two weeks, so (Alyssa laughs) Fact or strip

(twins laughing) – [Host] Fact or strip Don’t play this recreation on the subway – We reply the query, or we strip – Have you ever ever pretended to be the opposite twin with out them figuring out? Inform the story – I’d say when some folks come as much as me and I don't wanna give them the time of day, I'll give her cellphone quantity

– [Miguel] Actually? – (laughs) I’ll – That's a typical factor My sister's achieved that to me and we're not even twins Then I find yourself with a man named Pat texting me – Me too

– How 'bout you? Did you? – Me? – Yeah, have you ever ever? – Okay, sure – When? – Ooh! – One time, yeah, bear in mind this? – That is information – No, bear in mind this one time, this boy thought I used to be Alyssa – Oh my god, he did – However I believed he was actually cute, and so he was entering into for a kiss and I used to be like, "Yeah, I'm Alyssa

" – And he or she is so unhealthy! – And I bought with him (laughs) – No, and he or she literally– – She stole your man? – Yeah, she did – Yeah, I stole the kiss – She did – I do not forget that

– What number of one-night stands have I had? – Appears to be like like too many to rely – No, no, no (laughing) Actually not sufficient for me to even suppose even about I'd say one or two (twins oohing) – Spectacular

– Yeah, I do know, I'm a candy boy (Alyssa laughs) – [Host] Liar – Wait, breathe into your date's face beside you and ask them to honestly say what your breath smells like (exhales) – [Host] Tomato sauce – Oh my god

(exhales) – [Host] Fish – It smells like a highschool date (twins laughing) Janae's bought some good lip gloss on that makes her lips look good and kissable, so I'm having fun with this What number of instances per week do I watch porn? – [Host] So he doesn't wanna reply that one – [Twins] Take it off! Take it off! – [Alyssa] Appears to be like like a dad bod

– [Host] And he will get his chest waxed! – Okay, he has a series (laughs) – You ever been in a gymnasium earlier than? – I do yoga each morning – Oh, actually? – Oh, wow – No – I like extra of an athletic construct

He simply seems like he simply rolled out of right here away from bed – Might undoubtedly go to the gymnasium extra, however I'm rocking it Dad bods are in (twins laughing) – I ought to've taken my sneakers off first – Who has slept with extra folks, you or your twin? – Oh! – I undoubtedly slept with, like, 15 folks

(saxophone music) – I don't know – Simply lay out the quantity then – Let's suppose – I believe – I imply, you would cross after which simply

– Wait, like, a quantity? – You may all the time cross – There's another choice – There's another choice

(dramatic music) – I'm taking my sneakers off 'trigger I don't like– – Do you’ve gotten a foot fetish? – I gave away, I gave away my secret! Do you’ve gotten a foot fetish? You want toes? – No, ew – I like toes now – Perhaps I'll suck on them later (twins laughing) – Wanna get a more in-depth look (giggles) – [Host] And Miguel and Alyssa's left foot lived fortunately ever after

– Mm, that smells good (twins laughing) – Miguel looks as if a toes kinda man – Alyssa's toes are wanting good How many individuals have I slept with? – Oh, wow, let's see – Oh my god, you don't know the quantity? – What? – You don't know? Most likely

– He doesn't wanna be trustworthy! – Don't wanna say it, yeah, I don't wanna be trustworthy I wanna be mysterious It could possibly be 5 – [Janae] It could possibly be one – It could possibly be 105

– Let me see Take your socks off – Oh, no, no – Wait, now we gotta see – I'll present you

– Take off the sock Okay – How's that? I do know, wait, wait! – [Host] Oh, he forgot to wax the toes

– Wait a second, wait a second I do know the massive toe has a little bit further fur, it's 'trigger I'm preparing for the wintertime No judgment – Okay, subsequent query (twins laughing) Have you ever ever thrown your sibling below the bus for one thing you probably did? Once I was little, I reduce my hair off and blamed you

– You stated I reduce your hair? – Bear in mind after we reduce bangs? – Properly, yeah, clearly – She bought yelled at, she bought yelled at – Oh, no, I bought screamed, like, I wasn't allowed to the touch scissors for, like, two years – The evil twin – Sarcastically, 'trigger her center identify's Angel

– It’s – Like, that don't make sense – That's my center identify – [Twins] You're mendacity – [Host] Whoa

– It's Angel – [Host] Jeez – It's Angel – Oh my god! – We now have the identical identify – You guys have– – [Twins] The identical center identify

– [Alyssa] That's so bizarre – Who do you suppose is healthier in mattress, you or your twin? – I don't know – Me Once I'm into somebody, I'm actually into them (laughs) (romantic music) – Have I ever fantasized in a sexual means about twins? After all! Who hasn't? – Oh my god

– I'm doing it proper now (twins laughing) – He's like residing it – On that be aware, I'm going to have some alone time with one among you – Okay – [Host] Uh oh

– And that particular person is– – [Host] Who do you choose? Who's it gonna be? – Alyssa – [Host] Alyssa! – Oh, wow, okay – [Host] Oh, it was the foot that bought him – I assume she's the higher twin (laughs) (romantic music) – [Host] Let's have some alone time

– I needed to enter alone time with Alyssa first as a result of she was much less intimidating When you determined to take your sneakers off as an alternative of being thrilling, (Alyssa laughs) nevertheless it's honest, you bought that tight on It's in all probability too tight to take off – I went to Catholic college, that's why – So are you non secular? – Yeah, I’m going to church right here and there with my grandma

– Okay, I used to be considering, you realize, 'trigger these non secular youngsters generally prefer to get freaky – No, yeah, that's what they are saying (laughing) – [Host] Spiritual folks say that? – Miguel's fairly assured – If I wasn't so awkward, I’d attempt to discover a solution to kiss her So why do you suppose I ought to choose you over your sister? – Properly, clearly as a result of I'm the higher twin

I'm extra outgoing, I’ve extra to speak about I can discuss like conspiracy theories (mysterious chord) Yeah – Lady – Like I can discuss something

I speak an excessive amount of – Typically I get awkward, I want any person to fill within the areas, so I like any person who can speak quite a bit – Yeah, no I can undoubtedly do this What's your purpose out of this? – I'm in search of any person I can depend on, a powerful feminine determine – No, yeah, no, I'm undoubtedly at some extent in my life the place I'm like wanting

– You bought me shaking out right here (Alyssa laughs) Might you see your self occurring one other date with me? – Yeah – Oh, man, every part's up within the air, who is aware of? Alyssa does appear into me – Good luck with Janae – Goodbye

– Good luck Don't speak an excessive amount of about me – I received't (Alyssa laughs) Solely good issues I'm a little bit nervous to see how issues go, who is aware of? I really feel like Janae may additionally break me

– I'm ready to step in and make my transfer Good and comfortable – I do know – In our teepee (giggles) – It's good and cute, good and intimate

– Comfortable – How've I been doing to date? – Good, I believe you're doing good – You suppose so? – Simple to speak to You're undoubtedly straightforward to speak to So, are you kisser? – Do you wanna discover out? (Janae laughs) That's fantastic

We will save that for later I wanna kiss Janae I don't suppose Janae needs to kiss me although I do have a query for you although – Me? What? – Is there any person that you simply're hiding this from? Like is there a dude that may get mad seeing you on a date on television? – [Host] Little bit insecure, Miguel? – There's undoubtedly potential individuals who'd get jealous

– Hopefully they (sighs) (beep) Are you a relationship-type particular person? – I’d say, I don't do one-night stands I like having emotional reference to folks

– Do you see your self occurring one other date with me? – Yeah, yeah, I really feel like we're vibing – Going into decision-making, I'm very nervous It is a first for me I'm prepared, I don't know what's gonna occur, however I'm prepared – [Host] And now the decision

– [Miguel] Oh, boy – Welcome again – Hey, girls – [Twins] Hello – Alyssa, you have been superior

– Oh, thanks – You're very candy I like all of the locations your mind is at – Cease I'm blushing (laughing) – You're very nice dialog

Janae, you're filled with secrets and techniques, and you– (all laughing) You’ve an important sense of fashion – Okay – [Host] The smelly foot or the smelly breath? – Janae, would you be all for occurring one other date with me? – Me? – Sure, you, Janae – [All] Oh! Oh! – Look that's me and that's you (sighs) Why not? – I didn't choose you because– (laughing) you deserve higher

– That's what all of them say – Wait! Then what am I getting? What do I get? – Yeah, what’s she getting? – (laughs) I’m nervous! – [Host] This man, get out of right here! – We'll see the place it goes – Fingers crossed – I really feel unhealthy that she's gonna be disregarded, however, oh nicely – Bye, have enjoyable, ship a postcard

(blows kiss) (upbeat music)

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