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Hello Neighbor TV Show S01E01: Breaking & Entering [Test Pilot]


[Music] My name is Nikki Raw My neighbor Mr

Peterson is acting very suspicious after his children, Aaron and Maya, gone missing and I've been watching him for a couple of months now 8 am Peterson living room

Empty 4:30 pm Hall of Records 11:00 p

m "Golden Apple" amusement park Digging Purpose: unknown Bird doo doo present

3:47 am Soldering in basement Suspect discovery by target I know how dangerous this guy is

Whatever he's hiding is bad enough that he had to kidnap his own kids He's a dangerous psychopath and you're bringing my little sister in there with you? He's not bringing me! I'm volunteering Guys! I hate to sound ?all team captain-y? here, but we're wasting valuable time [Music] Remember, I'll take the upper level You take the main level

Nobody goes to the basement alone We're in [Music] [Music] [Raven caws] Abort! Abort! Get out! Guys! Code blue! Code blue! Guys? [Music] [Music] What in the [Raven caws] Abort! Abort! Get out! [Music] [Music] Where are you guys? So, I take it you didn't find them? I don't know what I found Tell me about it! Whatever you did or didn't see, Mr Peterson just drove off with ginormous bag of not garbage in his trunk If we don't hurry up we're gonna lose him No, not this time! Not this time! You're not gonna do this to me again

Not again Not this time What's he saying? Is that her? Oh my gosh, that’s her! Maybe we could hear him if you would be quiet for once Please don't be her! It can't be her! This ends tonight Good night, sweet girl

[Music] Who's there? Who's there? [Music] You kids! You have no idea what you've done [Music] You can't see me There's no way you can see me [Music] You!

Source: Youtube

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