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Hebrews 11:1 Part 2 – Faith Breaking down verse 1


Please, take a notebook and a pen and your Bible because I'm about to drop a bomb Please open Hebrews 11 verse 1 Now, faith is the substance of the things we hope for the proof of the things we do not see In this particular verse, faith is expressed in three particular words The substance, the hope, the evidence and the blindness Do we have to break it down? Faith comes from the Greek word epistis, which means trust Belief in a higher power, the state of being convinced of something confidence assurance loyalty, trust, value and most important conviction of the truth of anything It seemed that by concept, faith is an unshakable truth

The next word is substance, which comes from the Greek word, hupostasis, a placement or placement under things put on it, infrastructure foundation what has a foundation is firm what has real existence, firmness of mind courage, confidence in the resolution and, above all, confidence assured Please note that in these contexts The substance is already materialization who Reflects something that already manifests in being in another word It is a closed deal It's already a game-changing fact, because it means it's already a materialization of what we hope Whatever the circumstances or what you can see, touch and film The next word is elpizo, hopefully which comes from the Greek word LPG Which means you have to wait

The next word means evidence from Greek, elegchos, that is to say the conviction of proof by which a thing is proven or tested which already reflects something that gives me a good reputation and leads me to conclude that when combined with the expression What is not seen gives us the conviction that we can talk about things in existence

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