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Headspin /w Storm (Battle Squad) | BREAK ADVICE


Watch carefully You have a Break Advice

I constantly teach young dancers And the problem is that every time you need to learn again Now just click on the 'Break Advice' and watch And now I can exclude this from the topics that I give at the master classes And thus we will raise the bar in the world of breaking

Today I will explain the basic principles of how to learn 'Headspin' (torsion on the head) If you ever want to study headspin of course But that is another question Because sooner or later you will become like me If you do it too much

But I'm from a different generation And then we used various aerosols directly on the hair We had no torsion caps Sometimes we used helmets But on the show, we used silicone sprays, furniture polishes

Do you know what a polishing agent sometimes does even with the furniture itself? Let's get started First of all, when we look at the headspin shape and think about the anatomy You must understand how torsion occurs First you need to make sure you have a balance Your body has a center

And he is very important You also need to feel the space Understand where "back / right / left / front" To learn to balance Now that I get on my head and start spinning

When I fall, I understand in which direction I fell Therefore, one must feel the space Therefore, you must always start from the same point And if I fall I will know in which part I fell over and lost my balance and the next time I can correct myself

Now look at me Define the center There are many ways to make headspin First I will show an exercise to strengthen your back For almost all movements of breaking, you need to have a developed body (back, abs, chest)

The remaining muscles will grow by themselves As a continuation of the body The first exercise – stand on your head Straighten your arms And from here raise and lower straight legs

If you have a weak body and you have never done this exercise, you will immediately feel how your back is straining Do this exercise every 3 days and bring your back into shape Plus it will help to develop a balance You saw how I put my hands – this will help to develop shoulders It will be easier for you to do headspin

It will strengthen your neck And the whole back Well, for the most part, the middle section of the back Let's talk about the positions For your first time, you can enter with your feet and your hands

Also think from an economic point of view Many stand on their heads, then go in the opposite direction, and only after that they begin to twist But you can save your strength and put your hands like this You will have the right position to start torsion So do not start the rotation from this position

Immediately get up in this position and begin torsion That was the first tip Further Only during the first or second turn, you can move your body and legs Further, if you are still pushing with your hands, work only with your hands

Because as soon as you start moving your body, you change the position of your center Same thing with legs And it is very difficult to return this center to its place And so often you see people swaying on the headspin and almost touching the floor with their feet They are trying to get the center back and balance the balance

And you can’t skip this step We have to work a lot on this I can give you tips and tricks, but you must practice them Now let's figure out the positions The first free torsion position looks like this

The legs are widely naturally divorced The face is looking forward as soon as you start turning your head, your legs will follow it And you get this form One leg will be in front

The second is behind Spin first like this This is the easiest way You use your weight The more weight below, the easier it is to spin

As soon as you begin to climb up into the nail (drill) – it will be more difficult to spin So this is your first position After a while you will want to connect your legs The first thing you can do is take that position Then go here

The funny thing is that when you do this, it will be hard for you But as soon as you cross your legs, they will become one In the first position, you can balance with your legs In doing so, never balance with your entire leg Because you are changing the radius

You see that one foot is in front and the radius is greatly reduced To avoid this mistake – when filling up, simply press your knees This will be enough to return the center and catch the balance again And it will not look funny And if you use your full leg, you start to sway a lot

The torsion vertical changes, and you fall So the first position is clear Then you either lower your legs or press them, but then you still bring them into the “barrel” position When you cross your legs, they will become one Here you are already balancing with your pelvis

Next is a difficult transition You will not succeed in moving slowly Slow to do is very hard Usually they start a little slowly and immediately put their legs back Here you already find the center and balance

And then raise your legs up Some people find this difficult and prefer torsion in the figure '4' (figure 4 style) This torsion looks like this This is how to do it wrong In this position, I can’t keep my body tense

When I am in the right position, I can align the heel with the knee As soon as I do this, my legs will become one And then I need to understand how to balance But when I’m in the wrong position, both legs “walk” and the body is not tense Important tip: before you align your legs

I will expand the position – in this form you are spinning Hold the knee either in line with the vertical, or slightly pull it forward What for? If your knee goes back, then firstly it is bad for the back, and secondly for the pelvis But the most important thing is that you want to spin and keep balance Now look at the position

I did not bend I just took my knee back a little, but look – I can lean forward to catch balance BUT I can’t lean back I can’t move on, this is the maximum So if I lose my balance and need to lean back – I cannot and will fall

Therefore, keep your knee slightly forward And already here I can calmly move in all directions On the sides and back and forth But back and forth is the most important thing, as you already understood When I get on my head – the same thing

First position The second one The legs are parallel to each other The knee of the left (in my case) leg is slightly in front I do not bend in the back, because then I will fall

Next comes the important part When you spin and join your legs – stay in that position It is very important If you are standing steady, then raising your legs will be very simple If you lose balance, then open your legs; And start over

Until you are confident we will not rotate in this position Next, first raise the hind leg, then the second, then the arms That's all And even in the “nail” (“drill”) you do not hold the body straight Anyway, I bend a little so as not to bend in the back

So that I can control the balance Sometimes it seems ridiculous to me that you have to bulge your ass, but in torsion no one will notice it This is the way from headspin to nail Let's go through the positions again First position

The second position The legs are parallel Then touch the heel of the knee, spinning If you lose balance, then open the position When you return the balance – return to the position

Straighten your hind leg Slowly straighten your second leg Then you can do 'yoyo' and other variations The same goes for spins with different hand positions The most difficult thing is to catch the position when the knee is in contact with the heel

I think you noticed that I have no sunburn This is one of the advantages of standing on your head a lot And plus it has a very good effect on blood pressure

Source: Youtube

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