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He finally knew the secret of breaking up for 7 years and vowed never to let me escape again!|ep24-4


Don't force me anymore I beg you to let me go zhannanxian Who do you think you are I just hate you for thinking Hate you to arrange my life I hope you Disappear from my world so From the day we met To the day we date Every day after that you forget Sorry All your pain is because of my fault I can't continue to watch your pain like this You are so anxious to come to me Do you have anything Hello What do i need to order Two cups of american coffee I come to you today I'm here to apologize to you Why don't i understand what you mean Xiao Nuan broke up with you then Has nothing to do with linlu What do you mean Sorry it's all my fault All because of me If not me She won't break up with you Everything behind It won't happen wenrou Why do you drink so much during the day Some words have been lingering in my heart for too long I know i shouldn't say this I have changed now If i don't say it again I will go crazy I like you I think You should be drunk No i'm not drunk I just want to make a break with my past self when I graduate I have no other hope You must treat her well Otherwise I'm the first to let you go Actually, he told me to break up with him in these seven years this matter I have countless possibilities I thought of what you said But one thing I do n’t understand is that Why can't she tell me She did n’t give me the chance to explain She gave up our relationship so easily not like this what is that Is our relationship so cheap? She is for me These seven years She is also upset Only she slowly learned to cover her pain with silence She has been tormenting herself with guilt for you I wanted to pretend that all of this would pass But it ’s really hard So today I came to you I just want to tell you the truth It's all my fault Hate me if you want to hate Don't blame her anymore Why should i hate you Actually, I should thank you guys Without you There would be no me today I still want to ask you again, please don't bring up the past in front of her Especially the death of my father When my father died It hurt her a lot I don't want to bring up the memories that made her miserable again Don't you think Everything that happened It ’s not just you who are suffering She broke up with you then Has nothing to do with linlu She is for me these years She is also upset only She learned to silence her pain She has been tortured with guilt for you Seven years Just because of such a misunderstanding You escaped from me for seven years No matter what happens this time Don't even try to run away

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