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He Can Do WHAT With His Hands?! | What’s My Secret?


– You go first! – I'm scared – Oh! I'm scared

– You (beep) idiot (upbeat music) Hello, welcome to "What's My Secret?" I'm Karlos Miller – I'm Brittany – And I'm Nilsa – Everyone has a secret

– [Brittany] Whether it's a hidden talent– – Or something you don't want your mother to know – Oh my God, she's possessed by the Devil Well, on this show, we're gonna have two contestants come out and we're gonna have three rounds of guessing what their secret is – I'm ready if y'all are – All right

– Come on out – Hey, what's up, brother? – What's good? How you doing ladies and gentlemen? – How you living? – My talent is with the hands – [Brittany] Ooh! I don't like that (dreamy music) – I love hands – You do, mm, you're gonna like this one

– All right, well let's see if we can guess what his talent is Does the talent involve the fingernails? – It doesn't? – Is it an abnormality? – No – Does it involve just your thumbs? – No – You ever been in trouble for teaching somebody? – No, I have not – Do they make shapes? – They don't

– Do they make noise? – No – Does it involve lotion? – Occasionally – Are they prosthetic? – No – Do you gotta keep them moist and wet? – No (Brittany laughing) – Does it involve rolling anything? – No

– Is it like, you, (anticipatory music) (clock ticking) really like, would you consider your hands to be pretty big? – I would – Holy (beep), they are big Those are some big hands – Aw damn – Would you do this with a man? – I would not

– Ooh! (hands clapping) (crowd cheering) – Call for the clue Clue? – Clue? Bring in the clue – Bring in the clue – Clue – Can we get the clue? – I'm scared

If it's a live animal, I'm gonna kill myself – What it's like just a big bowl of (beep)? – His talent is I can wipe my ass real good (laughing) – All right, we have the clue – Here we go – Are you ready? Who's first? – Can I smell it first? – How you gonna smell it in the box? – You wanna smell my hands? – Yeah

– What does it feel like? – Oh, these are rabbit turds – Oh, no! (Brittany laughing) – What is it? – I hate rabbit turds – What do you feel? – They're tiny hands – Are you serious? – Yes, I'm serious – You're not serious

– Look, do it You don't trust me – You go first – We'll go together Get on the other side

– Oh! I'm scared, ooh – These are little hands! (Nilsa yelling) – Why would I lie? (Nilsa laughing) – I get it – Oh, why? – That was the most (beep) up clue – That was horrible – I have no inkling what he does with his hands

Well, I know it's not much, he is a black man You do a lot with your hands, you're going to (beep) jail (people laughing) We are struggling right now – This is hard – He is up, two to zero, and we aren't even, come on man! (hand smacking) Let's get this together

– He's like, y'all are idiots, it's easy – You all ready? Who do you usually do this with? – Anybody – Anybody! – Anybody – Where do you do this? – Sometimes at home, sometimes at work – Who usually see you do this? Who sees you? – Everybody who's watching

– Ooh – Why do you do this? – I do it for fun, just to entertain myself sometimes Challenge myself – Can I touch your hands? – Yes, you could – I knew you were gonna find to touch this man

– Do they look fake? – They do, they really, really (beep) – Can I smell 'em? – You could if you want to – Do they smell like lotion? (buzzer buzzing) – What? Oh, that's the timer – Oh, that's the timer – You really wasted all that time smelling his hands? (upbeat music) – Are you a bass player? – I am not

– Do you make those things that you go like this with the paper and you try to guess your future? – No, no – A hand model – No (buzzer buzzing) – All right, man, what's your secret? – Glad you finally asked So, I'm gonna take this off real quick, guys, for you

All right Put me down here Ready (Brittany laughing) (upbeat music) – What the (beep) is that? – And something like that – I'm gonna pee myself

– Ow! You're hurting me – So, that's the little time with the hands – I'm gonna piss my pants (laughing) – What do you call this? – People call me a pushup artist, I just call it calisthenics, intense calisthenics – So, you got really strong hands? – I do, strong hands, strong wrists, that's the talent

– I'm sorry – Can you imagine him doing that last night before you went to bed? (Brittany laughing) What the (beep) is he doing in there? (hands pounding) – All that noise, right? – I would hate to be your downstairs neighbor – Who taught you how to do it? – I am so disappointed by this secret – I, oh man – Wow

Wow – That was incredible – I see exactly why that is your secret and you should keep it a secret – Right (laughing) – I kinda enjoyed it

– I'm just gonna let you know, I'm looking at you totally different now 'cause you just sniffed– – Hand sniffer – You a hand sniffer! (Nilsa laughing) – Come on, that might be my secret – Well, you have definitely been one of our most interesting people that we would definitely not like to see you again in the future – Thank you so much – Be good my good friend

That was the stupidest (beep) Next secret please! – Next secret (upbeat music) – What is up, guys? – Hey – All right, good vibes – How are you guys? – Scoot over

– Yeah, we wanna look at ya – Let's do that whole (beep) again Just go out and come back in I'll direct too a little bit if you want me to (upbeat music) – What's up guys? – Hey? – Hello, how are you? – Go back, go back, 'cause look, you see that T right there? – Oh, okay, right here, right

– Scoot over, scoot over (upbeat music) – Hey, guys! – Hey! – How are you? – How you doing? What's going on? – I'm good, how are you guys doing? – Doing great – Good vibes – Good vibes all around, you know how it is – Do you have a name? – Amanda is my name, most of the time

– Amanda, please, wait, most of the time You got an alter ego – Something like that Something like that – Trying to profile her, see what the secret is

– Okay – Start it off – Is this a verbal talent? – No – Do you make money doing it? – Not yet anyway (laughing) – Do you do this with other people? – Yeah

– Were you born able to do it? – No – Where did you see it first? – Yes or no, it's yes or no (hands slamming) I'm the only person who listens around here – Have you seen this done before? – Yes – Is it a common thing? – No

(light music) – Let's just get a clue – Clue! Clue! – Bring in the clue, please – Do we have to get it? ♪ Bring in the clue, ♪ ♪ Bring in the clue ♪ ♪ Bring in the clue hey ♪ ♪ Bring in the clue hey ♪ – The box (hands drumming) – Here we go – We gotta touch it still

– Oh! Why'd you make that face? – I'm sorry, tt's furry – Why'd you make that face? – This is so bad – Gaw, stop! (Brittany screaming) – Don't stop! Don't squeeze it! Don't squeeze it! (women yelling) What are you doing? – [Brittany] I'm not sticking my hand in there again – I'm not touching it – It's totally okay, just touch it

– I'm not touching it – Just touch it You a grown man – Hell no, I'm not doing it I'm supposed to trust white people? (Brittany laughing) I'm not doing that

– Whoa! What is that! What is that? (Nilsa yelling) (Brittany laughing) Take the clue away Take the clue away What is that? What is that? What was that? – That was an animatronic cat, I swear – What is animatronic? – How do you know? You like have animatronic cats at your house? – I felt it (voice whining) I felt it work

Does it involve cats? – I'll say that cats are a part of what I do – Does it involve animals? – Yes – Animals, okay – Okay, you have a tail – You (beep) idiot, no

– You have a tail – You are a part of "Cats" She's in the new "Cats" movie – She's Judy Dench – I am not part of the new "Cats" movie though, I'm not

– I know what it is, but I got it – You have a tail – Yes – No – I do

– You do? – Yes! – You're part cat – Ooh! (hands slamming) She is one of those people that like to have sex with the mascot – Furry, furry, a furry – Whoa! – Hold up, hold up – Furry! – No

– That's my favorite category That's my favorite category – Sh Let her talk, let her talk – I'm just letting you know now, if you are one of those mascot girls, I'm into it

– Show us – I can show you guys – Okay word – What is that? – Y'all really don't know what furries are? – No – I'm black

– There's black furries – No, there's not – White people (beep), but you do – You don't get two things You get to be black or furry

You don't get to be both (Brittany laughing) – Wait a second, is she gonna let me pet her? – Is she gonna let me pet her? Is she single right now? I'll do that with her (light music) Wait, wait a minute, build some suspense – Countdown, do a countdown – [All] Five, four, three, two, one! – Yes! (Brittany laughing) Yes! – Wag that tail, word! – Word, word! – Wag that tail

– How you feel? Walk us through what you're feeling right now – This is one of my new fetishes – Don't say that, this is a Christian show – But not in like a turned on way I'm like almost turned on

– Can I pet you? – Yeah – Explain it – Like you almost turned on and you're like, I could see that I could – Oh my God, you're so soft

What's your name? – My name is Sprinx – Sprinx – Yes, Sprinx the Sphynx – Sprinx the Sphinx – Sphynx

– Sphinx? – Yes – Sprinx the Sphinx This makes me really happy – It is, it's so light – When did you discover that this was a part of you? – Honestly, really young

I was about at least 13 when I got into the fandom and it's just always progressively grown – What website is this that you're ordering this? (Brittany laughing) – Yeah, we gonna find that – Do you really wanna know? – You think I'm playing, but I'm trying to figure out how I can get into the community because when I saw you come out, – He's a furry – it was something (romantic music) – How personal can I get with you? – As personal as you can get? – Do you hunch with that thing on? – I do not

– You've never, not even once? – Not even once – Well, Amanda, you have been quite intriguing today – I wish you the best, Amanda – Yeah Me too

You made me really happy – Thanks – You're so cute – And hopefully we see you in the streets or in the fur world – Yeah! – Yeah, definitely

(hands clapping) (group cheering) – Wow! – Thank you, Amanda – Bye – Shake that tail, girl Yeah! – Oh my word! – She got a tail on her! (Brittany laughing) Hey, thank you for watching We will see you guys next time

– We'll see you soon – Bye – Y'all come back now, you hear (light music)

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