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Having a Successful Career in Themed Entertainment


Can you talk a little bit about how you've grown since you were a sign designer to what you are now? How have your job and responsibilities changed? Oh wow a lot! Over 15 years I've continuously evolved basically because of the opportunities that I was given by my employers, by me continuously asking my employers for opportunities to do things like when I was designing signs I said okay great, can I design these signs but can I also design the back wall? and they'd say sure go ahead and so I designed that and they say you did a great job on that how about designing the whole room how about designing the front of the building and just kind of grew just from me asking and proving that I was you know doing a good job and interested in the work and over time it was just I learned all new programs with each company that I worked for whatever programs and protocols that they had for their companies is something that I adapted to very quickly and was always very open to learning more and I still am so it's just an evolution process based on your own instinctual need to learn more

That's really cool Yeah I really like that aspect how you're constantly learning more yeah

Source: Youtube

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