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Hank Schrader — Full Measure [Breaking Bad] / Хэнк Шрейдер — Полная Мера [Tribute]


I was burned, mosquitoes devoured me I just wanted to make a couple of bucks Buy beer Recently, more and more often I think about that work

Maybe you should have treated her better Marking trees is much easier than chasing monsters Do you know how it feels? If you are a cockroach running out of the refrigerator, what do you do? That is, you don’t think about it You just crush it Hank, do you know why sharks are at the top of the food chain? Many of these bastards can sail thousands of miles chasing the victim

You, my friend, are a great white shark So from now on know: new players have appeared in the city Somehow, all this is connected

There should be a simple explanation only I don't see him And that specifically blows my mind

This is because you work too much with your melon You look quite sane And I'm not here to give you trouble but you need to tell me where it came from right now! How do you know that Heisenberg is back in the game? How do I know? Because I know So who do you work for, little Indian? What? – What does it mean? “I think your story is garbage” I think you know who Tuco Salamanca is

Also, I think your car was there because you yourself were there I'm tired of all these guesses What's happening to you lately? Fought in the bar, gave up El Paso Are you going to go to El Paso? Now Just yes or no Not

And now this crap? Maybe you need to talk to someone about all this? Talk to someone? With whom? Walt Whatever happens I want you to know I will always take care of your family

This is my son, my bottle, my home! Maybe we shouldn't be fighting? Okay, buddy? Is it good? Sun Tzu Sun who? Chinese commander of the 6th century BC Wrote "The Art of War" "If you know your enemy, you will not find yourself in danger in a hundred battles" Walter White

So I got caught Okay Want your warrant? I have been waiting for this for a long time I'll wait a little longer Hank! What's the matter? Oh god You had my cell phone number! You knew my wife's name! How did you do that ?! Speak! Who do you work with? Nine criminals

They are represented by one lawyer Can we dig something up on this lawyer? Do you want me to start following a lawyer? As if this shit isn't enough for you yet Why you gotta be the one who pays for the right things? Oh baby, that was the wrong thing I have to be above that I don't sleep at night

I'm numb My chest is getting heavier I can not breathe Just

in panic I'm just not the person I thought I was

Hey! Welcome to "WW My star, my perfect silence " WW Hmm

You don't know anything about this, do you, Hank? You went to that oncoming one just so that I wouldn’t get into that laundry – Take it easy – This call, when I was told that Marie was in the hospital

It was not Pinkman You had my phone number You killed ten witnesses to save your ass

– Listen to me “You blew up the nursing home” Heisenberg! Do you really want to destroy him? Lets do it together

What if the kid is right? What if it's a trap? Well, then he's right Pinkman will be killed and we will write everything down You have to catch him You said yourself that there was no sensor on the van Yes

But Walt doesn't know that God, I wish I could catch him It looks like you've already done that Walter White! You have the right to remain silent

Everything you say can and will be used against you in a court No, I meant, you know, to do it personally I'd like to snap the handcuffs on him

You have the right to speak with a lawyer and the presence of a lawyer during interrogation If you cannot afford a lawyer, it will be provided to you at the expense of the state Do you understand the rights voiced to you? Hi baby I caught him Right at the crime scene

The next couple of weeks won't be easy but everything will work out Much better now I have to go

Maybe I won't be home soon – Do not kill, do not kill him! – back! What the hell? He's from DEA – No he he is a family! Hank

Nothing already you will not change But you can get out alive If you promise that just leave it

I love you This is hank His name is Hank My name is Agent Schrader

And you can go fuck You are the smartest person I've ever seen But you were foolish enough not to understand that he had already decided everything 10 minutes agoI love you too

Do what you were going to

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