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Halon Entertainment puts real-time tools at its heart


>> Halon Entertainment, at its core is a visualization company Anything that we can do in a real-time game engine is on our list of things to do

>> Video games, films, location based entertainment, you name it If we can put pixels up on screen and help them realize their vision that's what we're all about >> When we started adopting Unreal Engine we took an approach where we had to hire specialists >> As our projects have gotten bigger, as our teams have gotten bigger, we really had to embrace this idea that Unreal sat at the center of our pipeline and everyone would be using it >> All of our artists have become Unreal Engine generalists and this allows us to take on a much broader range of projects

>> My name is Lilith and I need you >> Recently we did the announce trailer for Borderlands 3 which was a pretty exciting project >> The way we've approached game trailers is to do all of them using real-time technology because we want to compress that time frame myself as a director, I want to see that stuff on screen now happening the way I want it And in something like Borderlands 3 we're able to turn around extremely complicated setups and shots and put in all these ideas into a single cohesive thing that I can actually stand in the middle of and see play back and make decisions about >> Now using Unreal Engine our pitch visualization has become much much stronger and so when we start looking at projects like Ad Astra we're able to pump out materials that helps sell the big concepts so that creators and filmmakers can get their lofty ideas off the ground more effectively

>> A lot of the processes that we used to do in my Maya are now all being converted to Unreal The lighting is now done in Unreal, the effects, the rendering Now we can even do ray tracing in Unreal >> A lot of times in the visualization business we'll get 911 calls Aquaman's third act was a process by which we had very little time to come up with a new vision for the third act of the film

>> The traditional tools just weren't going to work Throughout the whole sequence, there are thousands of different ships, hundreds of thousands of different aquatic sea life that are distorting the water and there's motion blur on top of different levels of murk in the water, light rays and all of this has been computed in real-time The work we were doing was going straight into editorial into the cut and so the quality really matters We have to have a high bar so that it doesn't take people out of the movie >> In order to put that spectacle together efficiently, we needed the power that Unreal provided

There was a huge impact on our business as a result of adopting Unreal Engine and the overall impact of that has been the growth from a company that was roughly 30 or 40 people for a good 10 years, to a company that now has over 100 people A rising tide lifts all boats and that tied for us has been Unreal Engine

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