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Gwen, ipinakilala si Andeng kay Marco | Sandugo (With Eng Subs)


Gwen! How do we look? Oh my god! You look so cute in your uniforms! You look great in them! Thank you, Gwen! Who's cuter? Me or Nap? Nap looks cute, right? Fine You look cute

You're both very cute – Woo-hoo! – MVP! – We won again! – MVP! – Let's celebrate! – Hey! Hey, you! Gwen! You guys go ahead How's it going? I can't believe you still remember me Yeah, you're Grace's brother – You're Mark, right? – I'm Marco

It's nice to see you Oh, by the way This is my cousin

Marco, this is Andrea – Andeng, this is Marco – Hey! Ma'am Grace, Otep is out on a meeting, but he didn't say who he's meeting with Also, Gillette and Viki are on sick leave They said they'll just update you via email

Those brats are just making excuses to avoid you They're upset because I was appointed as the new head of our department Inez's minions are just envious of you If I were you, I'd kick them out of our department Just fire them! See? Even Macky agrees with me

You should teach them a lesson You know what, Ma'am Grace? Ditas is right I think you should report them to the HR or, better yet, to your boyfriend I don't want to! But, Ma'am Grace, our work is being compromised Our Christmas event is just around the corner, but we still don't know if they'll help us or not

If you think about it, you're the head of our department, but your subordinates are disrespecting you How long will you put up with this? You should let Sir Leo know about what you're dealing with here This is a problem within our department, so I'll handle this You better go back to work before your boss sees you with me – Okay

– I'll get going – Be careful, okay? – Okay Why are you receiving visitors during work hours? You can't bend the rules just because you're friends with your boss Sir, that was just my mom She delivered something and left shortly afterwards

Even so, I'm sorry I saw you handing her some money What was that for? I'm just helping her pay her debts You're helping her?

Source: Youtube

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