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Grammy Stars Share Their Predictions for the Next Decade of Music | MTV News


– If you could make a prediction for the next ten years of music, what would it be? – Uh – If you could guess – Um, um – Over the next decade? Mmh (tongue clicking) – Look into the future Ten years from now

If you had a crystal ball, what would the next ten years look like in music? – I have a crystal ball (laughs) – Wow! – But, it's not tellin' me anything – It's actually a great question I'mma smoke one or two later on and I'mma come up with a few answers – [Dometi] Yeah, yeah, what would you say? – [NAO] Okay, it's sayin' that I would be number one

(laughs) – Uh huh, uh huh I heard that I heard that, too – I feel like everything's gonna be revolutionized Everything's better and everything's gonna grow

And I'm gonna be apart of that, I'm gonna lead that – I need my vibes and I might be the one to give it to y'all, so – Cordae is gonna be the biggest artist, most impactful, most influential in the world

– Man, I'mma be running one of these companies and I bought one of 'em, so we could put us in a better position – The next ten years, it will be a lot of Lil Nas X – Billie Eilish rules the roost She's gonna be one of these artists that's around forever and my career will be a tailspin – Man, I don't know

Man, I'm just in the moment I'm here for whatever music got for me – Just turning the page, closing the 'Culture 3' chapter, and moving on to something different as a group and whole – It's gon' be like the dread artists wearing scrunchies in their head, male or female, like designer scrunchies I'm already doin' it! (laughs) – Well of course, R&B's gonna reign supreme

– Come on (laughs) – I think R&B was a little confused for some years, but I think we're back and we really gonna be seeing something, man – More, like, soul, R&B, even maybe some of the more traditional sounding of hip-hop Coming back in a new way, though I don't know how it's gonna sound, it's gonna be new

– It's gonna be like some Broadway, rap, trap, funky, weird EDM type stuff (laughs) – Rock Rock will make a very big way back, and I think it'll be a lot of anthemic stadium arena type rock Very big, like old-school 90's alternative – I think we're gonna hear a return to live instruments, a demand to hear people singing live, you know

There's a lot of sus stuff going on with singing, so yeah, I think we're just gonna hold ourselves to a higher standard – The real always gon' survive The real gon' prosper, so I feel like it's just 'gon stay real Of course, you gonna have your fun stuff too, and nothing wrong with it, I bump it too, I love that stuff I make some of it sometimes

– Right I'm not opposed, but that real stuff gon' last forever – The next ten years in music, I think genre is gonna become more fluid than we've ever seen it – There's gonna be like a genre-less vibe – Genres continuing to merge and blend

– I feel like music is going to blend so much you won't know what you're listening to It'll just be music – New genres being created from those mergings and people just being open to new things – There'll be a lot more acceptance of people trying other things and people doing things that are abnormal to what you're used to – The walls will be knocked down

– Music is going to break borders and barriers that, you know what I'm sayin', have been constructed over the last two, three hundred years It's gon' let people be people, let languages be languages, and everything is gon' come together so it's gon' continue to bring humanity together – Music will not have a language at all We watchin' it happen, already We're noticing now, Spanish is starting to be as natural as English

– Right now, like, the Latin market is getting huge Probably in the next ten years, we're gonna have huge artists coming from places like India, or from China – A lot more influence from the African continent – Listeners, myself included, we want authenticity and we want– Yeah, we deserve it – I think there's more connectivity between musicians and the people who consume the music, the fans, the people that make this life possible, and I think that that relationship is gonna evolve into something more beautiful because we've been able to almost take back a curtain

Instagram and TikTok and, like, Twitter, all those platforms let you actually connect with humans Connect one on one, like as human beings, which I think is so dope – Streaming is definitely the way forwards, but what I've noticed is a trend in people actually going backwards, like I'm all about vinyls, I love collecting vinyls I know people like going backwards for cassettes, so maybe we're gonna go full circles and it's gonna be vinyls, CDs, and cassettes again 'Cause it's nothing like holding the physical copy in your hand

– That's right – I hope it get a little more conscious – It's gonna look very female-friendly, very queer-friendly, very progressive and creative and innovative, and a mix between what we've learned in the past and futuristic things – The optimist in me wants to see more equality regarding females The optimist in me wants to see more representation regarding culture, regarding Latinos, regarding black people, regarding all cultures on the biggest platform that we have

– So that's the future

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