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Grammy Awards 2020: Breaking Down Billie Eilish And Lizzo's Big Wins


music's Brooke Reese Let's begin with Billie's five wins with lizzo's three

>> It's her time Fans have been waiting for that debut album ♪♪ she created this album with her brother, finias, in their highland park home which they said they created a sound that was incomparable It was something so different, which is why they won the top four in general field >> Billie eilish

>> Can I just say that I think Ariana deserves this >> Her thanking Ariana >> The cutest >> A lot of women supporting women and lifting women up, you know Lizzo talked about that in her speeches when she won best pop solo performance

Then you had Ariana being like, no, girl, this is your time >> I'm cryin' ♪ because I love you ♪ >> Billie and lizzo >> Do we feel as though she should have taken home more accolades or do we feel as though she's going to be okay with what she's taken home? [ Cheers and applause ] >> That moment where she got up to accept her award and she broke a little bit >> It's real >> I love that because it was just like all of her hard work had led to that moment

What she won she absolutely deserved >> It was a hard year >> Standout performance of the evening for the two of you >> I think demi Lovato stole the show It was so authentic

It was so beautiful ♪♪ >> The fact that she hadn't performed in two years >> Right >> And she got up there after what she had gone through publicly, and she sang that song >> She can sing

>> And lyrically, I had the chills >> Who doesn't love a comeback story too? >> That song with demi wrote days before her overdose last year was not the only emotional performance Camila Cabello sang her song first man to her dad sitting inned audience >> This song is about how she has found love, but her first love was the love of her father >> And they kept cutting to him

>> It was a beautiful, hard, interesting moment >> And of course the night had plenty of emotion in the aftermath of kobe's passing Host Alicia keys had the task of finding the right tone >> What people don't understand is you are practicing a show like that for months >> Yeah

>> And when something so shocking and a leader, a champion like kobe, who was so dear to all of us, not only just in LA But in the world — >> Everywhere >> Everywhere >> He's a hero

>> You're rewriting that so quickly what you have been practicing for so long I mean it's so hard to carry a show like that >> Changes things

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