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Grabovoi Numbers – Piloting for Breaking Obstacles and Allowing the Divine Presence.


Grabovoi Piloting The following piloting is already widely known and must be done for at least 30 days in a row It breaks down obstacles, limiting beliefs and allows the divine presence of creation to be present

Listen to this track before you sleep or when you wake up I (say your name) Invoke the POWER OF THE PRESENCE OF THE CREATOR in my life 1231115025 ELIMINATING all RESISTANCE from my unconscious 548491698719 NEUTRALIZING all FEARS in me 489 712 819 48 COMPLETELY HARMONIZING my PRESENT 71042 ELIMINATING EMOTIONAL MEMORIES 61 988 184 161 Through the pure LIGHT of the CREATOR 12370744 SOLVING ALL PROBLEMS 9788819719 IT IS THE CREATOR IN ACTION now because Everything is POSSIBLE 519 7148 Thank you, thank you, thank you

Source: Youtube

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