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Giancarlo Esposito and Michael Mando on Better Call Saul's creep toward Breaking Bad


– I thought I was wasting a year of my life, it wasn't a waste, this is the way, Kim, it's gonna work Next

– You're gonna call yourself Saul Goodman? – Saul Goodman? – You're who? – This is the season all the "Breaking Bad" fans, all the people who tuned in for "Breaking Bad," I really believe this is the season everybody's been waiting for and all the people in "Better Call Saul," who've been hoping that the show, everything starts paying off, both of those things happen in this season, I believe it's by far our best season as it should be given how they've been building the tension, you know, for four years now and I think personally speaking for myself, I think the writers and the directors and the whole team have exceeded everything I wish the show could be or would be, I think it all pays off this year in a huge way and I hope people really tune in for it – [Mariah] Now that Jimmy's sort of out on his own as Saul, how will Howard come into play? You know, like where's Howard in this universe? – You sound like my agent, "Where is Howard in this universe?" You know, to Michael's point as well, like you know, he says that Giancarlo was in "Breaking Bad" and we like to make the joke, well, maybe Howard's in "Breaking

Bad" too, we just don't see him, just because they weren't visible in "Breaking Bad" doesn't mean they're necessarily gone So Howard exists, you know, from last season, he went through the ringer a little bit and there's that great scene that I get to have with Bob, when he comes up and basically bucks me up, you know, by saying, "Get your act together," "you're Howard Hamlin, what's going on with you?" And that was a turning point for Howard's character to go ahead and actually take that to heart and be like right, let's move on from Chuck, let's move on from the disaster that's become HHM and what's gonna rise like a phoenix out of that and I think season five explores that – Like a phoenix? – Yeah – I like that

– Yeah, it's a blue phoenix, but nonetheless it's a phoenix – I like that – Trademarked, of course – I like blue phoenixes too, yeah – [Mariah] And Gus also has some secret projects going on, that Lalo may or may not figure out at some point, right? – Absolutely

– Yeah – Yeah, Gus has been in the position, where he's trying to strengthen his hold over the cartel and still trying to build, it's been a fascinating thing for me to sort of a nuanced performance to be a little more vulnerable in these years on "Better Call Saul" guiding us to a place, where Gus' ferocity comes out and his power completely gets consolidated So it's been interesting to have threats against his business and to navigate those threats Also what I enjoy about this particular season is we start to see the underpinnings of financing and corporate involvement and connection with Gus and his empire and so that is another very intricate piece of our story, that will be told All of this comes out of relationship, out of informed by desire of what we want as human beings and that's what makes "Better Call Saul" a really fantastic piece

– You are going to love this, I made this just for you (speaking in foreign language) (cheerful background music) (speaking in foreign language) – [Mariah] Lalo, he seems like a very loose canon, how fiery is he, you know what I mean, like how dangerous is he? – Well, Lalo's played by a wonderful actor called Tony Dalton, – Yeah – who's really, really wonderful and we all knew he was wonderful before coming in and he's just great in the show and it's a great character, because I think he is the, his type of character is the one thing I think, that can throw something like Gus Fring off, because he is the complete opposite, he's not measured, he's unpredictable, he's not as calculating and he really operates in a way, where you feel like he's got absolutely nothing to lose, which makes it very hard to deal with an opponent like that With someone like Gus, for example, who has an empire to lose and everything is organized and everything has its place and I think it puts Nacho in a really, really, really impossible situation, because Nacho at the end of season four is very clear on the fact that his super objective is to save his father and get away from the cartel and he regrets the choices he made as a teenager to get into this and I think what happens is as his desire to leave increases, he becomes really an incredible asset to somebody like Gus Fring, which makes it really almost impossible for him to either come out alive or to get out of the cartel in the first place, which puts his father's life in jeopardy, which puts Nacho in a further, more difficult situation – How do you save your asset, how do you protect your asset, when you own that asset and that asset gets into a situation that is compromising, could compromise you and could compromise the cartel as well? So there's a very fine line and a chess game being played here and respectfully so, that hopefully will be to mine the juice that comes from behind the character's desire, Gus has to be looking at Nacho in a certain way with a little bit of respect, because his intention is good

– A little, just a little? – That's my love for you, baby – You notice how he had to, he whispered on that, "With just a little bit of respect" – Yeah – But I think the relationship between Gus and Nacho this year is really, really, really beautiful and comes to fruition in so many ways, because of the complexity of it They're men that are both driven by the, you know, Gus is driven by the desire to save the memory of someone he loves, that was killed by the cartel and Nacho's desire is really to save someone, who can be killed by the cartel and it's so interesting, because they have the exact, the heart is the same in the sense that they're both driven by the love for that one person, but it actually puts them on the complete opposite end of the spectrum

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