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Ghislaine Maxwell Remains In Jail After Third Bail Request Denied | NBC News NOW


  1. Living off the government must be so much fun! NOT! What an ugly end to a Wealthy Lifestyle.. Shocking! Even Cavity searches. What a humiliation

  2. LMAO, Maxwell might as well have said, "Can I have bail? I promise when I flee to France I won't fight extradition.🤞🏻"

  3. I'm surprised her buddy Prince Andrew isn't putting in a good word for her. He's got some pull? Another dysfunctional family they are.

  4. Noel Casler, who was involved with Celebrity Apprentice, claims the Trump's modeling agency helped supply Maxwell/Epstein with a number of young girls. Has anyone else heard that story?

  5. This will be the end of GM She is going to prison for the rest of her life and she knows it!!! She can't pull a JE I jail so she stuck!!

  6. Amy Winehouse remake,
    "Ghislaine wanted to go to rehab and the judge said nooo, nooo, nooo" 🙂
    "Ghislaine wanted to offer moola and the judge said nooo, nooo, nooo.
    "Ghislaine wanted to offer ankle bracelets and the judge said nooo, nooo, nooo".

  7. Quite frankly I am surprised that she has not committed Arcancide. Perhaps arranging it is taking longer than expected.

  8. They're just going to wait till this cools down then send her to a kushy fed prison. Or take her out, if they find all the tapes. Which they haven't yet.

  9. Is this Blond stupid or what! The guy was obviously reading from a paper, but this "lightweight" had no clue.

  10. Gee … hmmm … I wonder why the French and UK citizen wants bail so desperately before she faces court for extraordinarily serious charges. Hmmm …

  11. They won't let her out until she's dead. She can name too many names of very important people. Hope she has the proof well hiden, with a confederate who can release it should something happen to her.. Then she needs to pay for her crimes as well.

  12. Yeah she would be a flight for risk! And if found guilty which they got the goods on her she's going to be gone for a long time. that's what happens when you work for Epstein and you bring Young girls for him to play with. You do the crime, your going to do the time! And who else was in Epstein Circle? Isn't that one of trump closes friend? She may strike a deal with Federal prosecutor for a shorter sentence And tell all, that she knows!

  13. Where is she getting all of this money from there must be a lot of high people in high places favors.

  14. Horrible piece of human waste.She will never be free agin .If she suicides so what🤬🤬🤬🤬

  15. I guess they, (BC&HRC), haven’t been able to get to her yet. Must be waiting for a specific day 🤔

  16. She is probably safer right where she is. Can you imagine the sheer number of powerful people that would love to have a few moments alone with her? You know, to talk about the old days.

  17. For any women to purport this heinous treatment of young female children should be subjected to the highest abused any judicial system can meter out to her. My culture teaches me of a higher form of retribution ( KARMA )

  18. there is going to be a little extra something for that judge when he arrives at the pearly gates

  19. She doesn’t deserve bail and for once the bail bonds system is working for us with this one. I know her, she’s disgusting. She’s facing a summary execution actually….

  20. Just because the news says shes in jail isn’t enough proof that’s she’s ACTUALLY in jail. Probably underground mansion with all her friends having a cocktail.

  21. If she wants out, all she has to do is turn states witness. Drop a few names, produce a few pictures or videos, give up Donald trump, you know, stuff like that.

  22. Is there any way Barr could be made to reveal what he and Epstein discussed when Barr visited him in prison? Maxwell must know so much about a lot of people; hope she has good security and they can’t get to her before she squeals.

  23. Check celebrities too!!!! And politicians, and tv hosts… and some religious leaders…
    Go to Talk with Prince Andrew…. Make questions to Marina Abramovich Ask the celebrities what do they do, what do they believe and who is member of secret societies.

  24. It doesn't matter, what she offers, she will run to a country that won't honor the agreement. Also this give time for her to push her finances overseas. And, she went to France after epstein was arrested ( almost immediately)

  25. There are going to be a lot of singing birds as Epstein's little black address book and it's contents subjects are brought in for questioning.
    Hopefully by July this sexual blackmailing empire's walls will come a tumbling down just like Maxwell hopefully.

  26. Ghislaine: I called my longtime dear friend Bill Clinton to help me but he pretended to be someone else over the phone. Using a broken Spanish accent he said: “Sorry, no habla english”.

  27. She is a Karen, plain and simple. If she was another race, she would know it is pointless. She bought her way out of a lot of things in her rich, white, entitled life – and everyone knows she will RUN as soon as she is out on bail, and never find her. She has so many connections with people with private planes. Also, relinquishing her citizenships does not mean that she will be found. No one could find her for over a year after Epstein killed himself, she is so good at hiding. She has a long list of rich names who will help her hide, too.

  28. They will keep her in jail until the Establishment can get to her. She will mysteriously commit suicide or die somehow, just like all of the rest of them died, that had dirt on the Krooked Klintons!

  29. I can imagine she could have organised some way of taking flight and being shuffled out of the country to some private destination given half a chance

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