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Getting ready for the KBS entertainment award [The Return of Superman/2020.01.19]


The Return of Superman episode 312 "For All Supermen in the World

" Dad, where are we? We're in Seoul today to order some clothes – Clothes? / – He's ordering clothes? (What kind of clothes is it?) – What kind of clothes? / – Hello There are many important events at the end of the year I also have to attend the year-end award ceremony Since I'm in Seoul, I decided to order a suit

Of course Many events are held at the beginning and end of the year I feel great when I attend in a tailored suit There's also a barbershop Jooho can get a complete makeover here

(Jooho can have a complete makeover from head to toe) (Beep) – Is that a vibration? / – Thank you Oh, is that a phone? (You want me to come to the Entertainment Awards?) Right Maybe he got cast for the Entertainment Awards It looks like it

(Then I should get ready) Is he picking a suit for his dad? (There are many suits here) How cute (Please take good care of my dad, sir) Jooho's getting his measurement

– Do you think I'll be big? / – Yes (I can't just watch) Goodness, Naeun's helping her dad Hello, sir – Goodness

/ – Did I get taller? – She's his stylist for the day / – Dad – You grew that much / – How much? This much – Aren't I tall? / – Yes

You got tall because you ate a lot Really? When I was young, my dad looked so big to me Which style do you like? She's even choosing shoes for her dad – This one / – That one? – I knew it

/ – Do you think I'd look good in loafers? – Pick a pair for me too Me too / – I'll try that – I don't mind even if it's straw shoes / – Okay

– Naeun, how do I look? / – Good – Is the size good? / – Yes Do you want me to get them for you? – Do you have money? / – Does she have money? No – She doesn't / – Then how will you pay? (I have a plan

) (What's Naeun's plan?) – What? / – What is that? Oh, his old shoes It's a trade – Dad / – She's a genius Why did you put my shoes there? – Am I to wear these back? / – Yes

I should ask later (Naeun's cute method of buying shoes) Do you want to take a look, Gunhoo? Let's take a look Come on Did he see something? What, Gunhoo? Here? (Come here) – What's this place? / – Oh, the barbershop

– Hello / – Hello Oh, it's situated inside the tailor shop Can you style my hair? – Please make my dad look good / – Okay

The latest style among actors – like Park Seojun or Park Bogum / – Yes I'd like something like that – Come on / – Park Seojun, Park Bogum and Park Jooho? – I see

/ – Right Having the same surname doesn't mean they'll look the same – Naeun / – He's greedy Are Park Seojun and Park Bogum more handsome? Or am I more handsome? (That's a very hard question

) Even Naeun has to think She met Seojun in person after all (Is it Uncle Seojun who she met for a pizza commercial) (or the cheerful Uncle Bo Gum?) Goodness – Are they more handsome? / – Does she have to choose? Or am I more handsome? (What will Naeun say?) What is her answer? – Dad / – Right

What do you mean right? (According to Naeun, Jooho's the most handsome Park) Naeun is very nice (Mirror) Gunhoo is attached to the mirror He's become interested in his looks – Do you find yourself cute too? / – I know

– He likes the mirror / – Let me see (Handsome Park's look upgraded) – Still / – Thank you Thank you – Aren't you handsome? / – I'm handsome I know that

(He knows that he's handsome) – He looks hot / – I know that – He looks good / – Naeun

Is Naeun getting a makeover too? (Naeun's getting a makeover too) (Happy) I can't watch this – I can't wait / – She'll look even prettier A fashionista family is right in the middle of Seoul

– Naeun / – My goodness Oh my gosh! (Naeun looks great) – Jooho looks like an actor / – Gunhoo looks cool

– Gunhoo? Where's Gunhoo? / – Let me see (Gunhoo?) – My goodness / – Can you edit Gunhoo here? – Gunhoo's about this tall / – How cute (It looks good on Gunhoo

) Gunhoo's not here – Where's Gunhoo? / – He's sleeping – Right He looked sleepy / – Right

(Waiting is tiring) Oh, he's sleeping It's his naptime Kids need to sleep when they're tired (My eyes are heavy

) Can you take these off? He's wriggling Goodness Gunhoo's sleeping – He fell asleep / – Yes

He fell asleep I never thought I'd walk this street with you and Gunhoo It's a shame – Gunhoo should have worn it / – Naeun looks good – in that suit

/ – I know It feels like we are going to an awards ceremony – Jinsu! / – Hello – Jinsu? Soccer player Kim Jinsu? / – Jinsu Why aren't you at practice? Oh, today is your day off

– He is my friend / – They ran into each other How fascinating A defender in the national team, he scored a tie-breaker in the Asian Cup preliminary He is one of the top paid players in the K League

("Kim Jinsu Goes on the List of the 2019 Asian Cup") Dad looks cool, right? Your dad What is this outfit? "Jooho, what are you doing?" It's a bit much to wear out here – It's a bit much to wear out here

/ – It's too much Are you going to an awards ceremony? – Awards ceremony? / – What? It's something like that See you later Keep in touch – I will call

/ – Okay Take care – Since they dressed up, / – Naeun, let's go let's take a look at the awards ceremony

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