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Germans travel to Russia for Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccinations | Focus on Europe



  1. what is this fascination with everything being "approved by the EU", when did the EU become a benchmark for everything ?

  2. Only Navally's adepts refuse russian vaccine at home. They say they got western blood and mindset

  3. EU must pass legislation to punish these fascist collaborators. of course germans collaborate with russian fascists

  4. Even in Canada, people are booking flights to United States just to get the coronavirus vaccine because Canada is slow at the vaccination rollout.

  5. Here in the USA, I was able to get the Moderna series a few months ago because I am a teacher. Now, anyone 18 or older can sign up for it, and there's very little wait.

  6. I guess I'm surprised that the most organized people on the face of the Earth don't have a comprehensive vaccine deployment strategy.
    I would have expected Deutschland to be one of the first in the world to reach hetd immunity . I mean they have big pharma corporations, money and generally speaking people trust their government there. Whats the deal?

  7. Finally a country that has covid-19 vaccine for foreign tourists. Way to go Russia! 👏👏👏

  8. 1:42 Exactly! This is great PR for Russia, but what is the f-ing problem? This report's effort to make it seem like a bad thing is almost laughable. Can we just please leave the political pettiness aside and get everyone vaccinated as soon as reasonably possible?

  9. If that vaccine has worked and save people. It’s a relief, though it’s not yet confirmed if anything really work against the virus

    If different variants are to emerge, does that mean more jabs.

  10. Friends of mine in Moscow in their fifties have complained at not being able to get vaccinated, yet according to this vaccines are being offered to rich foreign tourists. If it were a case of locals refusing the jabs then fair enough, but by talking to people in Russia that is not how it seems to me.

  11. You western clowns don’t want russian pharma to challenge yours eh. There were questions about early trial data eh. So what about your vaccine data healthy people including health care professionals are dying magically within days or weeks after taking your scientifically developed jabs like Pfizer, miderna and Oxford AstraZeneca is being put under the carpet for the profits of big western pharma. Sputnik V is so far the best vaccine produced against Covid 19 and it’s a fact. Live with it. Russia is a super power no matter if the western clowns approves or not.

  12. That’s a very high profit margin for that tour operator!!! If it becomes compulsory in the EU, I’ll go to Moscow for the vaccine but make my own package trip.

  13. I´m from India and have a lot of friends from Brazil, Italy France who live and work in Russia. All of them got vaccines and are very well living peacefully with no fears.

  14. Sputnik wont get approved in europe for political reasons. They have done similar with astrozenica.

  15. I live in the Dominican Republic and today I got my vaccine from China, the whole operation including administration took 10 minutes. I get my second vaccine in one month.

  16. also the saltyness of DW having to say something positive about russia even thought its very little. is burning my eyes.

  17. I'm no fan of the Kremlin, but let's try not to politicize highly effective and safe vaccines.
    BioNTech-Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine 🇩🇪/🇺🇸: 95% efficacy rate
    Moderna COVID-19 vaccine 🇺🇸: 94% efficacy rate
    Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine 🇷🇺: 91% efficacy rate
    Covaxin COVID-19 vaccine (BBV152) 🇮🇳: 78% efficacy rate
    AstraZeneca-Oxford University, Covishield: COVID-19 vaccine 🇬🇧/🇮🇳: 76% efficacy rate
    Janssen-Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine 🇧🇪/🇺🇸: 66.3% efficacy rate
    All of the above prevent hospitalization/serious illness 100% of the time and should not be politicized.

  18. We mexicans are doing the same but with the US… Many flight from Mexico to Texas to get the vaccine…

  19. As a young introverted person, probably will have to wait sometime until its my turn. I dont mind staying at home without seeing anyone. My garden is the best company. Meanwhile I can see the effects from these vaccines that keep being discovered. And then see if I want to get vaccinated or not.

  20. This is why the populist are wake up in europ the European union are using heath as geopolitics game

  21. Russians aren’t skeptical about Sputnik in particular. We’re skeptical about the whole situation in general and we don’t want any chemicals in our bodies, be it Sputnik or anything else

  22. Live in Russia and China is pretty much back to normal. They beat the pandemic.

    Meanwhile we are still in lockdown in Canada.

  23. For Sputnik and a new Russian catalogue wife 🤣. Why not, EU countries vaccinate the old first, if they don’t wanna wait and putin is allowing it, why not.

  24. We doubt to Russian vaccines in Iran although an Iranian drug holding Company is establishing a production line for producing vaccine with corporation of russian

  25. Sputnik V is so far the best vaccine against Covid-19 even if Russia is not imposing the draconian measures in Europe like vaccine passports, mandatory marks etc which have little or no changes on the ground. People never know what they have until others tell them.

  26. The evil world wants Russia name it’s state of the art vaccine to the American top guérilla agent “Bin Laden”.

  27. That's funny so many people in Russia medical community believe Sputnik vaccine cause little to no immunity and has very low efficacy rate but people outside seeking for this vaccine.

  28. I need shoulder surgery and I would like to go to Russia to get it I don't want to give another capitalist doctor another Penny of my money or even medicare's money. This is the way to cut medical cost.

  29. i got my sputnik vaccines yesterday i feel good with the russian vaccine thanks to russia

  30. I am from india .
    We think all world specially USA cheating with us.
    Usa President mr. Bideon are very small mind for world.
    Donald J Trump Best for India …

    We Need Medical Support, like Oxizen content, and most of Vaccine for far as soon …

    Prey For India .

  31. Well either if you think Russian goverment supress human rights or not, Russian Scientests are still there as normal people and it make no sense not to test for approval the Russian vaccine no matter what's called even if it's called Stalin, if it helps people stay alive that's the main mission, polictics can use science as powerful card, but it can't change it. so no point from not testing and approving it.

  32. Sputnik V vaccine has the fewest side effects, including death.
    (Sputnik V vaccine> CoronaVac> AZ> Pfizer)
    The Sputnik V vaccine also has the highest prevention of coronavirus at 98% recently.
    Finally, Sputnik V is 6 times less infected than Pfizer. Pfizer and Moderna are not badly prevented, but they have many side effects and the infection rate is fatal.

  33. West is mad that the countries such as Russia and China that they don't like are now virus free.

  34. Get vaccinated, sightseeing in beautiful city , visiting museums, theaters, walking in beautiful parks , good restaurants, cafe, bars and many other things . What a dream trip during lockdown!

  35. im sure a couple germans did it. but even russians won't take Sputnik. This is just a channel trying to sell sputnik

  36. I don't know when this was filmed, but you are now already able to get astrazeneca as every German, so they could have just waited and got a save and approved vaccine for free.

  37. Wow I can’t believe things are this rough in the EU. Hopefully the powers that be get this handled. I thought Pfizer was partnered with a German company. What gives? I’m seeing some comments the timing of the video might be a few months not weeks. Ok, that’s a big difference

  38. WHO: let’s approve their vaccine even though it doesn’t work (sinopharm.) yeah, why not. Theater paying us anyway

  39. I am a foreigner who lives in Germany. Just 2 days ago I called my family doctor and ask for vaccine. They offered me if I want AstraZeneca, I can come and get vaccinated immediately, right away! The vaccine is available. However I said I want to be vaccinated with BioNTech (Pfizer) vaccine. They said, it in this case they have to put me in the list and they will call me whenever it's my turn. And I asked them how often do you get your supplies? They said every week! So this kind of news is only provocation. There is no shortage of vaccine at all in Germany. If Russia is so great! Putin should convince his own people to get vaccinated first. As far as I know, Russian people stay away from vaccines. Just for the information, mRNA type vaccines such as BioNTech (Pfizer), hence they are synthetic material, they could be produced at much bigger production scale compared to viral-vector vaccine, such as Sputnik V hence it is relying on actual virus itself.

  40. I'm very upset with the position of Germany, blocking the idea of vaccine patent waiving, especially after the US agreed and EU Commission President. But after signed an exclusive agreement by EU Commission with BioNTech Pfizer for 900 mln dozes (plus 900 more if needed) for the next 3 years, it became clear why the position was like that… Covid turned into politics and big money. Sputnik V vaccine which costs $10/jab is 2x less expensive than the German-US vaccine. with the same effectiveness. As for today, only Hungary purchased Sputnik V and now has 100% of vaccines for its population. So sad….

  41. Great news! European politicians are pushing XENOPHOBIA against Russia, for no other reasons but jealousy and greed, leave alone some of the purely fascistic expressions of some of the EU leaders.

  42. Lol more than half of them will catch Covid in Russia before the vaccine immunise them. Russia is largely hiding the real numbers 😩

  43. Immunity doesn't kick in till after 1 month of having the vaccine. They should still be wearing a mask.

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