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GEMINI – "Breaking Your Own Heart. BUT, there's still love here!" / JUNE 2020 (22-28).


hi Gemini and welcome to your general reading for the 22nd to the 28th of June this is for sun moon rising and Venus and house placements in Gemini and remember it may or may not resonate, so take what resonates and leave the rest It may be cross watch energy, so for you to determine that I am going to look into your recent past present energies and immediate future to see what may pop up for this time frame alright and but then again time is relative and you know it transcends time and space restrictions

Long story let's get into it also this channel is brand-new, so please like and subscribe I would appreciate the support But yeah let's get into it Gemini, Gemini, Gemini I'm picking up on a different group here Gemini's then when I usually pick up on I'm thinking I want to be number three but you're still dreamy as what's going on with your new dreams so you are get this tea a bit in a happy you're trying to take control of a situation here just to say have the cards right Oh that's why I got a giggle inside, I just got the page of cups here Under the deck, we get the ten of swords

mm-hmm where are you going you're going somewhere and there's pain involved here there's pain involved I'm gonna I'm gonna dive into it but yeah there's an ending Most definitely there's an ending here and it's a bit painful doesn't anything that may be quite a bit of healing all this could have been in the past but that energy is here all right let me just all right let me just point out the cards and then we get to it in the recent party gets all sorts the chariot and the page of Pentacles in the present it is the fiber source the moon and the world and in your immediate future page cups based ones and the seven of swords, all right so the context here is that energy that I picked up being like giving there's a communication here well you may want to communicate I can't I have to look into it I have to terrify but I'm getting that you wanting to follow your dreams you won't build something on it's quite new when you probably be a bit strategic about it by the way you have to do this strategy it's a bit weird but there is some kind of heartbreak here right and their secrecy here you I think you want to express the love but you'll come off as sneaky in the way that you express what up and that brings more conflict in the situation that being said that's just let's look to your recent past Four of Swords, the Chariot and the page of Pentacles from the first thing I'm drawn to years and I want to look into this page of pentacle energy what is that page of Pentacles in reference to just two minute so are you exactly you it's you having something in your hand something solid possibly it's new job or a study or whatever you're learning something right something that requires time and energy and it's a bit stressful and you may be kind of drained from this situation oh the rest is looking, the page of pentacles, ace of wands, page of wands and the queen of cups, for others of you this could possibly be enough sorry just a person here it's a person let me tell you about what his person yes I actually think that this is and getting connection between two people here I'm getting a connection which we're doesn't age different I really get this as you Gemini you've been the one who's curious as always and you want to explore something you've got if you think you also have a lot of passion here and you want to conquer something and you want to go for that stick that's here right I'm just I'm just I just got a flashback to a Gemini reading that I did for last week for the singles or committed or love reading for Gemini and I were it was about sex still here some of you Gemini's are really horny I'm sorry you really are there it's just a conflict between these two energies in that one of them is like or flashboards want to win the competition but there's also an energy here if someone was a bit more ground it's a bit more slow bit more perfect the thing is, here we have a queen of a queen of them cups I don't sense this it could be you it could be you getting this now it could be you trying to keep now on okay I don't get that I'm sorry I'm getting like this mother and child I'm just picking up an energy here that's very long very kind my sweet, very funny, very supportive but suddenly we could be in a situation where someone was very supportive to you in a situation where you actually had a heartbreak they actually had a heartbreak stick for you to go for something that you really want it but it has a lot to do with your creativity as well because underneath the deck here we have three of Cubs and the Empress I get a lot of love I get a lot of fun time to get a lot of them it's a really positive energy we put it very supported so much you love so we're going out having fun so now we stated that let me look at that – that charity is about positive energy it's you being supported also by someone with possibly all of the newer born more mature and it could also be vice versa all right stay in here clarified by the tower the meditation and the page the pentacles oh here we go right there was an ending and there was unrequited love in a situation here someone here yeah someone someone manifested an ending to a situation here and that ending it could be new Gemini could fit something that was done to you but it brought in pains I do have to heal from you had to hear from that pain something was poor on hold it has to do a lot with this page of Pinnacle it could also be that a could also be that some of you graduated it could be as simple as that now what I'm seeing is that you something shook you something completely shippable and put down an identity that you you you have on you for very long time it's not was not time for you to kind of get this graduation actually I'm getting graduation in a sense that so there wasn't something that has been probably identity something a mindset of something that you had to suddenly doesn't work anymore was just kind of blown away from you became suddenly came Swift but it was from this situation that you've been able to actually manifest a new start into your life let's get this pinnacle or not and it could be in your work life here you like you would know what this is in reference to what I'm getting my swift like being hit with lightning but that lightning actually inspired you to stop something new you would know that it's full source here but this comes with pain because there's pain here both source its clarified by the ego sauce through the fortune and the heartbreak alright so with that and the death and they don't turn you so you have felt as though you were stuck in a situation but this was a situation that was meant to come into your life it's been a pain that wasn't meant to come here because you had to heal from something and it was from this pain that came possibly as a like striking chaos you know a it came with that like Thunder ball right I can't speak English right now it came came at that but it was actually something that was been on on the way for a very long time you build it up possibly by your own doing whatever you been doing you've possibly been building up a mindset a kind of identity or an ego boost whatever something I was in Yui there's a new week what in new ego that was not sustainable by built by you fostering that kind of ego mentality you kind of attracted that situation into your life so you could heal from it but it kept you stuck for a while alright it kept you up for a while and now you're taking back color that was wrong stories where posterity I'm sorry in your present energy you have the fire sword the moon and the world is this pinnacle here I'm getting a pentacle some of you are building something it's a tiny new world of opportunity that's opening up for you but you were you were working kind of strategically all right you know you have to be strategic in order to craft a pinnacle whatever is that you're learning here building all the strategy but this heartbreak here it's still lingering in your energy and that little bit of conflict here I think the conflict comes from the fact that your heart is still beating for this situation in the past whatever it was you still have feelings for it even though it's been put to rest but you still still kind of treated me about it right and you kind of want to move towards it but you don't know how and as I said by not knowing how you're you all right clarify please sorts the tender chemicals and the six of I suppose it's all using him with a lifetime the king of King Peter goes underneath there right the moon here clarified by the aid of Zords you're trying to get clarity there's something you don't know here you're trying to get clarity about it there's something very stable in your past that you want to return to it was your tailor Pentacles it could be something that you wanted to manifest into your life like that Center pinnacle energy meaning stability in connection with other people not just by yourself possibly with a water sign I don't know but it's just see even I am confused and now I just saw this it's the page of source it's like a communication and open there's an opportunity here to communicate clearly but I'm not really getting that so you want to go back possibly to an earth sign possibly to it's in a clinical situation but the communication here is nor honest there's a lot of misunderstandings here in this situation and that misunderstanding is actually bringing in more conflict especially if you're dealing with here we have the Empress again and the king of any book especially you could dealing with I get you having miss can eat and immature but just younger energy than the person who you're dealing with a our Empress king of handful and queen of total energy that's that's a mature energy they don't they don't get go for that they don't go for a miscommunication they don't go they go for clear communication especially king of Pentacles I mean he builds himself up all right they all did these energies and they have high standards especially in terms of the communication that they I expect him if you can't communicate clearly with them you know if you come off as sneaky they'll cut you off Oh me not not these they're not quite the opposite but if you keep up and go a little more slightly smile of you and then you can all you're like in a kind way what is this world energy about no let me just quickly look into this yeah it is that way of you wanting to go somewhere you want to follow your dream possibly you want to bring you love to a situation for the way it comes off it comes off as sneaky it comes off as toxic if you're dealing with Capricorn that catechin was no smell that out from distance your mouth there so that's just whatever whoever you're dealing me with here they just don't want toxicity in their life and they will cut it off and that keeps off the impression of unrequited love it brings in a lot of conflict here in your yeah this world yeah yeah and that is actually bringing an ending to this situation here it's creating more distance to your communication is needed yeah I'm getting cool communication getting mind games getting an inner need of me lot of the thing is I see you coming with a laugh but it comes up as mind games so in your immediate future you get page of cups with the Ace of Wands and these seven of swords again let me clarify that I saw once here Gemini I'm really getting that you wanna bring healing to whatever happened I'm not getting nuggets was a big I'm not getting like this bad and I've what kind of say normally I get these energies I pick up on someone I mean literally betraying each other I don't get that here I'm just getting an ending and then someone just end it and then some we wanna bring it back for the way that doing is not me I'm not we're working is a won't care about money 505 five of the Pentacles with the free of cops and the ten of swords and underneath the world here and the two of clubs it's like you have to strive within you look at this page okay if cops today I see this as you again you have a very young energy in you deeply hmm you wanna remember it doesn't age doesn't matter it's just a young energies it doesn't mean know how to communicate either Oh be straightforward you dreamy you're thinking about how to go about and you I bet I've got some of you Jim not to me horny sorry do you really want to really look oh so you just want to go that way you would even want to go not only would love but also attention you wanna get groobie here for some of you actually this didn't groovy energy comes up with sneaky as well so just be careful some of you are really thinking about this ending that happened about these ten of swords now you would know what happened but something happened from this ending within you Gemini it's like you got enlightened about something if you had at our moment that home is lightened something about yourself within you but I am getting that painful ending in the immediate future here I think it's of course you're gonna come off as sneaky to be honest you're gonna come up as sneaky you know to seven of swords or someone is gonna steal something from you so it could be somebody is going to steal something for you from you it could be a situation here for some of you when you actually meet someone and there's a lot of love and a lot of passion well then you mean to look underneath the surface this could also go in that direction but I'm sensing as though it is to find it guy that's some reason not getting this circle again here well right so we're we get in these seven of swords and see is clarified by the hangman the four swords & Pentacles and the embers and the ace of and the queen of Pentacles yeah right you might just be quickly because to you time is running out you I think you're gonna come up with a sneaky attitude as though you don't care you don't care you it's alright we can just be fuck buddies I don't care I'm cool with being on you may be coming off like hot and cold hot & cold hot and cold if you're dealing with an ex line don't if you're dealing with a deal also don't um Boyet IDs don't I'm just getting this energy of the person that you're dealing with no I mean they're not compatible with that energy if you know what I mean they're not compatible and they're gonna put you through this whatever you in through again alright so some of you aren't there you know that was basically I'm gonna just be just be careful with being sneaky and white even though I know it's a sense you have honest intentions but some of you might may come off as sneaky and remember these energies can be vice versa if you have any advice with your mind whatever it is that you're trying to do you come off as sneaky even though this situation unique I need to collaborate and stop playing mind games it's the mind games I'm getting here as a big problem but I think it's because you don't know you know I used to this and you could probably someone stirring up emotions with the news you didn't know you had that's for selling you out there for the way you acting you're manifesting and anything whatever it is so the advice here is attachment and broken heart and indecision and daughter personal healing oh my do you not let me run out of time so yeah I just put two close together because we need to talk about this any attachment broken heart indecision daughter personal hearing and happiness probably family occasion possible I just I just did a singles reading for Gemini for the last week I think that energy I knew I knew it would pop up it's popped up again and what I'm sensing here Gemini is actually a big event going on it's the initial stages it's that sneaky energy if you have a tendency to play mind games Gemini in love even though you have feelings this is gonna be one of those situations where your own behavior is gonna be your undoing alright you will undo yourself with that behavior you need to look into what kind of the sort of things that you are attached to you have attachments here emotional attachments to situations or habits or situation memories whatever that are very much related to a broken heart possibly in your past you may not have you and that energy is kind of possibly coming out as a insecurity within unit makes you feel as though you have to play mind games in order to keep control of a situation here Oh in order to you know what you have to you feels that you have to suppress emotions some of you I know you are in an outside and you are very logical and all that but the energy you do energy and Gemini energy I'm picking up on here this and that give me energy here and it may be on maybe you feel uncomfortable with it so you are detaching for me do it is owning it why are you just owning that energy hmm why are you just owning that because it speaks a bit to your shadow side here when we do something all right then where you can also recognize when you just own something when you criticize something in someone else if you are critical to what people who are sensitive and it's because you're determining your sensitivity and is actually creating a lack of respect of differences small good energy it's um you need to probably to look into why you may be disowned in that that's what some of you aren't there I'm sensing that in a situation here that's going to help you work with this for something you would have to do with family issues or somewhere you could have been this simple as well for some of you is if you depends on what you believe in in terms of how you were gonna shadow science its long story but for some of you it could be just a single simple book it could be family members who in the past make you fear so you had to suppress whatever energy you'd feel this but if you feel so you have to suppress for others of you it could be comics I'm not really getting that right here but I am very much getting that going back into your family histories trying to look into why am i acting the way that I am family history could also just be past them past relationships right it's that healing energy trying to open up those two doors here so we're not doors to the Past to heal those traumas so you can act as your vintage self and speak the bloody truth because the person that I picked up on here that was attached to you is kind of this listen it's an older energy doesn't have to be an age it can just be someone with more mature they'd already been through this alright and here we also have is the door to personal healing and happiness yes I thought yesterday going through that door back down memory lane to open up doors that where you may have some blockage and may have me lock them but by opening up those doors you will actually open up your hearing within yourself and thereby be much more happier within yourself in the end that is the goal happiness yes of course it is we are we're social human beings so we we crave connections emotional connections but in order for us to actually get that we need to have a healthy connection with ourself and once we have that it is so much easier us to also have healthier connections with other people and right now us you beam in this indecisive you don't know how to approach the situation it is that little bit of an immature energy but you know what Indian what's gonna happen here is that you're gonna stop lying to yourself stop deceiving yourself and you're gonna stop by just stop deceiving yourself you're gonna stop coming off stealing possibly to others because you need either picked I won't hear you come off as a deceptive energy even though you may not beat and you're gonna take a trip down your memory lane alright I'm gonna stop here because I could go on all of these cards like they're beautiful that beautiful it's beautiful it's beautiful boy do I even have an advice for you I think how we stated it and around all this rumbling that your step alright so please like and subscribe if you like this video sorry for the link but felt appropriate and take care see you next time

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