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Gabriel Luna's 5 Most Terrifying Robots | MTV News


– Effectively, I’d say that I'm an professional on terrifying robots as a result of I lived as one for nearly two years, so I’ll not have the extent of experience as one Robert Patrick or one Arnold Schwarzenegger I really feel like I’ve a good suggestion of what invokes worry and dread

Hey I'm Gabriel Luna and I play the REV-9 terminator in 'Terminator: Darkish Destiny' listed here are the highest 5 robots that scare the (beep) out of me All proper, primary In the event you've seen the brand new reboot of 'Misplaced in House', GUN

THER is now this like huge, was sort of like this bizarre like Michelin Man trying factor, however now it's this actually superior, refined, huge robotic that when he goes into kill mode he's completely terrifying

Quantity two, additionally it's actually bizarre I used to be coaching for 'Terminator' and I used to be, simply coincidentally sufficient I downloaded the Steel Head episode from 'Black Mirror', this canine terminator I assume they usually're all working from him, they're all making an attempt to get provides on this warehouse after which it exhibits up and it's simply, they're all identical to working for his or her lives Alicia Vikander's character in 'Ex-Machina' She's stunning and she or he's studying and she or he's sort of a new child firstly however in direction of the top she someway learns rage and jealousy and who else do we’ve got? Basic Grievous from 'Star Wars', as a result of he bought 4 arms and each single certainly one of 'em has a lightsaber in it And, if that doesn't scare you, I imply what, he's actually constructed to kill Jedis so it's, that's a reasonably scary thought My final terrifying robotic must be me

Some tricks to enjoying scary robotic Don't blink, keep in assault mode, simply transfer relentlessly ahead in direction of attaining your goal and never blinking sort of provides that little further ingredient of inhuman terror The great robots Let's discuss good robots WALL-E and his girlfriend EVE

You had TARS in 'Interstellar' A Roomba is very nice, useful

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