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Gabo sees the viral video of 'Pudding Girl' | Make It With You (With Eng Subs)


[WAILS] What's wrong?! Dad, I'm sorry I'm really sorry

What's wrong? Sweetheart – Can you send me money – It's the man I chatted onlineto start my own pudding business? I need around 3,000 pesos [SOBBING] Daddy Tinapay Corner is selling bread that tastes exactly like the one I made

Do you know Tinapay Corner? I don't know them, either I've always had the same recipe But when I tasted theirs, it's the same So what now, Mr Villarica? I guess some small-time, no-name bakery will put you out of business

Put out of business? By whom? By that Pudding Girl? By a viral video like that? Please, Mr Vergara Don't tell me you're taking this nonsense seriously It's not good PR Well, maybe Mr

Tanoto is intelligent enough not to make a fuss of it Gabriel, I think Mr Vergara has a point There are so many businesses out there which are more profitable As you can see, Tinapay Corner is only bringing problems to the company

How many times do I have to tell you that this isn't a problem? – This is just– – Okay Come on That's enough Let's just see the reports of the other business groups Please turn to page four

As you can see from the graph, we experienced a growth of 65 percent in the past five months I think that's not bad, right? What were you thinking, Cassandra?! You tried to swindle some foreigner by stirring some drama about our bread recipe – our recipe! You're putting words in my mouth, Cassandra But what you just did, it's not helping things The video's gone viral already! What do you want me to do now?! Look, I got all the backlash, okay? So stop acting like you're the victim here If you're not interested in bringing the bakery back, then why did you resort to swindling some foreigner? [SCOFFS] Me swindling some foreigner? I'm sure you know just as much about that as I do

What's your point? You can't fool me, my dear cousin Because I know what you did I mean, just what were you so busy with over at Croatia, anyway? Well? There's more than one swindler in this family, as far as I know I know that you set guys up on dates just to steal money from them Which isn't too far off from what I just did

Surprised? Yes, I know all about your adventure over at Croatia, because I talked to Helen's cousin Don't you dare, Cassandra You don't even know what – I've been through– – Oh please, Belinda You're no better than me, and you know it Just what will grandma say once she finds out what her favorite granddaughter's been up to? I did what I did because we needed the money

I had no choice Same here I did what I did because I had no choice I care about grandma and grandma, and that's the only reason why I haven't told them anything

Source: Youtube

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