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G Herbo Talks 'PTSD,' Therapy & Restoring Hip-Hop | MTV News


{an8}- Congratulations on this new album {an8}- Thanks, man

{an8}- The album's name is 'PTSD' {an8}How did you come up with the concept {an8}and title for this project? {an8}- Really acknowledging myself that I have PTSD, {an8}and with really being clinically diagnosed with PTSD {an8}- Right {an8}- And, trying to spread awareness on the fact {an8}that people don't really realize that they have PTSD {an8}- Yeah

{an8}- So, it was real important for me {an8}to shed a light on that, {an8}cause it affect my life on a day to day basis {an8}and so many other people {an8}- How did making this album help cope with your diagnosis? {an8}- Definitely therapeutic {an8}to get a lot of stuff off my chest {an8}that I didn't know that I wasn't able to {an8}So, music always was like a form of therapy for me anyway, {an8}like that's actually why I did it {an8}That's why I started rapping because I was able to {an8}tell my story in a way where it kinda, {an8}it made me feel better {an8}- Yeah

Does understanding your diagnosis {an8}change the way you make music? {an8}- I don't really, try intentionally {an8}to make music about that {an8}You get what I'm saying? {an8}Like, it just come off naturally {an8}cause this is my life, like my lifestyle {an8}Like I really suffer from PTSD {an8}- [BDot] Yeah

{an8}- It affects my train of thought every single day {an8}I just got a strong mind {an8}where I'm able to, understand it, {an8}you know what I'm saying? {an8}- Why was it important to seek professional help {an8}with a therapist versus just relying on music? {an8}- I think it was important for me to talk to somebody {an8}who's never been through the stuff that you been through {an8}Talking to my therapist, {an8}I was telling her certain stuff and she couldn't believe it {an8}You know what I'm saying? {an8}I was so nervous my first therapy session, {an8}I cracked my ID in half {an8}- [B

Dot] Wow – Just talking to her {an8}about (beep) that I've been through {an8}I literally split my ID in half just talking to her {an8}She told me, "You have PTSD {an8}"It is a sickness and mental illness

" {an8}You know I'm saying? {an8}The way you think {an8}and I had to really like, get naked with her in a sense {an8}Like every day I left out the house {an8}I really felt like I was gon die, {an8}or I could go to jail for protecting myself {an8}It's important to just talk to somebody, {an8}you know what I'm saying? {an8}And, a lot of times we have blocked {an8}that intuition and blocked that in the back of our head {an8}because we desensitized by it, we think it's normal {an8}So, she was there to tell me, "No, it's not normal" {an8}- Yeah

{an8}Being that you have gone to seek professional help {an8}how do you feel now? {an8}- It helps, but I still feel the same {an8}A lot of times, you know what I'm saying? {an8}I know all my steps have to be calculated {an8}I can't get too comfortable, you know what I'm saying? {an8}Because, I come from one of the {an8}most violent neighborhoods in Chicago {an8}I come from one of the worst neighborhoods {an8}in the whole city of Chicago {an8}And, the stuff that we up against, we so desensitized {an8}by it, we don't even know that it's a problem

{an8}- [BDot] Yeah {an8}So like, seeing, being exposed to murder {an8}and addiction and all of that stuff early on {an8}Like we so desensitized by the reality {an8}of what's going on, it's normal {an8}I've seen murders, I've been shot, {an8}and I left out the house the next day to go to school

{an8}And I was just smart enough to pass the test the next day, {an8}but a lot of these kids aren't able to {an8}because they still fighting these inner demons, {an8}you know what I'm saying? {an8}And they don't even realize, {an8}they don't even know that you suffer from a mental illness, {an8}when you encounter these things {an8}because it affect your day to day life {an8}You don't wanna walk to the store, {an8}you scared you gon' get shot {an8}You don't wanna walk to school, you scared you gon' get shot {an8}You know what I'm saying? {an8}So, it's important for me to spread light on that {an8}and not only talk about the cause and effect, {an8}but try to bring solution to the situation, too {an8}Like I really think schools should have a therapist

{an8}- Yeah {an8}- Schools should have somebody that's gon' ask you, {an8}"How was your day?" 'Cause a lot of these kids, {an8}they don't have a sense of family, {an8}a sense of none of that at home {an8}- [BDot] Yeah {an8}- When they're in school that's the only love they gon' feel

{an8}Sometimes, that's the only meal, {an8}that's the only clean, safe environment that they have {an8}And it's only for eight hours outta your day {an8}- [BDot] Yeah, even in the cover man, we felt that a lot {an8}Like you're holding a flag with some of the faces {an8}of the people that you've lost

{an8}- [G Herbo] Yeah {an8}- [BDot] Can you explain the inspiration behind that? {an8}- [G Herbo] I wanted to bring people into my world, {an8}my reality I'm 24 years old {an8}It's 50 stars on that flag but I could've put 60

{an8}I could've probably put 70 – Wow {an8}- You know what I'm saying? {an8}Like, these are people who I shared meals with, {an8}who I slept on couches with {an8}These are my best friends, mothers, uncles, {an8}you know what I'm saying? {an8}Stuff like that {an8}I got Juice Wrld on the cover

{an8}- [BDot] Yeah – [G Herbo] You know {an8}I think the families, they appreciate it, {an8}'cause it's not about me glorifying it, {an8}you know what I'm saying? – [BDot] Right

{an8}- [G Herbo] I'm just bringing light to the situation {an8}that what is going on here is not normal, {an8}you know what I'm saying, {an8}and something needs to give in these situations {an8}and I make the sacrifice to {an8}try to bring change {an8}- Yeah {an8}You memorialized Juice Wrld on the cover, like you said {an8}You called him a baby Michael Jackson {an8}- (laughs) I've been calling him that since I met him

{an8}- Yeah, what did he mean to the city of Chicago? {an8}- Chicago, never seen an artist like a Juice {an8}- [BDot] Right {an8}- Young and on top of the world, talented at that, {an8}you know what I'm saying, and really like, {an8}reached this big level of stardom so fast, {an8}you know what I'm saying {an8}And, knowing how to deal with it

{an8}He was, excellent when it came {an8}to really dealing with the fame {an8}- Yeah {an8}- I think just coming from Chicago and the stuff, {an8}you behave yourself a certain way, {an8}just because you don't take it for granted, {an8}because the stuff that you had to encounter {an8}before you got there, you know what I'm saying {an8}And Chicago don't see that {an8}- On your Instagram post when you eulogized him, {an8}you said you remember those talks with him

{an8}Can you share some of what those talks were about? {an8}- Yeah, I used to always talk to him about like, {an8}real life, you know what I'm saying {an8}He used to look at me like a big brother {an8}- [BDot] Yeah {an8}- So, sometimes he would pull me to the side and be like, {an8}"What you feel about this?" {an8}I would tell him, "You gotta take control of your life bro

{an8}"Control how you set the tone for your career {an8}"Set the tone for your relationships {an8}"Set the tone for everything you do {an8}"'cause it's your life, it's your legacy, {an8}"it's your destiny to fulfill" {an8}Help him with anything he do, {an8}regardless of his music or whatever {an8}If you instill certain morals in you, {an8}no task is really too hard

{an8}- I know you're setting the tone lyrically and musically {an8}"So Chicago" freestyle {an8}- [G Herbo] Yeah, yeah {an8}- You said you're, "trying to restore the hip-hop feeling {an8}and mix facts with it" {an8}What do you think has been missing in hip-hop? {an8}- Hip-hop has been missing from hip-hop! {an8}Like real substance, {an8}talking about something and it being competitive

{an8}Making mistakes, vulnerability, {an8}like that's what hip-hop was, you know what I'm saying? {an8}Hip-hop was somebody, nine times out of 10, {an8}that diamond in the rough, {an8}talk about their vulnerability, their life {an8}You know what I'm saying and for the people that to relate to it {an8}I think hip-hop now has become a popularity contest {an8}- [BDot] Yeah

{an8}- You know what I'm saying, and I want it to get back {an8}to real music substance {an2}Meek just tweeted the other day, {an2}"[2020] wack music will perish" {an2}- Yeah {an2}- You know what I'm saying? {an2}And, I felt that {an2}(laughing) {an2}- I could tell you else what I felt, man

{an8}Listening to the project of 'PTSD' {an8}You're sampling some of these classic hip-hop tunes {an8}You opened the track up with the Jay Z "Dynasty Intro" beat {an8}Then, I noticed you had Jadakiss' "Still Feel Me" {an8}on "Feelings" {an8}And you had Beanie Sigel's, "Feel it in the Air," {an8}with "Intuition

" {an8}Like, was that intentional? {an8}- Yeah, of course it was intentional {an8}(laughing) {an8}I really want these hip-hop legends, {an8}icons that I looked up to, to know that I embraced them {an8}Like nowadays, the kids, average kid my age {an8}they act like they don't even listen to, {an8}none of that old stuff {an8}or they don't know who these people are, {an8}like they don't know the Rakim's {an8}- [BDot] Right {an8}- and the— the Pac's {an8}and they can't tell you a NAS album

{an8}- [BDot] Right – You know what I'm saying? {an8}So it's like, that's important for me to be able {an8}to embrace that because that's what I grew up on {an8}That's what I appreciate {an8}That's the reason why I did music, {an8}to be able to be in a room with these guys {an8}and be able to be considered like a top-tier artist, an emcee

{an8}You know what I'm saying – Right, absolutely {an8}- Not a rapper, emcee like I'm a emcee {an8}- Feels like this is something {an8}that's needed right now in hip-hop {an8}What do you hope from— {an8}What do you hope that 'PTSD' does {an8}for the hip-hop listener and for your peers in Chicago? {an8}- I hope 'PTSD' wakes people up

{an8}Nothing in life is by coincidence bro {an8}Even going through the stuff {an8}that I went through, it strengthened my armor plate {an8}I wouldn't be the man I am today {an8}I learned so much {an8}I really grew into a man

{an8}I started doing music when I was 16 years old, {an8}and I felt like I was a man then, but I was still a boy {an8}So, I want people to really like, wake up {an8}and fix your situation {an8}Because you going through it for a reason, {an8}you know what I'm saying? {an8}No matter how messed up the situation may be {an8}And I'm that kinda guy like you will probably get mad at me {an8}because when you in a (beep) up situation, {an8}I would understand, but I won't probably have empathy {an8}for the situation because everybody knows {an8}nothing you going through is too hard, too difficult {an8}Somebody always going through worse than you {an8}or the same thing you going through

{an8}And, people have PTSD {an8}and don't know that they have it, you know what I'm saying? {an8}People don't know that {an8}they really suffer from a mental illness {an8}That's why you don't wanna do this {an8}That's why you don't wanna get in the car {an8}That's why you— You know what I'm saying? So, {an8}I think the first step understanding it, {an8}will help you maneuver through life a lot better

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