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Fusion and JAWS Breaking News – New Braille Viewer and New Text Viewer


(Narrator) Fusion and JAWS! Breaking News! New Braille Viewer! and New Text Viewer! The new Braille Viewer or Text Viewer in Fusion 2020 and JAWS can be docked at the top or the bottom of the screen Existing windows are automatically resized, so they are not covered by Braille Viewer or Text Viewer

I will type a line of text in the document, "Hello, how are you today?" As I type, the text and the braille font are updated in real time above in the Braille Viewer Notice that as I move back to the beginning of the line by pressing HOME the print letter H and the braille symbol for H is highlighted in light cyan in the Braille Viewer I will press RIGHT ARROW (Fusion) e (N) Now, the cursor, dots 7 and 8, is blinking below the braille font for the letter "e," dots 1 and 5 To change settings for Braille or Text Viewer, go to the JAWS Utilities menu, choose Braille and Text Viewer submenu, and then choose Settings

Settings Center opens with window, font, and color settings for Braille and Text Viewers Easily customize and change to different fonts and point sizes to fit your vision needs Change foreground text color or change the background color for an eye-pleasing reading experience Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand [Outro music] Give this video a like and be sure to subscribe to our channel! Have questions, feedback, or suggestions for future training for the FS training team? Send an email to Training@Vispero

com To stay up to date on upcoming webinars and training events, complete the sign-up form at FreedomScientificcom/Webinars Thanks again for connecting with us!

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