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Funeral Services For Daunte Wright | NBC News


  1. Leftist media propaganda. Cover All the shootings in Chicago. Talk to the victims and loved ones there! Instead this racist narrative the irresponsible so called news media pushes for the communist democrat party.

  2. Shame on you and BC for glorifying a thug. Someone who lived a risky life, had warrants out for his arrest for using firearms illegally and decided to run from police and fight them. If he was white you wouldn’t hear anything about this.

  3. Why are all you Lice-Riddled KLAN members always in Black YouTube buisness? ….shouldn't you be somewhere giving giving the Grand-Wizzard a we'll needed ENIMA?!!

  4. This one joke doesnt effect life on gods great planet gtf over it hire all black police in black hoods period

  5. I have still got to watch the service. But I think it's a time for black people to live through because it reminds me of the last 400 plus years of serious suffering and pain.

  6. So sorry for ur lost my he R.I.P and its not right at all may god bless u and my heart goes out to the family

  7. maybe teach your kids to comply with the law and stop the fake narrative…..sheep over here….all sheep

  8. Give a thought to educating your children with a view to respecting the law. Or, if that's not to your liking, choose to keep right on burying them. It always is and always has been your choice. Choose wisely.

  9. What happened on US Cop? Why they always need to catch everyone for minor crime.
    In my country, such minor crime only ended up with a fine. And he is insist to go, just let him go. The fine will be send to his house tomorrow or when he is gonna repaid the license of the car.
    US need to redefine their cops duties and procedures.
    Not all crime must be arrest or ended up with a shot.
    US Cops are sicj

  10. On Sept. 11th when the 2nd plane hit a little white girl looked up and said 'dad they are doing it on purpose'! How many have to be buried. Whites with loaded gun are taken to Burger King then jail. They are given water while carrying semi automatic weapons in public view this is not right..even if they are stopped they are treated with kindness and respect….stop killing us!

  11. He was a fine upstanding young man who had a bright future ahead of him taken away! I don''t think so from what I heard about the kid!

  12. If you Fight with cops and Resist arrest your chances of getting shot are High. It’s a No Brainer.

  13. Your Son shouldn’t have been out middle of the night shooting a gun, Resisting arrest! That’s how you get shot! Media Sensationalizes! Fits their fake Narrative. “Cops bad”

  14. It’s very sad losing a child! BUT the Fake Media has politicized Sensationalized this shooting! It’s not Racism it’s what happens when you run around shooting in the middle of the night, resisting arrest

  15. Too bad NBC don’t televise funerals and the effect that it has on the officers family specially for children. My opinion screw NBC

  16. I’m conflicted… I mean no disrespect to the family or the general masses that are upset and I’m sad that the family lost their loved one. I have a son who looks a little like Daunte, who will be 19 this year.. I cried looking at his picture cuz it could be my own kid. I put myself in his mother’s place and felt real pain over this… BUT I’m sorry all this seems to be theater for ratings.. if it were my loved one I wouldn’t want all this.. I’d want a PRIVATE ceremony.. and if this ever happened to me I’m publicly declaring rn please don’t ever do this for me… this is way over the top. But to each his own.

  17. Where is Jaslyn Adams Memorial stream? Probably because there isn't one. Why are so many people killing each other for territory? That needs to stop and thugs need to stop. 7 year old child gunned down and not a peep from supposed people who care about black lives.

  18. Watch his social media posts, he was a violent thug who had warrants for gun crimes. Sad that he had to go out like this but live by the sword and die by the sword!

  19. That women was obviously trying stab the other women. If you attack a person with deadly force than you will receive like treatment. The police officer saved that women in pink life. And that was the correct action. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. POLICE 👮‍♀️👍

  20. I followed all police directions because I don't want to go jail or get shot and I am not even Black lol… Follow instructions people… Its not hard… Take the officer badge number if you believe you were wronged and file a complaint or a lawsuit…

  21. Comply or die what a stupid way to die who's to blame who set this in motion some decisions are so bad that they become final

  22. We really don't have a money to buy my brother's medicine every day because I don't have to pay for the delivery fee and other charges to get what I won from the federal and government organizations ?''

  23. He was a good young man who wanted to be a doctor and help others. Say his name: Ricardo montebond !

  24. If we want change then let's have an honest discussion. The whole ugly truth including the intra-racial genocide going on everyday. Where's BLB? Policing is a result not a cause. Bad cops like bad people are everywhere in this life. If we don't address the root. We're just trimming branches and nothing will change.

  25. From Snopes (of all places):
    "Claim: Wright Was Accused of Choking, Robbing Woman at Gunpoint

    This was true."

  26. The Governor of Minnesota is a gesture of deep sorrow and sadness, gives the Wright family a piece of paper and says at noon, he is ordering 2 minutes of silence in the state to remember Dante Wright.

    Oh, that is nice.

    What about a highway bridge or road named after him ? A park, river, new arena or courthouse? Maybe give his kid a $500 check for college fund? Nope. He got a gift of nothing. Strange.

  27. Wanted for armed robbery and three prior convictions one assaulting a police officer and one assault with a deadly weapon!

  28. Its a shame. But ONCE AGAIN, had he NOT RESISTED, it would have NEVER escalated to this. Truth is the kid was a punk with multiple warrants. The police did society and tax payers a favor. Wont have to use our hard earned tax money to support him and his 18 welfare recipient children.

  29. Has anyone seen this kid’s social media videos? Guns, drugs and thuggin…..The officer made a mistake and should be held accountable but until one of these so called leaders in this community call out the behaviors that put these kids in these positions, nothing will change. You make them heros and wonder the next generations keep up with the same behaviors.

  30. All of those speaking on a criminal's funeral being broadcast, you obviously have nothing else better to do with your life. Go cry at a bad cop's grave or kiss their shoes or something to show how much you honor them. Take your 'perfect' family life that does not have any members with drug, criminal history, abuse, or any other unlawful activity and watch some cat videos instead. If you do not like what you see, why bother disrespecting the grieving family with your disturbing comments. God forbid one of your family members commits suicide or dies from a drug overdose, I guess they do not have a right to a decent homegoing. Should speak at that service on all of the horrible stuff in their life that drove them to what killed them.

    all lives DO NOT matter until BLACK, ASIAN, AND OTHER MINORITIES lives matter!

  31. Senseless careless police officer. Caused this young man's life, over misdemeanor warrant. My deepest condolences to the family members, and loved ones of this tragic death and loss of him. RIP young man.

  32. Is their a brick buy back going on? I didn't keep my receipt and I hate working for everything I have…

  33. So nice from the beginning until this furious women started shouting. Why? This is a funeral for all our sakes, not a show. Lets keep listening although not all resonates with me, but this killing really hurt me deep: this young man resembles my 20 years old favorite nephew. The same beauty and spirit, a prince no doubt: died because he couldn t bear being bullied.
    The police want to crush our spirits. It is called sadismus. It is detestable.

  34. Ilhan Omar? LMFAO. The woman hates the USA. Why did she even bother to come here? She is a refugee from Somalia. And yet all this woman does is race bait and spread hatred.

  35. Fights at a gang members funeral, unheard of, lucky it wasn't shootings. I bet the majority of the country ha no idea his gang nickname was 'little nightmare'.

  36. So nice to see so many people praying for Daunte it's so wrong what has happened RIP young man condolences to the family ,, 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️from Australia

  37. I remember when I didn’t try to run from the police or have warrants or act like a thug. Maybe that’s why I’m alive

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