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From Freaked to Fine: Celebs React to Y2K (1999) | MTV News


– [Interviewer] Your US

tour dates take you almost up to New Year's Eve, what are your New Year's Eve plans? – Well I can answer that question for you And, what are we doing on New Year's Eve? – I don't know, what are you doing on New Year's Eve? I'm gonna be hiding somewhere – In a bomb shelter – Countin' all your money – I'm gonna dig a hole and jump in there

And put dirt over it – I'm gonna go to the bank and ask for all the money in quarters and nickels – Gimme all my money – Can I have that in nickels and quarters please? – We haven't really decided yet, but We might just resting 'cause we've been working every year, for the past six years, so we're probably just gonna chill with the family In case the world ends or something – But we're very optimistic, so – In case everything just goes phhtt

Blows up and meteor, yeah – Okay, AJ – Any big New Year's plans? – Nah, nah, not me – The Y2K thing have you a little

– You know what, I'll be with family I'll be with family, you know, I wouldn't advise, you know, just be safe, stay cool, you know – I'm gonna be surrounded by people that I love and in a nice warm climate and whatever happens, happens

– I haven't got caught up in the hype about the millennium and all that I'm just living day by day, I mean, I don't wanna be in an airplane (laughing) When 12:00 comes New Year's Eve, you know, who knows what's gonna happen with these computers, man

– You won't be able to get your money for like two weeks You know, I think bank records will come back online but there might be confusion You know, I wouldn't want to be in a crowded city, but I don't think there's anything, you know, I think planes will fly because if worst comes to worst the Army will come in and fly them – I'm not sure I really wanna be traveling anywhere, like I'm a little bit concerned about that whole Y2K, flying, air traffic control thing So I might just wanna be somewhere with like a lot of canned goods, just in case

– I was talking to my mommy this morning on the phone and she's telling me all this, she's like, don't get in an elevator That's like her worst, she's like, you're not allowed to get in an elevator, so I was like, okay Mommy, I'll stay away from that one, but, you know, planes, the whole bit, you know, Mommy, she's like, I think she's like stocking food for the next two years (laughing) – He wants to be on a commercial jet at midnight, flying like over the dateline or something, I don't know I like that one – You know, I think what's gonna happen when it hits midnight in the year 2000? It's gonna be like the whole world watching the odometer roll over on our car at 10,000 miles, we'll be like

Cool, 2000 I'm still gonna be ugly, I'm still gonna be disgusting and I'm still not gonna have any friends – Yeah, and that's the biggest Y2K problem, that, it's not the computers or anything, it's Mark being ugly and not having friends

– It hasn't made that great of an impact on me, other than I think people feel the need to define a generation around the end of it, or a decade, say, at the end of it I'm sure, and I guess I do too I was looking at the credits of the record, 1999, wow, that's weird, you know? I'm not that overly concerned about it, though – [Interviewer] Do you have any concerns about all these talks about Y2K and Millennium Bugs and – Nnn, whatever You know what I'm sayin'? I mean, can we control it? Is it something we can stop, just push a button? I can't worry about things that's out of my control, you know what I'm saying, things that's in my control, that I can alter, you know, I try to alter it, if it's potentially dangerous to me Things that I can't, that I have not control over, I can't do anything about, whatever happens, man, we'll see – This hand and this hand go like this, close your eyes and pray to who? – The big G-O-D

– That's the only way everybody be able, we'll be safe, period, because, you know, it's cool to go ahead and pre-plan, get all your bank statements together– – And you should – And go ahead, have food, have money out, you should, you should be doing that anyway, without Y2K, whatever But if you don't pray, 'cause everything's gonna happen the way it's supposed to happen, you should find something positive to believe in, so for all you devil worshipers, God bless – Yup – Okay? – That's right

– I always felt like New Year's Eve was like an amateur night for partiers, you know? Just people and the millennium thing doesn't really thrill me because I think that's also amateur night for doomsayers and for people who are depressed about their lives, because, you know, I think the end of the world's been happening since the day it began, so – [Interviewer] It's not gonna be one big bang – No, it's not on January first, so

– I don't feel like that exact year 2000 is the year all hell breaks loose, but I just feel like in every holy scripture it has been predicted that this time would be a significant time, you know what I'm saying? I also seen that just based in the information that we get through the three outlets of information, that information is channeled through, from television to radio to magazines, all are pretty much saying things that aren't necessarily in the benefit of the people of society – I have like 80 gallons of water, whole bunch of Ensure and generators and things of that nature, just in case I'm pretty sure thing's will kinda mess up so I'm just gonna stay home I don't trust it, and it's like the calm before the storm, 'cause nobody's concerned, everybody's like, oh, all right, woo, I'm gonna go to, on Budapest or something, you know what I mean? – Yo, however it goes down, you know, we gonna have to handle it, it's gonna be a different day, a different number I'm quite sure everybody's gonna wake up with the same hangover whether it was '98 or 2000, your head is gonna still hurt the same way when you wake up in 2000

– I mean, we're looking at a time where there are movements around the world which are really challenging capitalism and to me that's really the fundamental question as we get into the next millennium, is how well we're gonna begin to understand what the expansion of the free market capitalist system means – [Interviewer] Are you, do you have serious like Y2K concerns? – Zero – [Interviewer] Really? – No, zero and I really find it quite laughable that everybody thinks the hurricanes and everything is all doomsday, you know, I don't know, it's just not my trip

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