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Friends: The Girls Try to Break the "Bad Boyfriend" Cycle (Season 1 Clip) | TBS


Okay Okay

Roger was creepy, but he was nothing compared to Pete Carney Which one was Pete Carney? "Pete the Weeper"? Remember the guy that used to cry every time we had sex? [fake crying] "Uh, was it good for you?" Yeah, well, I'd take a little crying any day over Howard the "I win" guy "I win, I win" I went out with the guy for two months I didn't get to win once How do we end up with these jerks? We're good people

I don't know, maybe we're like some kind of magnets I know I am That's why I can't wear a digital watch There's more beer, right? Oh! You know my friend Abby who shaves her head? She says that if you want to break the bad boyfriend cycle you can do, like, a cleansing ritual Pheebs, this woman is voluntarily bald

Yeah So, we can do it tomorrow night, you guys It's Valentine's Day It's perfect Okay

Well, what kind of ritual? Okay, we can umwe can burn the stuff they gave us Or? Or, or we can chant and dance around naked You know, with sticks – Burning is good – Burning is good, yeah

I got stuff to burn (Phoebe) Okay, so now we need sage branches and the sacramental wine All I had is-is oregano and a Fresca Umthat's okay! Ooh Okay Alright, now we need the semen of a righteous man Okay, Pheebs, you know what? If we had that, we wouldn't be doing the ritual in the first place

– Can we just start throwing things in? – Um Yeah, okay! Oh Okay Okay, Barry's letters

Adam Ritter's boxer shorts Oh, and I have the receipt from my dinner with Nokulule Oon [tongue click] Ah Here's a picture of Scotty Jared naked – Oh – Let me see

He's wearing a sweater No – Eww – Eww Okay and here we have the last of Paolo's grappa! Wait, Rachel, isn't that almost pure

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