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Freestyle swimming technique: Breaking 1 minute in 100 meters | Boat freestyle


This video has 6 parts: This 100 meters all out freestyle swimming demonstration A strategy to swim 100 meters fast 5 Common problems 17 Exercises to help you break the 1:00 barrier A section for you to help me drop 1 second A Giveaway

Strategy The strategy to swim a 100 depends a lot on each person and their capabilities I’ll give you an example of what I do After a good dive and around 5 to 6 dolphin kicks I go to a 90% effort If I am in a competition, the adrenaline might make me go a little higher without even noticing, so I have to be careful Then I focus on having the best flip turn possible and starting to increase the effort without going to 100% yet

The last 25 is when I give it my all trying to keep a good technique and a powerful kick This is a list of things that I do correctly that help me swim a 5499 and in the 5th section of this video we will review what I can do better Good dive angle – around 30 degrees Clean entry – The whole body enters where the hands enter Effective underwater dolphin kicks – Using the kick when it’s going up and down Fast breakout – I go from underwater dolphin kick to flutter kick quickly Strong pull Fire flip turns Most importantly – I maintain a good kick the whole 100 meters Now let’s focus on the kick, since I think it is the most important thing you can improve if you are close to breaking a minute Here you can see these two swimmers breaking a minute in a 100 meters long course race and these two don’t break the minute

The biggest difference is the kick https://wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=FJAs6pHBgLc My kicking time with a kick board for a 25 with a board is 17 seconds and for a 50 is 40 seconds To find out if your kick is strong or if it can get better, time yourself and compare the results

If you have a strong kick you will feel like a boat as it lifts your upper body in the water and moves you forward quickly That is why I like to call this technique the boat freestyle In order to improve your kick throughout the whole 100 and feel like a boat you can do two things Improve your legs’ endurance and / or improve your kicking technique We will see how you can improve your legs’ endurance on the fourth section of this video titled exercises

But on this section let’s see how you can improve your kicking technique We will mainly focus on these three joints The ankle joint is better used the more plantar flexion it has The knees are better used by bending them around 35 degrees And very importantly, the hips bend very very little around 10 degrees

If you are a runner like Marianna was, you’ll have a hard time keeping the hips straight She is used to using hip flexion to lift her legs to run faster But with practice and the exercises I’ll show you, she has gotten a lot better Those angles that I talked to you about are only half of the kick The other half is when the legs are going up

Here the three joints need to be straight The back kick ends when the hip joint reaches around 180 degrees Problems Here is a short list of common problems when trying to break the 1:00 in the 100 Weak jump Lack of powerful underwater kicks Wasting time breathing Slowing down before the turn And by far the most common – not enough fast effective kicks When you have a weak kick or you can’t sustain a strong kick though the whole 100, then your arms need to step up and try to pull more But they can only handle so much and if you want to break a minute you need to help your arms by doing a strong kick So here is what you can do

Exercises We will divide this section in three Pool exercises Dryland exercises Mobility exercises We will go over these fast and I’ll do a more in depth video about them later I’ll give you this list of drills and if you want a full swimming workout go to the link in the description to download a free PDF Pool exercises Kick on your back holding a board – this will help you kick both ways fast Kick on your back – This is good if you want to breathe and have your head in line while you kick Kick keeping your knees super straight – This is just for you to feel how to kick without a lot of knee bend Kick fast keeping your glutes tight – The glutes play an important role while kicking, You can activate them with this exercise Swim with over kick (fast kick, slow arms)- This will help you feel the boat freestyle technique Kick with one hand on the board – While swimming freestyle fast you’ll need to rotate with every stroke

This will help your muscle memory kick from side to side Kick wide – It’s often good to feel how bad techniques feel, this wide kick is a very ineffective way to kick and its good to now if you are doing it Kick super narrow – The opposite way is to kick super narrow, this is harder to do it wrong since a narrow kick is what we are looking for So try to do the narrowest kick possible Kick fast without a board holding your breath – The final kicking drill that most closely resembles the kick while you swim is this one

Hold your breathe for as long as you can and while keeping your head in line with your body, kick as fast as possible Dryland exercises Toes to bar -This is an excellent exercise for the core Specially if you do it slowly Hanging knee raise – If you can’t reach the bar yet, this is an excellent alternative exercise Bridges – This is a great exercise for the glutes and hamstrings Two groups of muscles that are super important for the kick and thus fast freestyle

Hollow rock kick – This is good to maintain a fast kick tempo while working on your core Deadlifts – don’t do these if you have back problems – But again this works on very important back, glutes and leg muscles Mobility exercises Hip flexor stretch – Very important if you want to move to that 180 degree hip angle Lizard- This is a great stretch if you tend to sit for long hours every day Sitting on ankles – You need flexible ankles if you want to swim faster

Touch your toes – Stretching the lower back and hamstrings is also a good idea after you work them out Help me drop a second To make things a little more interesting, let’s develop a plan to help me drop a second in the 100 Here is a list of 5 things I have noticed I could do better next time If you have other suggestions please let me know in the comment section I almost even split the two 50s, so considering I started from the blocks, the first 50 could be faster

I think I was afraid of dying at the end My kick could be a little more narrow, I think But I’ll have to experiment to see if it works for me My underwater kicks could be more powerful by using my upper body a little more I should breathe more to the left, I think I have a better technique when I do so

I think I wait too long after the turn to starting dolphin kicking Thanks in advance for helping me in the comment section I’ll post a video if I am able to drop one second Giveaway This video was sponsored by our swimming camps! If you want to find out more about like: who it is for, where we are doing them and the dates, go to this link which you’ll also find in the description We are going to giveaway this poster

Do you know what it represents? Or even a harder question is, do you know what swimming video inspired this? Let us know in the comment section and I’ll heart your answer To participate in the giveaway you’ll need to do the same thing we did last time Share this video on your swim team chat, take a screen shot and send it to us via WhatsApp to this number Talk to you there! Swim fast!

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