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Fox News hosts claim ‘coup’ against Trump


Newest video updates regarding Coronavirus. Check out this “Fox News hosts claim ‘coup’ against Trump” video below:

Brian Stelter and his panel examine Fox News’ use of the word “coup” after former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe said in an interview with CBS that the Justice Department held meetings about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and questioned whether there was cabinet support to remove President Trump. #Stelter #CNN #News..(read more)


  1. Look at the massive fraud brought out in the swing state hearings. Why wont they let the voting machines thourouly be inspected in every state? Think about that!!!

  2. Why would someone re-assign roles in the pentagon just for 70 odd days? Get the Defence secretary out, get your own lackies into positions of power in the pentagon, get the DOJ to support your voter fraud claims, get the Secretary of State to say that a smooth transition to a new Trump administration will take place? The writings on the wall , even though we hope it's doesn't this will pan out in a coup d'etat as Trump likes dictators, parades, demands total subserviance from 'suckers and losers' and thinks the government and all its departments are simply there to kowtow to him. if you look at how many times king chump has said the word COUP- there's a pattern on what's being planned. Probably this is something putin discussed in their private meetings , as this coup seems beyond the mental capacity of the orange-tan

  3. For 50 million dollars , they did a poor job of finding Russian Collusion Evidence that they said for three years was slam dunk .
    Now CNN Hollywood et al is circling the drain , and Biden is a joke . Trump will win . Democrats will launch riots .

  4. Barry Barack Hussein Soetero tried to depose Benjamin Netanyahu for his mullah masters and sold America out from day one of the apology tour. He sat in a black panther church more than 20 years idolized Farrakhan and Malcolm X as he did his cocaine and smoked his weed. This is the reason the Democrat party has been destroyed. It was a bitter sweet pill but the sleeping giant has awakened.

  5. Anyone who cannot admit the Democrat party has been hijacked by socialist communists and is waging the coup attempt, with the corrupted propoganda of fake news CNN, is living in denial and a state of psychosis. Everything the Democrats and the fake news say is a lie. They are co-conspirators. The sleeping giant has again awakened.

  6. Did the Electoral College instigate a coup against the duly elected President of the United States, Hilary Clinton? She got millions of more votes than her challenger & yet for some bizarre argument, that seems to be that it's unfair on those who voted for the looser if the candidate with most votes wins, the guy with less votes has been installed into the White House?! I don't hear Fox worrying about coups over that particular piece of electoral sleight of hand?

  7. Democrats attempted a coup by trying to portray Trump as colluding with the Russians in the election. Lacking evidence to find Trump colluded, the Dems then tried to accomplish the coup saying Trump obstructed, because he was quite vocally opposed to the coup. Thats failed so now they'll attempt the coup because Trump doesn't speak pleasantly. Well, at least there is gridlock in DC. As long as they can't rule, they can't muck up ours lives to much.

  8. The only coup we need to worry about is one by trump for dictatorship. His supporters have been vocal they'd be onboard for it.

  9. CNN tries to spin the coup. They are a party to it as propagandist co-conspirators. I look forward to seeing their indictments unsealed soon enough.

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