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Fox & Friends 7/4/20 7AM FULL – Breaking News July 4, 2020


May the All Mothersmile upon our first meeting

Not bad You sound a little formal I studied for five yearsbut there is much to learn Calm people, calm

What are you doing, Tsu'tey? These demons are forbidden here There has been a sign This is a matter for the Tsahik Bring him Father

I see you This creaturewhy do you bring him here? I was going to kill himbut there was a sign from Eywa I have said no dreamwalker will come here

His alien smell fills my nose Step back! I will look at this alien A warrior! I could kill him easily! No! This is the first warrior dreamwalker we have seen We need to learn more about him My Daughter

you will teach him our wayto speak and walk as we do – Why me? That's not fair – Enough This alien will learn nothinga rock sees morelook at him Look how big you are

You are so pretty I see you, Brother and thank you

Your spirit goes with Eywa Your body stays behindto become part of The People That moron's going to die Don't be afraid, warrior

You are now a son of the Omaticaya You are part of The People Tsu'tey will lead the war party Stop please! This will only make it worse We will strike them in the heart

I have something to sayto all of you You see? It is a demon in a false body Father! Mother! Eytukan, I have something to say Listen! Speak, Jakesully

A great evil is upon us The Sky People are coming to destroy Hometree Bind them

Leave now! Have no fear Take the ikran, attack from above Get everyone to the forest Father! Daughter take my

bow Protect The People Tsu'tey, son of Ateyo

I stand before youready to serve the Omaticaya people Hear us please, All Mother Eywa, help her Take this spirit into you

and breathe her back to us Let her walk among usas one of The People

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