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Foods and Entertainment! Introducing Back Street of Shin-Sekai, Osaka, Japan#210


all of them are capsule toy machines you can rent the kimono only 3,000 Japanese yen Look at this Yes

This is how it looks like oh my goodness This is not the food I think it's an art! Look at those papers over here Those are the paper fortunes and it's from over here That's a Billiken shrine? temple? I don't know how to call that There is a paper fortune over here That's about love if you get kind of bad fortune You can hang it over here so that your fortune will be better

Well, that's what we believe in I think Shintoism However, that's actually not about the Shinto Neither the Buttism It's about Billiken which is really popular God in Osaka It becomes like a mascot over here and speaking of where I am right now Actually, I'm at Shinimamiya food street in the last video I have introduced the main food street of shinsekai However, I haven't introduced the backside of the Tsutenkaku So in this video, let me introduce it All right So let's go You see the tower over there that's one of the Osaka's signature called Tsutenkaku Inside the tsutenkaku

You can learn osaka history there You see it's a beautiful tower right and Up to here This is the main street of the ShinSekai and the from here It's gonna be a back street of Shinsekai So let's go to the entrance of the back street of Shinsekai Let's keep walking All right, so I arrived to the entrance of the back street of shinsekai! you can see the Tsutenkaku from this side too and actually If you cross the street over there That's gonna be the Denden town which is kind of like an electric appliance Street It's like Osaka's Akihabara Okay, so let's stay walking Oh beforehand Hey guys, welcome to Rion's TV, I am Rion "Seeeeno" Gaoooo! Yes, that's Rion greetings Anyway, so let's start walking At the entrance of backstreet of shinsekai you can find osaka Osho, which is one of the most popular Chinese chain restaurants They have really good and cheap Chinese food, I'm not sure about its real Chinese food or not But anyway, it is really popular in Japan Of course, there are many local cheap and good Chinese food to though However, it's in everywhere

Anyway, let's keep walking This place is called Gatcha no Anaba It means capsule toy machine spots as you can see you can find many many capsule toy machines Look at that, yes All of them are capsule toy machines Just so many you love capsule toy machines You will love this place for sure Well speaking of the capsule toy machines Of course Denden town which is next to this street is really popular, too however this "Gatcha no Anaba" the capsule toy machine spot you can see that that's a lot right and at the entrance there is a capsule Toy machines for adults, but I want to make my channel Family-friendly as much as possible So I skipped that But anyway, if you are interested in those capsule toy machines, you can try it in backstreet of Shinsekai That's the Shinsekai market which is kind of like a dead market It's really interesting Well, I'll be back over here after showing the main street of backstreet Let's keep walking This place is called "Retro Gasen Zarigani" This place as well You can enjoy the capsule toy machines and Especially over here

You can enjoy the game from the 70s and 80s one, so let's check inside Look at that, they have so many kinds of games which is really Retro this one is the tetoris from 1988 and the other one is super Mario 1986 and I've never seen this one over here It's a Sailor Moon Well, actually, I don't know that they had game Really popular anime, right? It's from 1995 and They say please don't look at my underwear next to that There is a Dragon Ball It's good Also, they have second and the third floor, which you can enjoy more video games Those are only 50 Japanese yen to play It's really cook place right next to that retro game center Zarigani there's a kimono rental store too probably you know If you come over to Japan, you wanna try the kimono and Yukata, right? And this is a place that you can rent You can rent a kimono for only 3,000 Japanese yen I think it's pretty cheap 3,000 Japanese in the kimono

It's not that super expensive one However, you know if you want to try the kimono, why not? And look at this Takoyaki place One of my favorite places because their Takoyaki is just so cheap and they have so many kinds of Takoyaki The sixth equity for 200 Japanese yen Yeah, it's much cheaper compared to other places, right and especially they have the black Takoyaki in the raining day Which I haven't tried it yet Well anyway, so let me order it let me show you guys how it tastes like Look at these Yes This is how it looks like well, maybe compared to the dotonbori takoyaki It's a bit small

However Look at that There are a lot of shiso leaves plus This is a "Ume" which is a plum So the plum here and then Shiso leaves Wow look at that, I'm pretty sure it's hot, but let me try that "Itadakimasu" Oishii! can't believe that this is only 200 Japanese yen, I still can't believe it They can do it in Shinsekai because they could make it more expensive Oh my goodness, it's Oishii! Well Takoyaki Dashi flavor is good right it perfectly matches with the shiso leaves and That this plum if I'm eating plum itself, it is too sour however, with takoyaki make it mild! sweet! I'm Loving it Well, of course, you might have better quality takoyaki than this but You can't beat this price Also if you come over to shinsekai make sure visit this place over here You can enjoyed the Takoyaki with only 200 Japanese It's a good snack, right? Oishi! maybe this plum is a bit special Let me try it Well, the plum is too sour for me so maybe only go with takoyaki, you guys know the onigiri rice ball, right Even I don't like that plum Onigiri rice ball neither, may takoyaki has kind of like sweet flavor

So It matches with the takoyaki, I believe sweet I'm so happy Well Gochiso Samadeshita! It's really a good place However, only the problem is that you know Sometimes they open it and Sometimes they're not owner opened it when he feel he want to open it I believe so You know, if you find that the store is open that means you're lucky well you might be lucky never know right All right, so let's keep going to walk And look at this, yes, you can find it cheap vending machine yourself, however Those are not really popular Oh This Calpisu (Calpico) is good However, this one is popular for summer So, of course there is a reason for the cheap price

Anyway, let's keep walking And you see tower over there, yes, actually that's the Tsutenkaku, so Street ends over here However, I wanna introduce one more place Okay, so Let's keep walking a bit though Yes, this is the place look at this cute store, it looks pretty nice, right Well in the summer time, I've tried this match ice cream However, it's already winter and yeah, I don't want to try that But actually I there is One mochi that I wanted to try And today I'm gonna try out it and then share the taste with you

All right So let's order it Oh my goodness, look at this, it's Beautiful This is not the food I think it's an art! Wow I don't want to eat it! Alright look at that! Yes, it's beautiful I think each of them are the red-bean paste which should be sweet So, let me try this orange on first Oishi! Well, the red-bean paste was not that sweet as much as the regular red bean paste however there was a tiny chocolate on top and then really favorable So, let me try the next one this purple one the next one is more taste like a sweet potato and I guess the next one should be match I believe Actually, it was not matcha I'm wondering what it is maybe I gotta ask and last one Yes, this one I can tell it's strawberry, which is my favorite Oishii! Huh? Loving it thinking about the price It was 300 Japanese yen, which is a bit expensive However, well you can enjoy many kinds of taste, you see that Tsutenkaku over there

Yes It's right under the Tsutenkaku You can find this place they have still other Kind of cute stuff and maybe you can enjoyed it or at least you can stop by Well, so let me go back to that shotengai which is the street Came back to the street Actually, I wanna show you guys inside the street However, the many stores are getting closing too Probably next time I think it's better right? I promise that in the future video I'm gonna show you guys around here with food and if you want to see right now I have a old video which I showed you this street over here So maybe you can watch that their pickled cucumber is really good Alright So anyway, this video pretty much That's it Thanks for watching my videos Please subscribe to my channel your subscription really encouraged me to keep shooting videos And if you like the video, please share the video with your friend It will really helps me to grow my channels and please check my Instagram account as well

Alright, so thank you very much Arigato so, bye Bye

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