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First & Last: Teen Mom Home Edition ? MTV


– [Kailyn] Last week, an organization that helps young moms found me and Isaac our very own apartment Now I just have to sign the lease and move in

– The utilities, we're gonna have to put them in your name Do you wanna look this over real quick? – [Kailyn] I still haven't talked to my mom about the rude note her boyfriend left me – Sign right there – [Kailyn] Now we have to unload everything into my new place Oh it goes, I turned it the wrong way, okay

– It smells like a new apartment – Oh I'm so glad you all are helping me! – Just like throwing 'em out of the club Come on, buddy, you gotta go – Is that the TV? Dude, you have your own place – [Kailyn] I have my own apartment

– This is awesome! – Not too many 18 year olds can say that That goes in the bedroom, boys (mumbling) Hey Isaac – [Lincoln] It's moving day! – (gasps) Yes! Finally – Are you guys excited? – [Both] Yes! – How excited are you? – Really excited

– Double awesome! – I've been waiting for– – [Both] A long time – (laughing) I know you too well – I almost said years – Yup So I moved some of your stuff from your old room into your new rooms

Are you all excited to live in a new house? – Mhmm – Yeah I think we've been in the other house for a little bit too long – I think we just need like a new start – Yeah

– Okay, here's our neighborhood! – This is a great neighborhood! – We're getting really close – We are? – We're like three houses away Okay, close your eyes Keep your eyes all the way closed I wanna get your reactions

– I'm so excited! – Stay here I'm gonna tell you when, okay? Keep your eyes closed Keep 'em closed, keep 'em closed – I feel like you're– – Come in, slowly There's a step right there, Lincoln

'Kay, keep coming – Where's the door? – Can we open our eyes? – Open your eyes (both boys gasps) – Oh my God, it's ginormous! – Come on (upbeat music) – Is this my room? – Yeah – And that means my room's over here? – You like it? (kids chattering over each other) What do you guys think? – It's amazing! – I like this, I like this house so far

– [Kailyn] You like your pictures? – [Both] Yeah – [Lincoln] Wait, is that me or Isaac? – It's me That's you That's Lux – [Kailyn] Then there's more over here

These are from Hawaii – [Both] Hey! – Whatcha doing? – Nothing – [Maci] My high school friends still live at home with their parents, so they think it's really cool I have my own place I bought that couch with my own money – Did you really? – Yes

I saved up my seven dollar an hour paychecks (giggling) Okay, Bentley's room It's very messy – [Friend] Oh my gosh, these are all of his clothes? – [Maci] Yes, he has a million – [Friend] Aw, look at his crib! Look at his little– – [Maci] Bentley's over at Jen and Larry's for the day and the babies are at daycare, so I wanna use this time to research homes for sale

I really wanna find a permanent house that we won't outgrow – What are you doing? – Oh, looking at a house that I really like It's got almost seven acres – Let me see this – [Maci] Four bedrooms, four bathrooms and it's got this big building out back by the pool

– [Taylor] So you think you prefer this instead of buying land? – I don't know, I mean we've looked at a few houses on land really just to get ideas We would never be able to buy land and build that for that price This is the lot – That's a big lot – Look at the ceiling! – Wow

– She painted it! – That is insane What's the school district like? Is it still in the same school district? – I'm sure it is, which is good So if this one isn't what we're looking for, then we just need to go ahead and stop looking at houses and start looking for land So you wanna go look at it? – Yeah – [Marci] It's got a pantry

It's got a big pantry! – That's pretty big – I love big pantries (upbeat music) – [Leah] Since I've been laid up, my mom stepped in and found me and Corey a place to live Moving in together is a huge step forward in our relationship and I don't know if I'm really ready But ready or not, today's moving day

I'm breaking my bed rest so me and Corey can move over some of our stuff (bight music) Our new place needs a lot of work, but it's all Corey can afford, so we'll just fix it up ourselves (rock music) Do you guys wanna go to Grandma Sandy's? (girls screaming) All right, she said she was gonna make enough to feed you guys if you wanna go while we take the U-Haul to the house, to the new house You guys better say bye to the old house! – Bye-bye, old house! – [Leah] All right, let's for real say bye to the bedroom and we're out – Bye, bedroom! Bye, bye, bye! – You guys gonna miss it? – Yeah

– Just a little We've made memories – All right, let's buckle up – [Leah] Love you Be careful, Oreo

We'll get as much as we can done You all right? – Just trying to get 'er done – It's kinda crazier than it was supposed to be, but this move has been so clean and so organized – It's been more organized than the last moves we've done And it'll be all worth it in the end

– When you own your own compared to renting someone else's home, it just feels so different It's so different – Yeah, I bet you feel achieved – I feel proud – Yeah, you should

This is your first home (upbeat music) – Woohoo, progress! – Yeah! (upbeat music) – [Brian] All ready? – [Leah] I'm ready! Peace out ♪ I'm working overtime ♪ ♪ I gotta get your by ♪ ♪ I'm talking five to nine overtime ♪ ♪ Let's go ♪ Good job, Brian – Congratulations – Thank you

– You're a house owner! – I know All right Here we are, guys I think I'm gonna make the porch a little bit bigger – Yeah

– And I gotta get Ali's ramp up – Yeah 'cause you have to line that up – I know And this is it! – [Catelynn] Me and Tyler are looking at one more apartment, so I hope Tyler's family didn't change his mind about moving in with me – I'm Tyler

– I'm Jake – [Both] Nice to meet you – Hey, I'm Catelynn – Nice to meet you – Nice to meet you too! – We're gonna check it out

Got a stove and refrigerator You got a walk-in closet there – Dang – That's nice – And another storage closet over here

– Okay, so it's $450 a month – Right Then it'd be $900 to move in, first month for security – Do you have a problem with like first-time renters or anything? – No, we've got several first-time renters – Oh really? – Yeah

– Think me and him are just gonna talk it over a little bit Thank you! – Yep, no problem – Thank you Oh, it's so (bleep) small – [Catelynn] See I really don't think it's that bad

– I wonder if he's got more, more bedrooms – Every apartment there's gonna be something that we hate – Oh my God – See, you're stressing out Let's just not even do it then if you're gonna stress out, Tyler

– [Tyler] What, I'm not allowed to stress out? – I just hope you're not doing it with me for the wrong reasons – I wouldn't do it for the wrong reasons – All right, guys – You like this place? – Yeah – [Catelynn] Do you wanna do it? – Well I mean, I like it

– Are you sure? – Mhmm – I think me and you can really decorate this really good – [Tyler] Yeah, way more cabinet space than all the other places we've looked at – Way more – Well for the price, at least

Yeah, dishwasher too which is really gonna be sweet – [Jake] Do you have any questions? – Where do you want me to print my name? – Just print your name right here – Okay – Do you think we should call our mom first? – Do you wanna call your mom? – No – I don't wanna call her

She already knows we're buying our own place, so – All righty – Well thank you very much – Thank you guys – Yup

Thanks for helping us, thank you – We'll see you again (bright music) – You're supposed to be excited, Tyler! You're supposed to be excited, Tyler! – I know All right – [Catelynn] Our 30 day separation is finally over

Tyler has been getting the new house ready for us, so we just need to move in the last of our stuff – We're a team, we're a team – Yeah And I really hope he got what he needed from our time apart – This is what I was thinking

I was thinking of doing those two wooden frames, bam bam And then doing that horizontal elephant, bam bam And then doing these three little ones, just do do do – Yeah – What are your thoughts? – Yeah

– We may not have planned on having a baby, but we're definitely keeping her So we decided to move in together ♪ Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello ♪ Get your feet off the couch! ♪ Hello, hello, hello, hello ♪ I just washed those! – [Ashley] It looks like an alien – [Amber] My best friends are taking it pretty well I might not have time to go to the mall and do my nails, but we still have lots to talk about

– How are you gonna decorate the baby's room? – We're gonna make like a big collage and hang it above the baby carriage It's called a carriage, right? – Sure (giggles) – Crib? – Crib! (upbeat music) – Bedroom This is awesome What's up there? – The bedrooms

This is Booboo's room 'cause it's got a window just the other one, but– – But she has a good room – This one has the walk-in closet That's why I wanted her to have this one – And it's a great view – Mhmm

And she can run around and like meet friends and do stuff – This is that type of neighborhood – This is the master one – Oh, this is the– – That's why it's got that– – And the got the bathroom right to it – Yeah

This is my favorite part, though A jet tub! – [Friend] I dig it This is great – What do you think? – I love it – Did you see our backyard? – No, not yet

– Not yet, that's where we're going – We are still on tour – Well there has to be a light There's really no light out here? – There has to be a light – We gotta put one in

– This is different than sitting in a cell and if any of my friends back in the day seen this today, they wouldn't even believe it Just so weird how life can change in such a short amount of time – Only if you want it to – Only if, I was about to say (laughing) I was about to say! – You know I know the words! – Did you hear me, did you hear me going for it? All right, let's move along

Yeah, I feel kinda weird being in this neighborhood, though – Why? – Because it's just, I'm not the same as these people Especially when you're living across the street from a prosecutor, like– – Well, that is a little intimidating – Well, we'll keep him in business – Just makes me feel weird

(laughing) – We've earned this, baby (baby crying) – I think she wants string cheese You're irritated Even though I'm not going off to college, I just turned 18 and I want to get my own place with my best friend Megan My dad's agreed to pay the rent as long as I stay on track with schoolwork

– So you're ready to do it on your own? – Yes – 'Cause it's a little bit different – I don't think it's gonna be different on my own And if I need a break, Megan will help me – Yeah

– It's just cool Have like our own house It's not even like an apartment, it's a nice house – And then it's gonna be hard You gotta get back into the school swing

– [Chelsea] I know – All right, well here's the key (exclaims gleefully) Don't ruin it – Party! – No party – I'm just kidding

– No, no, no (both laugh) – [Chelsea] Today is moving day, so we got some guy friends to help us with our stuff This is our own home You like it! – [Megan] She's so excited Ooh, she stinks

Oh, it's on her leg – It is? – Yep – It is? – It's on her belly Oh my God, oh my God – Oh my God

Get me a towel Get a towel Okay, will you get a towel? – Yeah – Where are the paper towels? – Will you run? We're gonna have to call Gamma's I can't believe I didn't pack clothes

Mommy's dumb (dial tone ringing) You guys are like standing back– – Hello? – Mom – Yeah – She just diarrheaed everywhere and I don't have extra pants – Do you have diapers? – Yeah

– You can– – Mom, it's all on her feet and everything right now Get some freaking baby soap – [Mom] All right, see ya, bye – Do you see this? (laughing) – It's on your leg Right here

– It's freaking everywhere! How does it get in these places? (baby screams) I kinda feel like I'm taking away from like your teenage-ness – No, I want this – Gamma! – Hey – Hi! – Gamma's here! – Oh, there she is! – She got you clothes – I brought you some stuff

– [Chelsea] Yay! – So you got her now? – Yeah – [Chelsea] 'Kay, I'm gonna start moving Thank you for doing this One, two, three (upbeat music) Hells yeah, we got a house

Aubree's doing great and Watson is walking and starting to talk I'm seven months pregnant and a few weeks ago, Cole and I found a new house on a huge piece of land We just closed on it and we're so excited – We just bought a house – Oh my God

– Is this real life? – We don't drive by it now, we drive to it (laughing) – Remember when we just bought a freaking house today? – My God, how amazing is that? (upbeat music) Wee! (cheering) We're home! Woot woot woot woot! – [Chelsea] First things first is I wanna take these cheesy ass– – [Cole] Yeah, I'll 'em off, don't worry – Don't you like what it says? – No – [Cole] Oh yeah – [Chelsea] So this is gonna be the baby girl's room

– Baby girl – There's all new floor being installed We're gonna paint this 'cause this is the master – Oh, I like this color though – I don't hate it

We're gonna paint everything else first and then– – See how you feel – Yes – [Mandy] 'Cause this isn't a bad color – We don't hate it Living room

TV here Like just listen Like I know it's not for everyone, like the whole no people thing It's (bleep) for us You know what I mean? – Wrong profession

– How do you not find that peaceful? Like I don't understand how people wouldn't want to live– – Why not? – Like wide open – This is beautiful – Oh my God And I wanna like put like a cool tire swing out there and just let the kids be able to like go, man If we had friends, we'd have 'em over for like parties, but we don't have any

– But we don't have anyone – [Chelsea] So we'll enjoy it – This is exciting – This is definitely like the selling point When I came out here, I was like, oh yeah, I can picture this

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