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Finally Breaking The News To My Family | *Cute Reaction*


You Okay, right now it was a bit rainy when we first time had a conversation and We need to talk about before having a relationship started and I remember that day It was like, um, just like it was the best day of my life since you know, I didn't expect like to have everything I decided I Have to have because that very first day the moment that I sent a text message and she replied back I want a super impressed and I was like Alright so having that we went ahead and Met somewhere but it was virtually it was not physically this much one layer of the meeting then we had we making conversations and having top secret Talks of a time for time as we built on our relationships and Today it is gonna be is like something that has grown so much So much seriously and needs to take needs a lot of attention than any other thing before so I Don't know how it feels like because for those for my family Okay, so somebody was displaying music uniform, alright, so All right, so Allah I've been like Having this it was most of the most of my family members don't know and about my resume

Oh my god Alright, so most of my family members don't know about my relationship status and so I've been like hiding this for the past two years or so two years when I don't know but it's been away a long time They don't about it because I'm gonna be exposing Exposing this kind of person but in this channel I think I've done the correctly to have you have photos and but girl would come together like do it in your together or something so I'm gonna be telling them about my relationships tell us today because I feel this is the best time that I should be doing this Basically for me, I think yes the right position I'm the right position to make this happen because Given myself time enough to have the agreement on my own and to settle on my things Get my studies well, and now I'm the math lab But you know what? He's always say that She only comes sighs When the onion? Between the No no one but I'm not saying that oh, it's pretty bad to have to get To display this anyway guys, I'm going to be telling them about my relationship This is going to be done in zero mark, I don't know the kind of check I should be giving these but I think What should I do should I call them on phone what should I go? Visit them? But I Think I should be go ahead see but then right now I have some blessing Yes, I want to go back to school right now I Think In the next You

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