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very good people how are you welcome back to the channel and welcome to a new video of the falcon and the winter soldier next disney flash series to be released this same 2020 we had a first teaser next to the wanda vision series and what approximately a month that made us very much and this time today in this video I I bring a new confirmation if Captain America returns thanks to a Filtration of the series shooting set before starting with the video I want remind them that the description has a link to buy clothes from all over very good prices and with free shipping all over the world people are not going to want to lose because the prices are excellent good like many of us we knew wyatt russell will be an important character in the falcon and the series winter soldier because he will be playing nothing more and nothing less that u s60 and v60 first appeared in the comics in captain america 323 in November 1986 as the super patriot was later redesigned as a new incarnation of captain america and that is what we are going to see today in this video the character was created by mar green world and partner and the powers that has the v6 end are strength agility reflexes and endurance super human his speed and balance are from an olympic athlete which will present a great threat to falcon obviously and the winter soldier ios feel like I said before we will have interpreted by white rosell in the series and we will see it for some episodes but then apparently they will adapt what of the comics that makes its transition to captain america so it will become the captain america because today after having all these leaks that we had of the actor working for the government doing dv6 in that leaked about a month ago these images that are seeing in good screen after all that the character will be captain america and what we will have back in the emshi and obviously it is a kind of captain government america is government and will be one of the villains to stop from the series besides obviously baron cimo that we saw in leaks by course in promotional videos of disney blast and also in the teaser trailer with the 2020 super bowl personally the I really like a station suit, it looks great, we never have suits that disappoint us in the xiii and it is that the truth looks great and then at it seems it will have some small changes when it becomes the captain america as well we can see on screen this is a poster that was revealed today they filtered it from the shooting set they are currently recording the series I don't know very well for which episode but we know exactly what 6 will be will be many and will be released in August 2020 will wait as wyatt does russell in this role I want you to tell me in comments what do you think of that leak be excited because I go back to captain america you followed even from the government or prefer not to return and always remain captain america steve rogers although we know that currently in leipzig is an old man as we learned in the end the avengers in game people I hope all your answers in the comments if you liked this video do not forget to leave a like and subscribe to the channel if they still aren't thank you very much for watching and we will watching in the next video

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